Alissa Mathewson

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

“I am an approachable, intuitive, kind, humorous and positive yoga instructor. I believe in honoring our bodies, hearts, and minds as they are as we move through the healing process.”

My Mantra: I am ok. I am enough. Be here now.

This type of yoga invites you to step back into your body as you learn the tools to regulate and get grounded. You will never be forced to do anything. Trauma may have taken your power and your choice away, but through Trauma-Informed Yoga you will gain it back. By moving your body, you move your trauma out. It lives in your cells until you retrain your brain. Talk therapy is extremely helpful, but movement therapy can be even more powerful.

I am a trauma-informed yoga instructor specializing in pregnancy loss/miscarriage and birth trauma, though I have experience in many varying traumas (auto accidents, dissociative identity disorder, sexual abuse, chronic pain, and addiction to name a few).
I started yoga because I had shingles from stress at 26 (way too young!), and my chiropractor suggested yoga. I laughed and thought yoga was only for calm, quiet people, which was not me! However, I was in so much pain and desperate for help, I tried it. And I learned that yoga can be for everyone. It helped me manage my stress, and I have been using it as a tool to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit ever since.

I studied Hatha yoga and received my 200-hour yoga teacher training in India in 2012. In 2018, I suffered a traumatic miscarriage. As someone who was in touch with my body, I was shocked at how disconnected the experience made me from myself. I knew I had to do something. I began EMDR therapy for myself, and learned about somatic experiences. This led me to find trauma-informed yoga training and I began working with people who had experienced pregnancy loss/miscarriage. Most recently, I had our rainbow baby (baby after miscarriage), and experienced a traumatic birth. I am currently studying trauma conscious reproductive health at the Trauma Conscious Yoga Institute to further my knowledge.

I am also a Reiki practitioner and use energy healing in my practice when the client is comfortable.

I am passionate about helping you to find the healing that already exists within you. I am merely a conduit. As someone who has been through trauma personally, I know what it's like to live with it, and how unbearable it can be.

I am an approachable, intuitive, kind, humorous and positive yoga instructor. I believe in honoring our bodies, hearts, and minds as they are as we move through the healing process.

My Social Impact:

I strive every day to continue to grow emotionally and heal my traumas so I don't continue to pass them down.

My Services:

You can expect to be seen and heard with empathy. I will tap into my intuition to facilitate whatever healing you're available for each session. You may even have fun and laugh while doing it! There is no physical limit too big to do this form of yoga and healing.

1. Trauma-Informed Yoga:
Some talking, tapping into your emotions and where they are stored in the body, and moving your body to dispel the trauma. It is very organic and free-flowing.

2. Hatha Yoga:
Traditional yoga, holding poses.

3. Restorative Yoga:
Restful yoga in which you are supported and hold poses for 5-10 minutes.

4. Pre/Postnatal Yoga:
For pregnant people and those in postpartum (any time after having a baby, not just the first few months)


"I came to Alissa after a back injury and we focused on strengthening my core and stretching to relieve those muscles around my injury. It was so helpful for me and the best relief I'd had after trying both physical therapy and acupuncture. Once healed I have continued to work with Alissa for both in person and virtual sessions and I would highly recommend her. She has a wonderful way of connecting with clients and finding the right plan for your body, mind and spirit!"
- Bethany, June 2020

"My therapist suggested that I take a private yoga class. I kicked the idea right out of my mind because there was no way I was going to go to some gym as big as I am and take some cute little girls yoga class. Then when it came up again my Doctor suggested that I ask the instructor if I could have a private class. I found out about Alissa through a mutual family member. She also was taking on private clients. Well that sounded way more attractive and I haven’t looked back since. Alissa’s class has helped me connect my head to my body and helped me feel my feet on the floor and I can ground myself now when I have a PTSD episode. She has been able to help me to heal from some of my trauma. I can see it for what it is now, and I can express what has happened to me in a safe and physical way that helps me keep my body moving. Now I am not some little person. I weighed over 300 pounds and she has helped me so much that I have been able to lose weight and get some muscle tone back into my legs. Without any diet or medication. I have been learning to breathe and just be my natural self and it's all coming together. She does restorative yoga with me and teaches me to breathe from my core and my life feels so much more vital than I have ever felt. I am very thankful for Alissa and her wisdom and experience around the human body, mind and spirit. Say yes to a class with Alissa, you will not regret it. She is also very professional and respectful; I couldn’t speak more highly of a person than I do of her. She has helped me so much. Thank you, Alissa. I am not exaggerating either, you are the best."
- Carol, August 2020

"I always have an amazing practice with Alissa! She easily works with all levels of yoga and she takes the time to help each individual out. Her meditations at the end of class leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Alissa is very energetic and has a great passion for yoga. I highly recommend her!"
- Nicole, 2019