Casey Mauro

Yoga Teacher | Nutrition Coach | Fitness Professional | Cupping therapist | Nervous System Reset Therapist

“We must take care of yourselves before we can help serve the community at large. You will learn the science behind self care and easy techniques to reduce stress, gain energy, refocus and improve performance.”

My Mantra: Keep swimming.

A lifetime mover and groover paired with a never ending curiosity for learning and sharing, it is my dharma to increase longevity and vitality one neural connection at a time. Whether it be looking at the micro world under the microscope and applying those observations with the macro world, or experiencing the daily adventures of life, I have dedicated my life to guiding others to unleash their inner superhero aligned with the quantum field.

As a professional dancer I learned early on, injuries are one of the greatest teachers in diving deep into the inner workings of the body mind and soul. I suffered a concussion and whiplash while dancing in 2009 that left me looking at possibly never dancing again. The Neurologist told me to make it better I should just "stop dancing" and gave me some pills. I cried, walked out of the office and threw away the prescription. My opinion on Western Medicine had changed and explored holistic approaches by looking at the science and ancient wisdom practices. I had a dedicated practice to manual therapies and nutrition that helped heal my brain, neck and crushed heart. This continues to inspire me today with endless enthusiasm and consistency to educate others to ease the dis-comforts and re-member who they truly are.

I see you, I hear you, I feel you. We often get the complete Western Medical perspective or the “woo woo” Healer. I am a unique blend of both worlds. Yes, there is TONS of information and programs out there and many are very good. But, you are not like everyone out there. You are a uniquely crafted mix of the elements situated in the matrix of consciousness and this drastically affects your recipe of health and healing. To say that you can google your ailments and get an answer to heal completely is… silly. The internet knows more about us than it should, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t know who you were, who you are and who you are becoming. This is the personal touch when working with me will remind you how freakin’ phenomenal you already are just waiting to burst out and live the life you desire. Just saying.... so let’s get this party started!

Breathe. Move. Recover. A system developed by Casey to increase vitality and longevity through a holistic approach. Combining neuroscience, yoga therapy, personal training, Ayurvedic wisdom and nutrition she addresses the whole person to heal from the inside out according to your inherent constitution. You are a beautiful blend of ether, air, fire, water and earth and must be treated as such. Breathe. Move. Recover. helps you discover how to bring your nervous system back to balance and create a sustainable lifestyle to be your most authentic, empowered self.

I hold zoom workshops for individual groups and businesses on "The Neuroscience of Self Care" We must take care of yourselves before we can help serve the community at large. You will learn the science behind self care and easy techniques to reduce stress, gain energy, refocus and improve performance.

Expect the unexpected. The infinite amount of potential in the quantum field will condense from wave to particle as we solidify a clear healing goal and use an active embodied Breathe. Move. Recover. approach to target you as a unique individual. Your inner superhero will come out and play! With a smile on your face, you will not want to go back to the old ways once you feel how alive you truly are capable of being.

My Services:

Prana = life force. The vibrations between the atoms of ourselves, the environment and quantum field. Pranayama is the practice of consciously connecting to our breath to increase our prana. By connecting to your breath you can optimize your experience of being. A breath centered practice builds your immune system, lowers stress, improves mood and clarity, builds your cardiovascular system and can increase your athletic performance. By learning different breathing techniques you will be able to tap into your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems to reach the subconscious hardwired portions of the brain. Reprogramming the unconscious mind to implement new habits, release old beliefs, and create the life of your dreams. Want to have a daily meditation practice that can transform your entire day? Start with the breath and watch your life spiral to new heights!

Yoga Therapy:
Have a chronic ache, emotion or habit? Let’s dive deep into making neurochemical changes in the brain to reset those patterns to increase your longevity and vitality. Through my Breathe. Move. Recover. System we will create a practice that you can do daily to continually upgrade your system and heal from trauma, and a lifelong journey of being. Yoga Therapy is a way of using your lifestyle to support your innate ability to heal and benefit your health so you can always come back to your equilibrium regardless of what external stimuli you are confronted with on the regular. You know your practice is working when your relationships and world around you begins to change.
Personal Training: Let's get moving and grooving! Moving your physical body (asana) not only makes you look and feel like a shining star, but has positive effects on all of the other systems of the body. Our lymphathic system is the highway of detox and immune functioning. It does not have its own muscular pumps, so it relies on the contractions of your skeletal muscles. This is why exercise is so vital for our health.
As a certified personal trainer, yoga therapist, and life time professional dancer, I have been studying bodies and movement for decades. There is no one size fits all and every body has its own unique way of moving and that is why each movement based regime is specifically designed for you. Whether it be a strength training workout, a yoga practice, or moving meditation it will be the sweet spot just for you. Dealing with low back pain? Creeky knees? A pesky shoulder injury from your teen years? Finding imbalances, daily movement patterns and old injuries that are hardwired into our neuro-muscular system, are usually the keys to breaking old patterns and becoming stronger and more mobile through a personalized training program.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation:
A stretching technique that involves dynamic movements of contracting and lengthening a muscle for increased range of motion, blood flow, and flexibility. This can be part of a cool down after a workout or a recovery session on its own. Keeping circulation throughout the body ensures oxygen and nutrients can get to each area to ensure active daily healing. Cupping is also used in conjunction with this technique for the ultimate feel good flow.

Let food be thy medicine. Through a carefully crafted meal plan with Cooking with Casey you will enjoy prepping with intention, eating and savoring all of the flavors of health through an Ayurvedic lens of whole real foods, herbs and spices. Proteolytic enzymes, probiotics and vitamins may be necessary to aid in allowing the body to do its work the best. Simple ingredients, easy dressings to prep for the entire week, and economically practical for the wallet.

An ancient alternative medicine technique where cups are placed on the body and through suction bringing circulation to the area. Cupping reduces pain, inflammation, aids in healing, creates relaxation and increases cellular repair. Clients have found exponential relief with cupping in conjunction with a breathing protocol and slow controlled movements as we work through old trauma that has resided in the body.


"I started using your advice immediately and have stuck with a consistent diet schedule. My intake of water has helped heaps as well. Physically, I feel better than I have in years!
(Also, I tried the scallops with ghee...OMG!)"
- Nutrition Client, November 2020

"Casey that was wonderful, effective and personally timely! I had been stumped by an unwarranted, indecipherable anxious/depressed feeling today and you zapped it out the window! You also hit the nail on the head when I asked about the analogy to "living in the moment!" I've learned from a YouTube medical presentation that depression mentally traps you in the past with an inability to envision the the hopeful future...the screen is blank. No good old days, just reliving pain and mistakes. You summed up that hour long psychiatrist's YouTube lecture I watched in one sentence! I thank you for teaching this old dog new tricks."
- Neuroscience of Self Care Workshop attendee and Yoga therapy Client, October 2020

"I suffer from intense shoulder/neck and hip pain, and all I can say is, "Casey is a goddess!" The way she performs cupping is so powerful; she knows exactly where to place the cups so that they provide instant relief. Not only that, but within a day, I felt like a new person! She is also an incredible stretcher; she worked my muscles in a way that helped the stagnation that had been forming in my body, and she taught me how to properly stretch to alleviate much of the pain I was feeling. I get chronic migraines, and after a few sessions with Casey, I was feeling looser, re-invigorated, and pain-free! I would DEFINITELY recommend her! PS. She's also an amazing nutritionist!"
- Cupping and Yoga Therapy Client, September 2020