Yliana Guerra

Holistic Nutritionist

In my practice, there is an emphasis on “holistic”. I believe nutrition is the root of having a healthy mind, body, and soul. I believe in going the extra mile and really being the support and accountability for clients. Every person is so unique in their own way and their health approach should be as well. Throughout my programs, I work with clients to use nutrition to create a healthy lifestyle, form healthy habits and create happier and healthier lives.

My Mantra: Listen to your body.

I am a vaccinated healer!

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist, and certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach who specializes in helping busy women in the workforce who have experienced difficulties around eating regain their confidence to feel happy and at peace with their physical and mental health.

I have a passion for all things health and wellness. I also have a passion for traveling the world! Unfortunately, these don’t always go hand in hand. Seven years ago, I decided to pursue my dream of traveling and became a flight attendant! As much as I loved my job, I saw a massive decline in my physical and mental health due to the crazy hours and nonstop flights. Having a positive mindset around eating felt just as tricky as the eating itself. At times, a healthy lifestyle felt impossible! I tried many different programs along the way but could never find something that worked for my unique lifestyle.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I created significant, lasting changes for myself and discovered a passion for helping others do the same. I now use my certifications in Holistic Health and Health & Nutrition Life Coaching to help others with nutrition and focus on the mental roadblocks that stop them from getting to where they want to be. I genuinely believe that a healthy body is nothing without a healthy mind, so my programs emphasize mental health alongside nutrition.

I create tailored nutrition programs specific to each client while also tackling life issues that might be getting in the way of reaching your goals. I am devoted to using my knowledge and passion for nutrition to help you truly heal from the inside out.

My Services:

12-Week Program:
This signature program is a deep dive into your physical and mental health. In this program, we work together to give you all the helpful tools you need to reach your goals and uncover the mental roadblocks that could be getting in the way. This program contains one session every other week where each time we dive into a different topic. We cover everything from grocery shopping, how to order healthy at any restaurant, your history with eating, and much more. You will be receiving loads of helpful tools, enlightening information, and beneficial strategies to help you change your habits and mindset to live a happy, healthy life!

Grocery Store Guide:
This is a service that is included as part of the 12-week program but is also offered by itself. This is a great option for those who are looking to eat healthy at home. This session will make it easier for you to stock your home with nutritious foods and even provide you with some recipes for dishes that are beneficial to your health! Upon signing up for this session you will receive a questionnaire all about the types of foods you eat at home, your level of cooking (if any), how often you’d like to eat at home, and more! At this session, you will be given a grocery list that works as a base on how to do your shopping. We will be going over the best options for you as well as healthy swaps to all the foods you love to eat! We’ll discuss your current health and what you should be eating more or less of to reach your current goals. Everything in this session is specific to your needs and is exactly what you need to kickstart your healthy lifestyle! As a bonus, you will receive a 10-page booklet that I have created that lists the top tips of how to navigate a grocery store like a pro and make you leave feeling confident about the healthy choices you’ve made!

Restaurant Recommendations:
This is a service that is included as part of the 12-week program but is also offered by itself. This session is a great option for busy professionals looking to have healthy options for lunch at nearby restaurants. Upon signing up for this session you will receive a questionnaire where you’ll answer questions all about any health issues you may have, your food preferences, anything you might be trying to accomplish through healthy eating, and more! You will also fill out what restaurants you’d typically be eating at. Using all of this information, I will create a menu of your healthiest options at these restaurants that is specific to you! At the session, we will go over what your best options are and why they were chosen. I’ll explain to you why these are the best options for you, how these foods can help you, and what you should try to be eating more of. You will leave the session with a printout, as well as a pdf email, of your specific meals that I have chosen for you as well as a report of why each dish was chosen and what it does for your health. As a bonus, you will receive a booklet that I have created that lists all the top tips on how to eat healthy at any restaurant. It covers how to better scope out the healthy items on the menu, what to look out for, and how to practice balance and still be able to enjoy yourself!


“I signed up for two sessions with Yliana, the grocery store guide, and restaurant recommendations. These two sessions were so useful and something I still use in my everyday life. The restaurant recommendations have made eating out so easy for me. I feel good about having chosen the healthiest option for me on the menu without even having to think about it! I also found the grocery store guide extremely helpful. Yliana explained to me the foods that are most beneficial to my specific health problems and I can feel the difference! She was so easy to work with and made the information fun! I would recommend these sessions to anyone looking to make their lives a little easier and have the guesswork taken out of eating healthy!”
- Jazmin Hinojosa, client on 06/08/21 & 06/24/21, Grocery Store Guide and Restaurant Recommendations

“I am so happy that I decided to sign up for this program! It has made such a huge change in my life and has made being healthy so much easier for me. Yliana was great and so knowledgeable in her field. Anytime something wasn’t working out for me she was happy to work with me and adjust my plan as needed. I came out of every session feeling like I had learned about my health and ways to improve it.”
- Sophie Madrid, a client from 07/02/19 - 10/23/19, 12-Week Program

“My experience was great! I was struggling with weight and my health was declining because of it. I wanted to make a change and live a healthy lifestyle but I didn't know where to start. Yliana really helped me find what works for me and things that will stick with my lifestyle. She gave me all the tools I needed and gave me the support I needed to reach my goals! I highly recommend it to anyone who has crazy work hours and needs help working a healthy lifestyle into that! Although I am done with the program I like to go back and have a session once every few months to make sure I am staying on track with everything!”
- Julie Beckett, a client from 08/07/20 - 11/12/20, 12-Week Program