Leah Tsui

Nutrition Counselor

"I believe that everyone can (and should!) have a positive relationship with food. I will listen to your needs, wants, and concerns, and give you personalized evidence-based recommendations."

My Mantra: I am enough.
It's okay to rest.
"Strong back, soft front, wild heart." - Brené Brown

I believe that everyone can (and should!) have a positive relationship with food. I will listen to your needs, wants, and concerns, and give you personalized evidence-based recommendations. You are more than just what you put into your mouth and what comes out, as your habits, your lifestyle, your culture, and your health history all play a part in why you eat the way you do. We will do a deep-dive into all of this and more when we work together. Get ready to reflect, to be open, and to be challenged. I look forward to being a part of your own path towards optimal health.
By choosing to work with me, you can trust that I will work diligently with you on your journey of the "healthiest" version of you that you seek. I will pour my energy into supporting you as best as I can, and if I don't have the answer for you, I will work to find it. Taking these steps of your health journey will sometimes be met with setbacks and doubt, but I will be there to steer you back onto the path.

I started my journey on becoming a holistic healthcare practitioner at the University of Southern California. I was pursuing a pre-med biomedical engineering degree and quickly realized this was not the path for me, but I wanted to remain in the health field. I began working with one of the USC sports dietitians and discovered the power of nutrition, and how it can influence our health for longevity, performance in sport, and preventing certain diseases and illnesses. I went on to earn my M.S. in Human Nutrition at Drexel University, learning and exploring the medical nutrition therapy side of food. I completed my ACEND-accredited supervised practice program at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Los Angeles. And it was my first job after the VA dietetic internship where I worked alongside licensed naturopathic doctors and cultivated a learning environment where I could practice a holistic approach to health. It was here that my passion for the whole-body approach grew and blossomed into my own private practice as a registered dietitian nutritionist. I believe that true healing comes from addressing all parts of a person. I am an empathetic listener who wants to help you be the healthiest, highest-functioning you can be! I bring compassion, encouragement, and patience to the table when working with my clients who are seeking out support. My approach is consistent across my clients, while still creating personalized programs for each individual. I love to talk about food and health, and how it all ties together with clients’ lives. So, my passion lies in how we can work towards achieving the client’s view of what healthy looks like to them.

My Social Impact:

I bring real, tangible changes to people’s health, and that starts with my own health journey and exploration first. I cannot take care of others if I am not taking care of myself. The ways that I practice self-care creates the energy and space to bring that joy and happiness into other parts of my life.

My Services:

In our initial nutrition consult, we will go over your medical history, family medical history, any recent lab results you may have, medications, supplements, food intake (likes and dislikes, allergies, intolerances), physical activity, energy, sleep, stress, and GI function. Then we’ll talk about your goals and priorities about your health journey, and how we can work together to support that as best as we can. We’ll end up with some actionable items to work on between sessions. Follow-up nutrition consults will include reviewing goals set from the last time, any new updates, and then progressing into more care and work towards optimizing your health.

- Initial Nutrition Consult
- Follow-Up Nutrition Consult
(Healers should make a way better menu)

“I reached out to Leah in early 2020 for support with trying to identify some of my food eczema triggers and to help me transition to a more plant-based diet. I wanted to be structured and thoughtful in my approach, and really didn’t have the knowledge or bandwidth to create a plan. Leah enthusiastically jumped in and structured a program to eliminate the highest probability triggers, and then slowly reintroduce them to track symptoms. She found recipes that let me eat foods I love with more veggies, while still avoiding things like dairy and eggs (not easy!). She also identified local meal delivery services that would meet my dietary needs on weeks when work was too busy for cooking.

Since working with Leah, I’ve noticed:

Clear skin – I rarely have eczema breakouts now, and when I do, I can usually pinpoint the cause and eliminate it quickly.

Reduced inflammation – For years, I had chronic gum inflammation that has always confounded my dentists. After removing dairy, eggs and most gluten from my diet, I have had two cleanings where they have found no issues.

Improved performance – As I switched to a mostly plant-based diet, I was concerned how it would impact my workouts, but I’ve seen an increase in energy levels and faster recoveries on my new plan.

Leah brought an awareness beyond traditional macros, and helped me recognize what foods made me feel good, and what I needed to leave behind (or only occasionally indulge in). She is supportive and creative in her approach, helping to solve challenges when they arise and steer her clients to success. If you’re looking to optimize your nutrition and overall health, work with Leah to achieve your goal.”
— Carolyne M., marketing consultant (ongoing client, nutrition counseling)

“Working with Leah and Ashley through their FitNut program is exactly what I needed. In the past I have tried numerous fad diets - where I either starve my body or don't focus on the importance of keeping my headspace healthy. Together they embody change. Through the patience, encouragement, consistency, and positive feedback they were both able to help me begin to retrain my attitude while also challenging my fitness in a new way. With the focus of my plan being around me feeding long lasting habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I have noticed bigger shifts in my overall well-being, which is something I have never experienced when training. I am thankful for their genuine care and patience with me during my journey towards a healthier, happier, and stronger version of myself.”
— Ariana W. (November 2020 - January 2021, nutrition counseling in my "FitNut" program that includes a fitness trainer, Ashley Shine)


“Before I started working with Ashley and Leah, I think due to my age, (50 at the time I began the FItNut program) I was experiencing rapid weight gain due to peri-menopause. It was very frustrating to me because I am and was at the time very active and eating pretty healthy. I knew Ashley from my old gym, where she had been my coach, and knew she had started FitNut. I always loved her, so thought I’d reach out to her and see if she could help. I was especially interested because she had teamed up with a nutritionist, and I knew that is probably where I needed to refine things.

Besides just loving Leah and Ashley as humans, and love talking to them all the time (!!), they have been a great sounding board, a wealth of information, and have helped me focus on things that I wasn’t focused on….like mobility and self-love. I have had issues with my neck and shoulders being tight for the last couple of years. The simple mobility exercises Ashley is having me do have been a game changer. I feel years younger when I can turn my head to look over my shoulder without pain! Leah has really helped me with better food choices, and honestly, the best part, the suggestions are simple. That is what works for me. I work, have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband. I just don’t have the brain-space to try new recipes, shop for unique ingredients, etc. While I will love doing that when life is a little slower, right now, it doesn’t work and I think it’s why certain “diets” have derailed me in the past. I also don’t like the word “diet”. It’s really about a healthy “eating plan”. Leah has taught me it really doesn’t have to be complicated!

The most surprising thing about the FitNut experience was during the first meeting I had with Ashley and Leah. They posed this question when I told them about my weight gain even though I was working out 5-6 days a week. They said “what if this is a good weight for your body now? What if this is where you need to be right now?” It completely changed how I looked at ALL of this. The self-acceptance was huge, and listening to my body and not caring about the scale shifted my mindset in a whole different direction.”
- Jill S., architect (ongoing client, nutrition counseling in my "FitNut" program that includes a fitness trainer, Ashley Shine)

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