Gaia Mariani

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

"My intent is to guide people along their healing path by creating a safe space where I can help them feel what needs to manifest for them and propose them tools to navigate on their healing path."

My Mantra: So hum. I am grateful, I am faithful.

I am a vaccinated healer!

I will use two modalities. The first modality is through mindful vinyasa group classes where I can help a wide range of people step into a deeper connection with their body, mind and spirit and in understanding the meaning of being grounded and aligned. I will invite and guide the student to focus on mindful breathing in my classes because I believe that mindful breathing is a powerful tool to unconsciously manage mental, emotional, and physical imbalances. Also, I will suggest an intention at the beginning of the class and invite students to focus the class on their personal intention. I believe that our thoughts, words, actions are energy and working with intention is a first step in understanding the importance of channeling our energy where we need it.

The second modality will be used for private clients. I will meet the clients where they are and guide them into their personal healing journey with the use of breathing techniques, mantras, affirmations and gentle movements to be practiced with me and then introduced into their daily routine. My methods are based on the belief that we are all divine beings that forgot their divine nature. My role is to guide the client into remembering their true divine nature. Nothing will be imposed or forced; my role is to understand where my client is at by creating a safe space where I will listen at first, then move into suggesting tools and assist the client along the process. I am a facilitator for their own unique journey.
About 4 years ago, I experienced the deep pain of internal fixtures which were the result of stress as well as the physical and emotional disconnection I was unknowingly facing at the time. The healing process was a rough road and I decided to try a yoga class almost as a last resort. Years after, I smile looking back at the day I almost desperately stepped onto my mat, because that day I indeed stepped into a wonderful journey that has connected me with my real essence and has unfolded my true dharma. The modality I mainly resonate with is vinyasa because I feel that the alternation of dynamic movements and static hold, the intensity and the pauses resemble the natural cycles characterizing our lives and the earth itself. I structure my classes as a journey: the starting point is about observing and accepting wherever we are at, the journey is a navigation of the flow of life through sequences of dynamic and static poses, the end is about moving into acceptance and surrendering. All my life I have been told I have a great energy but it was not until I aligned with my true path that I understood what that meant. I am gifted with a strong and healing energy and I am able to channel it into a calm and meaningful way. I base my technique on the assumption that everyone is a divine being but for many reasons we can forget our true nature. My task in this life is to guide people in reconnecting with the forgotten true nature. Grief, anxiety, and depression are my main area of interest. My intent is to guide people along their healing path by creating a safe space where I can help them feel what needs to manifest and propose tools so they can navigate their healing path.

My Services:

The clients will feel sacred and safe in their space. They will feel grounded and supported. They will feel more aligned and focused. They will understand what is blocking their healing process and they will start to let go of what doesn’t serve them anymore.

1) Vinyasa group classes level 1/2 - 75 or 90 minutes.

2) Vinyasa group classes level 2/3 - 75 or 90 minutes.

3) Unwinding group classes - 60 minutes (30 minutes of gentle movement to prepare the body for 30 minutes meditation on chakras clearing or visualization).

4) Private session - 60 or 90 minutes (grief, anxiety, depression, or specific desired areas of improvement. Intake form to be filled prior to the first appointment.)


"I love taking Gaia's classes! Her flows are perfectly balanced between physical strength and spirituality connections. I really appreciate the breathing techniques she offers to get the external world of my mat and focus on me and my practice"
- Mary (30 years old - she has practiced yoga not constantly in the past few years) - private client currently at second trimester that asked for yoga for pregnancy once a week, 11/19/2020

"Gaia has catered yoga classes for me by giving me an effective and pregnancy safe alternative. I always feel relaxed and more connected with my baby at the end of Gaia's classes"
- Francesca (31 years old, she practices yoga regularly since few years) - vinyasa flows 75 minutes student 11/12/2020