Jaime Sanam

Holistic Health Practitioner

Working in the mental health field, I take a different approach with my therapy. After initial intake, I focus on motivation; it is the key component to any change, and where I like to start. I incorporate objective talk therapy, using CBT and SMART goals to assist you on your journey.

My Mantra: The perception others have of you and the limitations they place will either hold you back or propel you forward; the decision is always yours.

I am a vaccinated healer!

After receiving a health scare of my own, I began researching and making changes to my lifestyle and diet. It was something I had never done or thought I needed, until I made those changes myself and began noticing improvements in my health, mood, and overall wellness. Research was very limited regarding my health needs and internet research can be misleading, so I began looking into educational programs to gain more insight. It was a long journey, and many behavior changes were implemented, but I'm grateful for it. Continuing with my education, I became certified in holistic health, nutrition and wellness, began creating my own products and helping others on their journey.

My Services:

Life Coaching:
Assisting you with gradual lifestyle changes to meet personal goals

Talk Therapy:
A safe space to talk and help identify areas of emotional distress, triggers, or other stressors that may be limiting your personal growth

Nutrition Coach:
Aiding in weight management, dietary changes, food education, and personal goals, along with meal planning and recipes.

Holistic Health:
A multidimensional approach to wellness; recognizing the whole person (i.e., emotional, physical, mental, social, motivational, and spiritual).


"Jaime and her special blend of herbal teas are pure magic! I have always had trouble sleeping at night; can't fall asleep quickly and had too many thoughts racing through my mind. I got to the point that I was taking so much melatonin that it wasn't even working for me anymore. Then Jaime came in and saved me! Her herbal teas have not only helped me fall asleep quicker, but also have a deep sleep. I wake up in the morning feeling super refreshed for once and not feeling groggy from all the melatonin. I truly enjoyed the taste and the aroma from the hot tea was so soothing and relaxing. What I truly loved was the 1:1 with Jaime and her expertise. She listened to all my feedback on what was working and what wasn't. I had a curated tea blend that was just for me, and I couldn't be happier with the results! I highly recommend to everyone!"
- Client, 2021 Holistic Health Services