Rose Barkley

Ayurveda Practitioner | Dosha Balancing Yoga Teacher | Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher | Mindful Coach

"The approach I take in my teachings and coaching practices is to bring compassion, choice and encourage fierce change to cultivate your radical being."

My Mantra: Daily sage and repeat: I am my own inner mother, father and biggest supporter. I am loved and I am love.

I am a vaccinated healer!

As a young adult, I had a series of mental health issues that arose during a pivotal time in my life. Anxiety and depression were dominating the decisions in my life. I began to grow awareness around traumas that occurred throughout my childhood. From there, I took to a radical path that began my healing journey through art, yoga, mindfulness and Ayurvedic practices. Now I help others on their journeys through yoga, art, and personal development.

I'm an individual with great intuition and insight. Communication of the body, mind and soul is how I interact with others. My healing powers come from many ancient practices that I have acquired over the past 10 years in the wellness world. My specialization is Ayurveda dosha-balancing yoga, Trauma-informed yoga and Mindful coaching. I can connect with those who have felt abandoned by their experiences and need time to restore, process, heal and guide them to their highest self.

I am a holistic practitioner because this is my life passion and work. Connecting to movement, feelings, sensations and intuition has helped me reconnect with my purpose for living, as well as inspire others to find their highest self. If I am connected to the work personally, this intrinsically vibrates outwards to anyone I connect with including clients, family, friends and lovers. Living balanced and with wellness in mind has increased my happiness and overall success in life.

My coaching and teaching practice is based on the whole being. I help you achieve harmony in all aspects of your life. I aim to provide clients with the tools to get what they desire most accomplished through rest, movement, and scientific wisdom and insight. The approach I take in my teachings and coaching practices is to bring compassion, choice and encourage fierce change to cultivate your radical being.

My background and training comes from an array of experiences such as at the Art of Yoga Project, Co-Active Training Institute, Echo Trauma Training, 300+ hours E-RYT in Yoga + Ayurveda. I’ve been leading clients and workshops throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles for over 7 years.

My Services:

Trauma-Informed Yoga:
This is yoga that creates a safe, supportive space in which students can learn emotional regulation skills through connection with the breath and increased body awareness. This type of yoga is great for all levels and can be accessible to anyone who is seeking a supportive yoga environment with choice in mind.

Mindful Coaching:
I offer one-on-one coaching for anyone seeking guidance to access their greatest potential. My coaching practice is based on intuition, mindfulness, and tailored to help you achieve harmony in all aspects of your life. I aim to provide clients with the tools to get what they desire most accomplished. Many of us navigate through this lifetime in auto-pilot mode. The day-to-day can be exhausting when you feel you are not 'achieving' something or being task-driven in order to feel accomplished. Self-reflection is key to finding one’s purpose. Getting to the essence of who you are without the job titles, daily tasks and grinds that gets us away from mastering our life. My offerings are focused on the whole self and all facets that make each individual unique. I'll walk the path with you and be that mirror to help reflect back what you need to hear most while holding accountable for your aspirations.

Ayurveda, Dosha Balancing Yoga:
The Ayurvedic principles state that each individual has a constitution governed by our physical and emotional makeup and lifestyle choices. These constitutions are called “doshas”, and they are linked to the elements. The doshas are vata (air and ether), pitta (fire and water), and kapha (earth and water). Dosha-balancing yoga creates harmony for any specified dosha that could be unbalanced. Specific to the elements, dosha balancing yoga is ideal for working through the seasonal changes and restoring natural balance within that extends outwards.


"When I started my Life Coaching with Rose Barkley, I was afraid to confront the mountain of debt that loomed over me. Rose worked with me to break down that bigger problem and identify my demons. She helped me to think concisely about my student loans, car payments, credit cards - and what was really driving my lack of control in my life. Rose has helped me to prioritize myself, giving me the power to tackle my demons. Since beginning my coaching 6 months ago, I have looked deeper into myself and my priorities - as a result, I have been able to reduce my debt! My credit score has improved, but more importantly my mental state is more at peace. I know I am a work in progress, and with Rose’s guidance, I am inspired daily to be gentle with myself as I continue my evolution."
- Hannah

"I was at a professional crossroads when I first met with Rose. She was integral in helping me figure out which path I wanted to take while helping me discover a new direction I otherwise wouldn’t have realized on my own. A couple of months after our coaching session, I made a big career change, and I have Rose to thank for helping me realize what I wanted and how to actualize it. Rose is an amazing listener and judge of character. She’s critical and analytical, but she also keeps things personable and treats you more as an old friend in need of soul searching. I’ll come to Rose any time I need help establishing my direction."
- Justin

"Every time I connect with Rose, I get out of my way. She helps channel my energy to the most important things. Especially the way she connects me to my body. She gets me out of my head almost instantly. In her presence, I become aware of so much more! She is your girl If you are looking to get out of your head and flow!"
- Andrea

“You either helped me put the glasses on or take the “drunk goggles” off, not sure which, but you helped me access the vision and tap back into my confidence. Period. You did that. I made it work”
- Cat