Danijela Zakic

Yoga Teacher | Yoga Nidra | Energy Psychology Practitioner

Each Healer is unique in what they offer to their clients. I offer gentle guidance in self exploration with deep compassion and respect for the process of each individual I am honored to work with.

My Mantra: Be the light you want to see in the world

I am a vaccinated healer!

I am a lifelong learner and explorer of consciousness. The very first time I took a yoga class the connection to the practice was immediate. I realized that there are energies beyond the physical body that I wanted to connect to as well. My curiosity led me to the practice of energy psychology. In this modality the mind and the energy body merge to bring us release from repressed emotions and enable a sense of wholeness. At this point in my life, these practices are embodied experiences that nourish and fulfill me. I made it my purpose to be of service and share these learnings with the world.

My Services:

60-90 minute class of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga Flow.

Yoga Nidra:
30 minute deep yogic relaxation technique.

30-60 minute sessions of guided meditation and breathwork.

Energy Psychology Sessions:
90-120 minute self inquiry sessions for integrating emotional content for a fuller, more radiant expression of who you are.


"I never did yoga in my life, (but I always kind of wanted to do it). Then my workplace made Yoga Practice with Dani available, I tried it. Since I so often got pain and stiffness in my spine and back I knew they were weak and needed to be strengthened. I also thought that yoga would help my core, (which would help my other exercise). Plus, I knew that it could bring calmness, which I also needed. I enjoy Dani’s teaching very much since she mixes up the movements and I learn new ones. I’m not a beginner anymore and I think I could go to any yoga class and be ready."
- Mike, 6/17/2019

"Dani often surprises me during practice by changing the rhythms and movements and even if it catches me off-guard, I can do it because of the guidance she gives. I now enjoy yoga so much that I do it at home on the weekends, even as a relaxing time of calmness and stretching. Plus, if the weather is cold, yoga movement creates internal heat which is great on a cold day. I’m sure there’s many fine yoga instructors, but I really enjoy Dani’s calm and consistent teaching and guidance. She makes it fun and interesting. The improvement in my posture and spine have been amazing. I would recommend anyone to consider Dani as their yoga instructor."
- Scott, 9/23/2020

"I felt very relaxed and grounded after our last energy psychology session. 2 hours later I got a little emotional. I cried over a memory that came to my mind. The exercise we do really gives you a good perspective on our emotions and the healing that comes after processing them. Later, I realized how misplaced the emotions can be without acknowledging where they come from and integrating them. I believe the same emotions are spinning around us in different situations/memories. Until we see them for what they are we will feel unease. Now I feel more trusting of myself and more relaxed in my being. I also sleep much better."
- Natasha, 11/23/2020