Rachel Katz

Nutritional Scientist | Yoga Teacher

"I want to show you how to live your fullest life; that is, to live life to your fullest potential with a full and happy tummy helping you along the way!"

My Mantra: I am worthy of all of the goodness this world has to offer

Because of the nature of the healing modalities that I practice, Nutritional services and yoga sessions must be booked separately from each other. Separate intake forms are required😊

When it comes to Nutrition, I believe that everyone's body is different and that there is no "one-diet-fits-all". I work with my clients to discover a meal plan that works best for them. I also believe that in order to have a healthy relationship with food, no food is completely off limits. I want you to find a meal plan that is sustainable for a lifetime and that makes you feel happy, nourished, and energized all-year round! Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or bland, as a matter of fact it should be the opposite! Making your fav junk foods healthier is my jam as well :)

When it comes to my yoga practice, I was trained for 500+ hours in Katonah yoga, which is the basis for all of my teachings. I love a restorative and supportive practice, which includes the use of props such as blocks, straps, & bolsters. Meditation & theory is a big component of my classes as well. If sweating it out is your jam, I love teaching faster-paced booty workout yoga classes as well. Whatever it is that you need to work on, I'm here for you.

My passion for health and overall well-being stems from my history of mental health issues such as an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, OCD, and an unhealthy relationship with food as well as myself. I truly believe that healthy food, physical activity, and meditation can be used to treat or minimize symptoms of any illness, both physical and mental. Life is too short and too beautiful to constantly go on diets, constantly battle with yourself and put yourself down internally, constantly be under stress, and constantly feel unhealthy and weak. I want to show you how to live your fullest life; that is, to live life to your fullest potential with a full and happy tummy helping you along the way!
I'm super passionate about helping women achieve a healthy relationship with food & with themselves. Too many people in our society today suffer from an unhealthy relationship with food and with their bodies, which limits us from living our best life ever. My personal experiences, my education and my passion for helping other women get out of what I went through for too long makes me a True Healer.

My Services:

Nutrition Sessions
1) Consultation + Meal plans -> You'll receive a one on one consultation from me + a week-long meal plan + grocery shopping list tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

2) Meal Prep-> You'll receive meal-prep for the week based off of our initial consultation + meal plan. I'll do the grocery shopping + the cooking

3) Kitchen overhaul -> You'll receive a complete kitchen overhaul! I'll replace all of the unhealthy ingredients in your kitchen with better, healthier options

4) Restaurant meal plan/ Healthier options when eating out -> If you're someone who likes to eat out a lot, then this is for you! You'll receive a consultation from me + a week-long meal plan of healthier options at 10 restaurants in your area.

5) Health Coaching -> You'll receive a coaching session from me on how to live an overall healthier lifestyle + develop a healthier relationship with food.

6) Yoga
You'll receive a personalized yoga session tailored to your needs and goals.