About Us

You could say we’re a holistic healthcare solution. But at our core, we’re a community passionate about your wellbeing. And let's get real, your wellbeing should always be your top priority and this is self-care at it's finest. We're devoted to making holistic healing more accessible.

True Healers is a platform that offers more than 25 holistic experiences through individual or corporate subscriptions such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, reiki, sound healing, holistic chefs and more. 


 Choose from nearly 40, hand-selected expert holistic health practitioners that will create a customized experience just for you, every time. And no need to deal with traffic, confusing street parking or leaving your home for that matter. We’ll deliver premier quality services right to the comfort of your home, office or virtual space.

From the Founders

"We created True Healers To be The Alternative Way because the human experience is correlated to the quality of care. We take care of our Holistic practitioners so they have the space to do what holistic healers do best, True Healing"

​Our passion has become providing access to true, quality, holistic healthcare to people while simultaneously creating a standard for holistic healthcare practitioners that includes providing fair wages, fair treatment, and guidance to all holistic practitioners of all modalities. True Healers is committed to bringing true quality to the holistic healthcare industry, making holistic healthcare easily accessible for clients to connect, book appointments, and receive treatment from quality, trusted, and established holistic practitioners.

Our Promise to You

In a time of increasing automation, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of holistic healthcare. That’s why we built a marketplace where you can discover a healing style that you need, be it a deep tissue massage, a transformative life coaching session, restorative yoga and more. 


True Healers allows you to try new healing methods each month, bringing you closer to leading healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Our global marketplace includes a vibrant community of real people connecting over the human experience. 

Our Promise to the Holistic Healers on our Platform

We help our community of holistic practitioners turn their holistic healing gifts into successful careers. Our platform connects them with millions of holistic consumers looking for an alternative – a special out of this world healing experience with a human touch. As a company, we strive to lead with our guiding principles empathy, kindness, and service. We affirm our commitment to bettering the world through spreading acts of service, promoting the human condition, and bringing harmony and healing to all humankind.

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