Dr. David Scott

Traditional Naturopathic | Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner | Quantum Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Iridology Doctor

"I have dedicated my Practice to be a source of not only physical healing and balance, but as a place where those whom I work with to be a refuge for moments of calm and deep thinking for the betterment of whatever situation they may be faced with."

My Mantra: With this moment in time, it is an honor to be alive.

I am a vaccinated healer!

I am a true believer in the functional relationship between the Mind and the Body. Healing is just as much as an emotional matter as it is a physical one and I address both aspects in each session to ensure a full scope of Holistic Wellness.

My practice's modalities are built on Traditional Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Quantum Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Iridology. These modalities at times, can all be used at once or individually based on the needs of the person seeking healing. Natures First Path: Holistic Medicine, is based out of Los Angeles and the reach of the Practice has been able to connect worldwide and serve those seeking Holistic treatments. I decided to walk the path of Naturopathy in order to self-heal and then to spread the message of hope regarding the reality of how Holistic Healing can be a part of someone’s everyday lives and not to be feared.
After years of witnessing health challenges within my own household growing up, and within local urban communities, I was slowly being exposed to the realm of Holistic eating and the concepts of Body-Mind Wellness as a precursor to walking into the field of Naturopathic Medicine. However, it wasn’t until experiences with my own health issues, which started in my later years of the 20’s, that I began to connect the relationship of how what we eat and how we move our bodies plays a bigger role on our health than I was told as a youth. These experiences led me to gain knowledge and get certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, then on to creating my Practice, which then allowed me to embrace the path of Naturopathy.
What makes me unique in the platform of Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathy is that I truly believe that the end result of any healing session and communication should be dedicated to the uncovering of one’s true Vital Life Force. This has always been my sole purpose as a Naturopath. Many people’s authentic abilities are uncovered when they begin to change the way they eat and approach life, and it is my purpose to walk alongside the individual as they uncover these new realities about themselves along with offering nutritional and Naturopathic consulting.

My Services:

I provide Quantum Magnetic and Iridology screenings to provide a full and Holistic perspective on how to heal that is specific for each person.

1. Naturopathic Wellness Consultation:
In this initial meeting we will connect to go over your nutritional history and present goals of attaining optimal health. This initial session is the beginning of your wellness journey. I will tailor a specific nutritional plan. prepare herbal recommendations, integrate your specific goals for lifestyle change and your Report of Findings to be prepared for following sessions.

2. Holistic Nutrition Consultation:
This consultation is dedicated to focusing primarily on any nutritional imbalances that may be present at the time of our meeting. We will address specific foods and supplement options that align with your overall targeted nutritional goals.

3. Quantum Magnetic Imaging Screening:
During this consultation, you will receive the included serves pertaining to the Naturopathic Wellness Consultation and it will also include a scanning of your Bio-Electric field which will give an accurate readout of your magnetic state at the time of our meeting. This screening will pinpoint specific nutritional gaps, alkaline levels to be adjusted as well as Optimal and Sub-Optimal issues to be aware of related to your health.

4. Iridology Screening:
This screening is dedicated to looking at the overall state of health of the body. I will take several pictures of your iris with the use of an Iridology digital camera and make the necessary recommendations through the Report of Findings on following sessions.


“Just want to say thanks. You have changed my ways and my life. When I started this journey, it was not something that I thought was going to make a difference…but here I am 9 months later free from my blood pressure and cholesterol pills- and 42 pounds down. You have helped my journey to a healthier and longer life with the weekly meetings and a certain “coolness” only you have. I don’t think that I could have done this without your help.”
- John M., September 2019