Ariana Voutsakis

Personal Trainer

“Personal training is more than guiding a client to their physical goals. I integrate creative mindfulness into our workouts and teach you to have a healthy relationship with your goals and help break them down to make them attainable and sustainable.”

My Mantra: I am free to be me.

Before every workout I take a moment to set my intention for what I want to achieve; it could be as simple as smiling while I work out. Doing this sets the bar for the entire workout and for the rest of the day. I believe it is important to set mini fitness goals to stay accountable throughout the week and month as well. Practicing a fitness journey is more than just a session in the gym. As we do this together, you’ll start to find that your goals become easier and easier to attain. Moving the body while breathing is so important for our well-being, even the most minor workouts will become more challenging just from breathing with movement. Additionally, listening to your body is just as important as having a great work out; if something is too easy or too challenging, I am here to help you adjust to what works best for you.

When I began my fitness journey, I felt so empowered, strong, and confident While studying fashion design in college, I always made time for the gym. Even my designs in school reflected my passion for fitness by designing fitness clothing collections, leading the design class in workouts, etc. I remember saying in my design class, I want to combine my two passions for fashion and fitness and make a lifestyle out of it. During those college years, I fortunately trained with a few incredible personal trainers, that changed my life. It made me realize I want to help clients feel the way that I did too. I always thought training was just to help people look better or help them lose weight or gain muscle, but I realized that there’s a whole other part to it. After injuring myself from not listening to my own body, I’ve come to realize I have a greater purpose as a trainer. I want to teach clients to find a healthy balance between physical goals and feeling like the best version of themselves internally as well.

Personal training is more than guiding a client to their physical goals. There’s the internal part as well. I integrate creative mindfulness into our workouts and teach you to have a healthy relationship with your goals and help break them down to make them attainable and sustainable. Fitness has been a part of my life for quite a few years, and I have learned various modalities of exercises. I try to use my creativity in all aspects of my life to make even the most mundane tasks unique. One way I use my creativity in fitness is by combining various types of fitness modalities to create fusion movements.

My Social Impact:

I am beyond passionate about listening to my body while I'm working out. This connection can tell us so much about ourselves and our overall well-being. When I began my fitness journey, there were so many unhealthy approaches I took in the gym because I was unaware that it is not normal to feel fatigued, tired, full, bloated, sore all the time. I used to work out for sometimes three hours: that is just too much. I have changed my lifestyle, fitness and eating habits to create a shift in the fitness community. Being fit is not about having the biggest muscles, eating the most protein, lifting the heaviest etc. It is a multifaceted mindful process that requires unconditional love for yourself, patience, acceptance, and courage. I am practicing a more holistically fit lifestyle and sharing this passion with others to be the change that I seek in the world.

My Services:

I will begin our session with any questions you may have and check in with how you’re feeling. From there, I will lead you through a workout beginning with some light warmups and then do a tailored workout routine based on the goals we discussed. We will end our workout with a warm-down and ask you what you are going to do to keep this momentum up throughout the day/ week.

1. Evaluation and Goal Setting:
Prior to your first session you will receive an initial evaluation to share any limitations you may have, fitness experience, lifestyle, etc. You will also take this time to share your goals with me and we will discuss further in our first session on how to break them down and make them attainable and sustainable

2. Exercise plans:
I can build an exercise plan tailored to what was discussed in our first session based off your goals. As your body changes, so does your plan, I check in with you to adjust the plan based on your needs and intentions. I can create a plan for at home with no equipment, all the way to a gym workout (if applicable). I am here to co create what is going to work best for you.

3. Workout Routines:
Strength building, muscle building, cardio-focused workouts, circuit training, balance and stability workouts, banded workouts, weight training (if applicable) full-body workouts, body-part focused workouts, core workouts, stretching and recovery, or a combination of these.

4. Mindful Movement:
This is where we move slow and become fully present with our workout. We will go from breath to movement, truly experiencing how you and your body are feeling as one. Think of this as meditation meets exercise.

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