Leticia Ortiz

Massage Therapist

What makes me different as a healer is that I am not aggressive, but my work is still very effective. I am strong and do deep work, but I do not attack the body. I work from a place of nurture.

My Mantra: Listen to your body. Thank your body. Reward your body.

I got into massage thanks to the universe's divine intervention. In high school, I knew I wanted to help people; only I planned to do it through nursing. I started applying to vocational nursing schools, and along the way, a massage school got my information. They reached out multiple times trying to get me to at least check out their orientation. I ignored them for weeks, but they were so annoyingly persistent that I decided to go to the orientation so they would leave me alone. Well, one hour later, I walked out of there knowing this is what I was meant to do. Before this, I had never received or considered massage therapy. And the orientation was not anything special, nothing catchy. But I had a feeling. My body was telling me I needed to do this. And so here I am 12 years later, loving what I do. Helping heal others is so spiritually rewarding for me. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

My Social Impact:

Always give out kindness and live with good intentions.

My Services:

Swedish - usually a light, relaxing massage with long, slow strokes
Deep Tissue - usually a stronger massage, with more focused work on desired areas
Dry Cupping - Suction cups are used to pull connective tissue and muscle fibers into a negative pressure area. This helps alleviate tightness, gives the muscle fibers a deep stretch, and encourages the flow of blood and oxygen to the targeted area. (no abdominal cupping)

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