Jeffrey Scott Myers

Alternative Medicine Practitioner | Holistic Science Practitioner

"I will teach you how to go from degeneration to regeneration, from surviving to thriving in 95% of the time in 3-4 weeks. As well as educate you through Quantum Levels Healing."

My Mantra: My mission is to heal mankind, molecule by molecule through quantum physics/ integrative medicine, biochemistry, and the mind/body connection,
bringing the individual back to full potential and balance as a human being.

When you work at a quantum level, your entire life will change. So, after 22 years of practice and 1000’s of hours of study and research, I use the four fundamental forces, the first law of thermodynamics, and all applied laws of physics. As well as biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, quantum biology, evolutionary biology, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, neurogenesis, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and nutrition, Psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, consciousness, stress management, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Neuroplasticity, TCM, Yin & Yang, meridians, mother earth, and father sky to heal the body.

As in physics, the body is a unified field, when we are sick, energy is not being processed properly, the body is in dis-ease = disease. If you are tired and dissatisfied with the biochemically ignorant medical model and the pharmaceutical drugs, which by the way, there is no drug on planet earth that can heal the body, they manage your symptoms and shut down the immune response, as well as the body’s natural necessary inflammation mechanism, the biochemistry of the body just does not work that way, never has never will, the human biological system that has evolved, so divinely, over the past 4.8 billion years knows best, the body is a self-healing, self-regenerating system. You only need to provide the body the raw materials it needs, oxygen, and a clean environment for the cell to thrive, as well as mastering the mind, body, soul, and spiritual aspects.

All disease is cell disease, period. If you need help and want to really change your entire existence, on a cellular level, please contact me. Every single person I have met or worked with as a patient has degenerated since first seeing their physician, nobody is better off period. I will teach you how to go from degeneration to regeneration, from surviving to thriving in 95% of the time in 3-4 weeks. As well as educate you through Quantum Levels Healing. This is where you learn to take your health back and become a critical thinker.

My alternative healing practice grants me the pleasure of consulting and working with clients across the U.S. and multiple countries around the world. I have treated every type of chronic degenerative disease, autoimmune diseases, and imaginable illness from various cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds, and have the knowledge and tools to restore any individual to homeostasis. The healing process I provide emerges in multiple forms of communication. My unique methods and theories in regards to healing are critical in the process of making people sound and healthy again. My philosophy has an exceptional ideology based on quantum level theories, quantum physics, and quantum medicine, healing the body molecule by molecule at the
cellular level, and through mind-body medicine and biochemistry.

I have spent thousands of hours researching multiple science-based disciplines, principles, and theories in the field of healing and wholeness. I am also an educator and lecturer. It’s a science-based focus and attention on the invisible. (Quantum Levels). Illness, disease, chronic degenerative diseases, and any of the 12,800 classified diseases all break down to what we cannot see, it’s not the material items we see, it’s the energy we don’t see, it’s a theory called “Simplexity”, and System’s Theory, whereas at the fundamental level of the most complex things, are simple building blocks. Examples: the cells, energy, molecules, atoms, thoughts, mindfulness, the soul, spirit, neurotransmitters(excitatory & inhibitory) chemistry, amino acids, glucose, fatty acids, nucleic, salts & bases, bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, gene expression, immune cells, free radicals, blood work, hormones, glands, electricity, waves, flow, vibration, frequency, enzymes, negative and positive feedback loops, system pathways, external environment and your perceptions and beliefs when you are calculating information through your 5 senses.

My Services:

Quantum Healing - I have created an extremely unique one-of-a-kind healing modality called Quantum Levels Healing, which focuses on all areas of healing, mind, body, soul, spirit, biochemistry, and mind/body medicine to bring the client back into homeostasis and to full potential as a human being. Working at the quantum level. I believe I can help anyone with any disease or condition to live their best life.

Mind-body connection, consciousness and awareness, (changing subconscious behaviors and habits), Psychology (past and present trauma and stress), Neuroplasticity (building new neuro networks, pruning and sprouting old and new networks), biochemistry ( changing the chemistry of the body and all metabolic processes), quantum biology (changing the biochemical process at the level of the cell), epigenetics (changing the way genes are expressed, up or down-regulating genes that promote health or cause disease according to the external environment of the cell membrane) evolutionary biology(understanding the ways and practices of how we evolved), energy work (understanding the flow and transformation of energy as it relates to illness and the human body), neuroscience (understanding the functions of the brain), Anatomy(as it relates to the cells, tissues and organs and their health), Physiology (understanding how the body works on a physical level), Nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, glucose, amino acids and food and calorie intake),

Psychoneuroendocrinology - (understanding the glands and hormone balance and neurotransmitters),Psychoneuroimmunology (understanding how thoughts effect the health of the immune system), using the four fundamental forces, the first law of thermodynamics, and all applied laws of physics, quantum mechanics and quantum physics to bring everything together. Chakra balance, and TCM, and other ancient methods.


Terry, a 52-year-old female - I began my journey more than 34 years ago attempting to heal myself. Throughout the years I came across people who would help me an inch worth but could never heal me completely and carry me to the finish line of perfect health. I spent lots of money and time, and never giving up. Then I met my mentor, Guru, my HERO Mr. Jeff Myers who not only crossed me over the finish line but held my hand the entire time. First, let me begin with nothing is accidental. In September 2020 my husband and I took our normal work trip in our RV to Indiana, and as usual my back, besides the rest of me, was feeling terrible. Last year I flew into Indiana and could not move for the first 3 days and was a mess for the rest of the trip. My husband wanted to fly me back home, but we had work to do. The cervical chiropractor that is currently treating me in my hometown of Temecula gave me a referral to see a chiropractor in Indiana. While at my first appointment the Dr. asked if this was going to be a one-time visit and I told him,"No we go every year for work so I would be a permanent client." He asked me many questions. I told him that I have 31 symptoms, not all occur in a day, but several per day and was diagnosed with Ebstein-Barr in my early thirties. So what WERE my symptoms starting as early as my Freshman year: Dry skin Blurred vision, Lightheaded Dizziness, Brain fog, Not remembering words, Having problems describing things in both languages, Tingling in left foot, Heart palpitations, Joint pain, Constant thirst, Ridges on fingernails, Fatigue, Flu-like symptoms, No sex drive, Mood swings, Feeling exhausted after sleeping 10 hours, Constipation, Having feelings of sugar drops, Not sleeping well, Sharp but short ringing in my ears, Fast hard electrical shock in my body all over, Hurt to touch my skin, Feeling of needles poking me, 2 Periods a month since I was 9 years old (now they did tell me I also had three), fallopian tubes, bicornuate uterus. I might have been a twin. In a nutshell, the MD's I have been going to for years did find out I have Ebstein- Barr virus. This virus was not brought on due to mono; it was environmentally induced. I grew up in a home where oil ran through our backyard, and of course, in those days we drank out of the water hoses and sink faucets. We had trains running behind our back yard full of oil tanks. The oil refinery down the street from us had an explosion, not big but never the less, I am sure oil spores flew through the air. Our high school had oil
pumps on the property as we drank water from the fountains and finally the 5 Frwy ran
alongside the other side of our backyard. My mother conceived 3 of us while in that home my two older brothers had already been born. The second eldest was very young and also was sickly. We all have had medical issues. Oh, I forgot to mention, my final diagnosis was "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome", some label given to us when they can't figure out what is going on with a person. After explaining all of this to the chiropractor he told me he wasn't a medical doctor, but he believed my symptoms with the exception of one sounded similar to Lyme’s Disease.
He referred me to an Amish gentleman by the name of Willy who performed a living
blood cell analysis on me. Willy asked only for my list of symptoms and not what I
thought I might have while reviewing my blood cells (for those of you who have never had a living blood analysis done, it's fabulous!!). He turned the monitor towards me and said, "Young lady you see this in your blood cell and floating around the cells? This is Borrelia and you have had Lyme’s Disease for many years because they have penetrated your blood cells." This was one of the happiest days of my life...FINALLY a real answer. You see because you grow up in Southern California most doctors don't ask what your life was like growing up, nor have you traveled. While growing up I have a brother who would hunt and bring home all types of game, deer being one of them. After I told him my diagnoses he remembered one deer that had so many ticks it took him a while to brush them off onto the grass that we played on.
I also remember as a child my parents taking the family to Mexico. All of us kids played
the game chicken in a lagoon. From the water I ingested I ended up with parasites and
they need to rush me back home, now I do remember going through very tall grass to
get to the water. This leaving another perfect place for a tick to bite me. Physicians don't always seem to ask the right question. People do travel, some people hunt, or just go to places that were I would have had a proper diagnosis instead of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". Willy then gave me 4 things to take. The first was grapefruit seed extract followed up by Samento, Takuna, and Thyroid HP. The instructions were to be on this program as directed for 12 weeks then off for 1-3 weeks depending on my tolerance level of pain. Then begin the dosages again for 3 weeks go off for 1 and continue this for a year. Willy said upon a year of returning he would do a blood test again or find somebody in California to perform the test. When we came back from Indiana, I was about 10 weeks into Willy's 12-week regimen. Upon returning I began my quest in finding a living blood analyses person in my area. My internet search came up with nothing, but Mr. Jeff Myers did pop up. I read his reviews and thought, "why not give this guy a try." At this time, I wasn't noticing anything different, but Willy did tell me it could take a year or longer because of the length of time I had been infected. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to speak to Mr. Myers about my condition. Thank God I have a very supportive husband who has also been on this journey with me for many years. Now I did find at first Mr. Myers’s way of communicating with me by phone, text, and email rather strange, but when he explained how he works I understood there was no reason to see me in person. Remember I had been searching for help for 34 years. I have done every detox, every food elimination (gluten, etc.) every herb and supplement one could do. This was going to be my last effort and if Willy and Jeff Meyers couldn't fix me then I understood what I would be having to live with for the rest of my life. You see the doctor that diagnosed me with Ebstein-Barr told me never to sit on the
couch. He was afraid if I allowed myself to sit on the couch I would never get up. I began talking my way through everything, starting the moment I woke up. I would tell myself if I finished this task I could go lay down and sleep. I never did or very seldom did. It was years of playing this game with myself and never allowing myself to lose (that meant allowing myself on the couch). I told my husband who is 16 years older than me that if he passed before me that I would have to sell our ranch and move to Mexico or live with my cousin in Panama. There would be no way on earth I could live on 21 acres with 200 animals in the condition I was in. As it was my days were always cut short because I never felt good and was always in pain. Jeff (Mr. Myers) told me it was going to be hard, overwhelming, and difficult, no sugar coating it. Since many of my friends and family have seen me struggle throughout the years I decided this time I would say nothing to anybody except my husband, cousin, and girlfriend. First, I was given a large list (this was for my case) of herbs and supplements to order from Amazon with an explanation of why he was having me purchase them. Then he sent me some foods to eat and what to avoid. Then little things like apple cider vinegar, Vita Reds, MCT oil, and Himalayan salt. So off I went to the computer and the grocery store. Now people need to understand Jeff can't make you stop eating certain foods, nor can he make you take your supplements. It needs to be all you, and only you can decide how terrible you feel and if you want to continue living that way.
Jeff is there 25/7 plus (that's not a typo). This man gives everything of himself to you as
long as you are willing to receive it...and it will work. We had decided that I was going to begin his regimen at the 12th week of being on Willy's program. In the 12th week, I was to get off the things he had me on so this was going to work well with Jeff's plans for me to start my fast and work as hard as I could for three weeks before beginning Willy's program again. Off to the races Jeff and I went. First-day water and charcoal only then two days of water and supplements....yup no food. I lost over 10 lbs. At this time, I began organizing my supplements 3 bags a day totaling about 28 supplements (not all different some taken 2 pills 3 times a day).
I made lots of bone broth and eat lots and lots of veggies. My time was now about watching videos, doing meditation, and listening to programs on GAIA TV, and focusing on me, telling myself," this time was it....I was going to get cured". At least I knew what I was dealing with.
I notice that in the first week symptoms began to diminish. Then the second week more
weight came off and fewer symptoms from the week before. Jeff even thought I was
exaggerating about how well I was doing. I told him to ask my husband, and he confirmed everything I was saying was true. Then a miracle happened in my third week. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, I wasn't exhausted, I didn't hurt, I could move. I told my husband I was going to go feed the animals. My husband didn't know what to make of it, so off I went. This happened 3
more days in a row and I told him I don't think I have Lyme’s disease anymore. Now I haven't started back on Willy's program yet. I went to have my Living blood test in Fullerton Ca.
I didn't tell the owner who performed my test what was going on exactly, but I had Jeff
on a video call so he too could see what was going to be said. My husband was filming the monitor with my blood cells. The owner asked," what was he was exactly looking for?" I said, " Borrelia, Lyme’s disease." I didn't see what I saw in Indiana. He confirmed, 'No Borrelia...No Lyme’s". My husband, Jeff, and I were so amazed...I cried. I've been doing this for 34 years and
in three weeks, I had my life back!!!!!!! After the excitement, the owner of GMP Vitamins and Health Foods spoke with Jeff about what supplements and herbs he had me on. Then I told the owner about Willy, the Amish man in Indiana, come to find out they know each other. They concluded that I should begin as scheduled Willy's program but only until I ran out of the herbs.
So where am I now... Today I am down to only one period a month, it's been 2 1/2 months now and only one. My husband loves not hearing me complain about how tired I am or how much everything hurts me and not crying because I'm frustrated not being able to complete my day’s work. I love having people over again. I was a chef by trade so for the first time, I made
everything from the butter to the pie crust and everything in between from scratch for
Thanksgiving, and NOTHING HURT!!!! I was not exhausted, just normal tired.
I wake up every morning feeling fully rested and feeding our 200 animals with love.
I only converse with others instead of talking to myself throughout the day.
My medical insurance will allow me to have an Ebstein-Barr test in Feb. or March of
2021 so I will update you with my results because I have never shown less than 700's (you should be 90 or below) I am usually in the 1200 area. I am back into a size 8 from a 14 and those are now loose on me. I would like to lose 12-15 pounds. (why I'm losing so much weight is a few reasons: I'm not tired so I walk 1600 steps minimum doing things on the property, and I was using food because I thought if I eat my head would stop hurting or maybe food would give me the energy I needed to keep going. This year at Thanksgiving I truly had something and someone to be thankful husband for supporting me, but it was Mr. Jeff Myers.
He dedicates his life to learning and developing himself to help others heal. Jeff can
give you everything you need to get healthy, but ultimately, it's the client’s job not to
insult or waste the time of this brilliant human being, and just do what he says. His
hand is always there for you to grab if you are drowning, but he can only save you if you
try to put your hand out to grab his. Thank you, hero, mentor Guru....the man who crossed the finish line with me. I now have a new life, new journeys and I owe it to you for believing in me. Ron, a 74-year-old male - I am a 73-year old male who has been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or IPF. The causes of IPH are not known, and there is no cure. Those with IPF experience a progressive loss of pulmonary function.

In October of 2019, I began experiencing shortness of breath, which became worse as time went on. After seeing my primary care physician and specialists, including my cardiologist, a pulmonary specialist, and a rheumatologist, the IPF diagnosis was confirmed. I was prescribed a drug called Ofev to slow the progressive loss of pulmonary function.

In August, I went to the emergency room and spent the night in the hospital due to atrial fibrillation because my heart was not getting enough oxygen from my lungs. Since then, I have been taking Digoxin to regulate my pulse rate.

In July, I was introduced to the concept of Quantum Healing by my wife’s sister and came into contact with Jeff Myers.

Jeff explained that Quantum Healing does not just treat symptoms but goes to the root causes, which are related to diet, lifestyle, and mental and emotional health.

People like me, who experience a lot of stress in their work, can suffer many maladies because when your mind is stressed, it changes your body chemistry. Many things can happen after that, depending on diet and other factors in your life like physical fitness.

My wife joined me in the program, which we began with a three-day cleansing fast. This was followed by a three-day juicing program followed by a gradual reintroduction of normal but healthy foods back into our diet while avoiding foods with sugar or refined carbohydrates. Every two weeks or so, we interject a 24-hour fast to repeat the cleansing process.

All the while we were taking vitamins and supplements to support the autoimmune system, healthy lungs, good digestion, and other aspects of a healthy person. We began the program at the beginning of August, and Jeff has been with us all the way.

We had frequent telephone calls to answer questions, explain things that were happening, and to just provide continuous encouragement and support. He answered our many questions by providing detailed research, which was very helpful and educational.

I have learned that I can make new healthier diet habits and feel better and look better. I lost over 10 pounds, and my friends tell me I look younger. Using the diet and a positive attitude, I am now able to go on long walks without experiencing shortness of breath, and my pulse rate remains steady or normal while exercising.

A high-resolution chest scan in September showed no difference from the original one in February, indicating along with the above that my IPF has not progressed.
From Ron’s Wife - I just wanted to add that finding Jeff Myers was the best thing that could happen to us from the day we found out the devastating diagnoses of my husband’s lung condition. With his knowledge, dedication, and incredible support, he guided us through the darkness of uncertainty, fear, and unknown. He walked with us every step of the way to the day when we could see the results of this amazing journey. He had a vision of how to improve my husband’s health and did it with a confidence that inspired both of us. We trusted him and believed in his program because every question we had was answered and explained with science and common sense. If you believe in this program, you may also achieve the results that we did.

12/09/20 UPDATE – I saw my primary care physician yesterday and the infectious disease specialist today. They both said that the sound (stethoscope) of impaired breathing was very faint and that my symptoms were diminished. Both were impressed that I could walk 5 miles per day. The final results of the sputum culture were negative for Nocardia.

Kimberly 47-year-old female - I’m still in awe that I feel so great! I have suffered from uncontrollable Graves’ Disease for 15 years. Doctors could never get my levels corrected and I suffered greatly from weight gain, chronic constipation, extreme fatigue, irritability, memory loss, and depression. Along with those issues I had also been one to have heavy painful menstruation. Doctors prescribed me numerous medications to combat the symptoms and the symptoms that didn’t have a pharmaceutical assigned to it was just swept under the rug. I was prescribed Adderall for daytime and sleeping pills for night time. I started reading and learning about my disease and jumping from doctor to doctor trying to find one to listen to me and heal me. I eventually gained another autoimmune disease. Graves Eye Disease. This disease attacks the soft tissue around one’s eyes. The pressure and inflammation caused my eyes to bulge and the eye muscles to turn fibrous. I would need strabismus surgery on three sides of each eye once I had gone into remission. My eyes still protrude from the sockets just not as severe. As of March 2019 I am now diagnosed with Systematic Lupus. I have severe bone and joint pain in my hips. It affects my daily living and sleep. Along with the pain I have become sensitive to the sun and heat. I cannot spend more than 10 minutes in the sun or heat without feeling ill. I am also extremely fatigued. I would struggle to get out of bed before noon and would still need a nap during the day. Sometimes this would be a 4-hour nap! If I “overdid” myself then I would suffer from extreme chills and night sweats to the point of having to change my pajamas and sheets and would take several days to recover. My days became a game of pick and choose what activities were worth the consequences. I never made plans. I never knew when I was going to have a good day or a bad day. In August I was introduced to Jeff through my niece. My husband and I did a phone consultation with him and he was confident he could help me. And he did! Jeff is very knowledgeable and he shares that knowledge so I knew what to expect and how to achieve healing. I started feeling much better the first week and by week three I was symptom-free. Seriously. I am losing weight, am no longer constipated, I have energy, my mood is regulated, my memory is improving and my menstrual cycle no longer painful. If I wasn’t the one on this journey with Jeff, I wouldn’t have believed it. During that first phone call with Jeff, he asked what I was most looking forward to doing when I was healed. I couldn’t think of anything, it had been so long that I couldn’t remember the things I once enjoyed. I just wanted to live again. Now I’m remembering the things I once like to do and am doing them! Making plans, enjoying time with my family, working in the yard, attending community and church events, going to the gym, and bike riding. My husband and I are opening a mobile food trailer to supplement our income. This would never have been a thought just a few short weeks ago. Jeff has stuck by my side this entire journey. Checking in on me daily guiding me every step of the way. He is so encouraging and dedicated to me and this journey has been remarkable. Glad to have my life back! Thanks a million, Jeff!