Monique Houston


I understand what the mind, body and soul needs. As an intuitive my goal is to take the energy you bring and transform it into something greater.

My Mantra: I am willing to change. I am willing to let go and open to more.

I am a vaccinated healer!

Physically, I come from an athletic background (dance & kickboxing), and yoga has come to me when I needed it the most. Mentally and emotionally, yoga has helped me get back to myself after going through some uneasy changes in my life.

My Services:

Pranayama (breath work)
Meditation (mental/stillness)
Gentle Vinyasa
Yin Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Chair Yoga


“I was a beginner and very stiff when I first started my weekly sessions with Monique but her extensive knowledge combined with patience gradually got me to do stretches that allowed me to be more flexible not only in my yoga practice but in my everyday day life as well.”
- Marquez, 8/1/21

"Monique Houston is a well-trained health and fitness trainer. She is both extremely knowledgeable in health for all ages and intuitive for each person’s individual needs. Her understanding of inner balance and mindfulness creates a pathway to improved health. Monique gracefully guides each person through the age-appropriate postures and individualizes a specific program designed for her clients with ongoing challenges as her clients grow in mind and body. She has trained and is certified in various disciplines such yoga, weight training, and other modalities. In addition, she has a masters degree in psychology and works with mind-body programs. She has greatly improved my health and life. She is a true artist of movement and well-being."
- Linda PHD, 9/1/21

"I have had the privilege of working with Monique over the past several months and the change I have experienced in how I feel both in, and about, my body is significant! Monique is gifted at meeting me where I am on any given day. She knows how hard to push…not so much that it discourages or deflates me, and just enough to challenge me, stretch me, and show me what my body is capable of. I feel better and more confident physically and emotionally as a result of Monique’s skillful and caring coaching."
- Mindy, 9/1/21