The Healer Handbook 

Welcome to the True Healers community, we are so grateful you are here as a partner in our marketplace! We have created a set of community standards and etiquette that we expect al Healers to practice with heart and soul. When in doubt always use your best judgment and follow your intuition; if something doesn't feel right, most likely it isn't. 

Being a Certified True Healer means that you are the best of the best and are held to the highest of standards and ethics. You are a part of bringing healing and harmony to all humankind - because of you we can make the world a more peaceful place. 

We are here to support you through your Healing Career, here are few perks to being a True Healer

The following are quick-links to every section in the handbook, so you can access easily whenever you need to reference back. 

  • Code of Ethics

  • Profile Picture Guidelines 

  • In-Home Visit Standard Operating Procedures 

  • Virtual Appointment Protocols

  • Cancelling Appointments

  • Harassment Policy

  • Covid 19 Protocols

  • Event Procedures

  • Email Templates

  • Ambassador Program

  • Facebook - Exclusive Healer Group

  • Healer Content Form

  • Healer Marketing Kit

  • Healer Benefit Resource 

  • Helpful Tips on Being Self Employed

  • Expert Voice Sign Up Instructions 

  • Code Of Ethics

    Operate with Integrity

    As a Healer, boundaries are extremely important. Always maintain professionalism when interacting with clients and respect their personal and physical boundaries while also drawing a firm line in the sand for your own! In this case, communication is key.  Likewise, as a Healer, you are in a position of power. Never under any circumstances leverage your modality to take advantage of your client’s emotional state and invade your personal space, and operate with integrity. Avoid innapropriate reactions that could paint you in a poor light. Likewise, if a client makes inappropriate advances towards you, it is your responsibility to deflect. If for any reason you feel unsafe, please leave immediately and report it to us.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    • Do: Treat every individual, whether client, family of client or acquaintance of client with the utmost respect, compassion and empathy.

    • Do: Treat fellow healers with the same respect that you would expect.

    • Do: Wear your approved, muted colors to your appointments and comfortable shoes

    • Do: Be mindful of your personal hygiene  and maintain a clean, polished and professional appearance.

    • Do: Over communicate with your client to make sure you’re consistently on the same page.

    • Do: Leave immediately if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

    • Do: Wipe down your equipment before and after each appointment.

    • Do: Enforce your own personal boundaries and live by your integrity.

    • Do: Treat fellow healers with the same respect that you would expect.

    • Don’t: Wear perfume or pungent oils to your appointments.

    • Don’t: Swear, use racial slurs or phrases that could be perceived as offensive, sexual harassment or otherwise make your client feel uncomfortable.

    • Don't: Discriminate. Everyone should always feel safe and welcome. That’s why we don’t tolerate discriminatory conduct or behavior, including toward the True Healers Support team. Do not discriminate against someone based on traits such as their age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law.

    Profile Picture Guidelines


    Our goal is to create a consistent experience for our customer base. The first impression individuals get when they browse Healer profiles is the main photo, and we want to make sure you’re represented in the best possible light.

    We’ve included some basic guidelines for submitting a photo:

    • Use natural light if possible, but make sure your light source is facing you, not behind you.

    • Avoid taking a selfie, please have someone take the photo for you or set a timer.

    • Take the photo from the waist up; no full body shots.

    • You’re welcome to smile, show your unique personality, or even yourself in your modality just make sure to keep it professional. You may also use a candid photo if this portrays your personality in a nice light. 

    • You must be the only one in the photo.

    • Avoid clothing colors that are too bright or with distracting patterns/graphics.

    • Make sure the photo is in color with normal exposure; not too bright, not too dark.

    • Feel free to reference the other photos currently on our site for inspiration.

    • Taking a new photo is not required, feel free to submit a different one that meets the above guidelines.

    In-Home Visit Standard Operating Procedures 


    We believe there’s something special about transforming an individual’s health and happiness all within the comfort of their own home. We encourage in-person appointments because of this, and are committed to providing a connection that’s genuine, compassionate and above all, safe. Below, you’ll find a few protocols we have for in-home appointments as well as cautionary measures.

    Prior to Arrival

    Please arrive to your appointment 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Make sure you do not arrive any earlier, as it may conflict with your client's schedule. Make sure to check traffic ahead of time and GPS their address so you get there safely and efficiently. If you feel you may be late, please notify your client as soon as possible.



    Your safety and security are our top concerns. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a client or in their home for ANY reason, please leave immediately and inform management so we can support you. A client should never make inappropriate contact with you whether physical or verbal and we have a zero-tolerance policy for it. You will also have the opportunity to review your client following your appointment to provide them feedback In the event of a compromising situation, please contact 911.


    In the event of COVID-19, we understand the concern for maintaining a safe environment. If you are feeling under the weather, it is your responsibility to communicate with your client as soon as possible and make arrangements for rescheduling.


    When you are entering someone’s home, you enter their sacred environment. Always treat the individual and their home with respect. Always be polite and mindful of their space and boundaries, and expect the same out of them as well. 
    Please avoid:

    • Wandering around their home or entering rooms without their permission

    • Touching their personal items

    • Cursing or foul language


    We know there’s much more to you as an individual than what’s on the outside, including what you wear. But when it comes to visiting client in their home, we want to give them a consistent and memorable experience, and the first impression begins the moment they greet you at their door. Please keep the following in mind:

    • Keep a neat, clean appearance: no stains, dirty or wrinkled clothing 

    • Many Healers work with their hands, and if even if you don’t, please make sure they are clean, either bare or polished

    • Avoid wearing perfumes or strong oils as your guests may be sensitive to certain smells

    Attire Guidelines

    When practicing as a Healer, your attire should be of a neutral color and conservative, as we want our Healers to look as professional as possible. Bottoms must be pants, like slacks, dark jeans, scrubs, or yoga pants. No wild patterns or prints, please keep it simple and comfortable. Please wear shoes of your choice, and we don’t mind one bit if you have visible tattoos, piercings or uniquely styled or colored hair -- we encourage these choices as radical expressions of your own self-love.

    Animals & Allergies

    In your communication with a client prior to your appointment, please indicate if you have any allergies such as those associated with dogs, cats or any specific odors so your client can make the accommodations prior to your session.

    Virtual Appointment Protocols


    While we always encourage in-person visits to reinforce the authenticity of the human connection, we acknowledge that virtual appointments offer a facet of convenience as well as security. Your client will have the option of requesting a virtual appointment by writing “virtual” in the address line (this is only for modalities that can be experienced virtually, i.e. massage therapy and chiropractic services are not eligible for virtual sessions).

    Conducting a Successful Virtual Session

    1. Zoom will be automatically connected to the app, so your client will automatically get a link when they book a virtual session. The app will prompt you to enter your zoom information.
    2. Please refer to the 'Zoom Info' slide in your Welcome Information Slide for further details on creating a Zoom account. 

    3. Check your internet connection to make sure it’s strong. 

    4. Always arrive to the virtual conference room a couple minutes earlier before your appointment is scheduled to start. Your client should never be waiting alone in your conference room. 

    5. Please make sure the backdrop is clean, neutral and free of messes and clutter. 

    6. Conduct your session in a quiet space free of distractions. 

    7. Lighting should be facing towards you, not behind you. 

    8. Should you get disconnected, communicate with your client to keep them updated.

    9. Be sure to log into your virtual appointment a couple minutes early so you can welcome your client into the virtual space. Your client should never be waiting in the waiting room alone.

    Cancelling Appointments


    We empathize that sometimes, things happen outside of our control, or life gets busy and the reality means that sometimes, appointments get cancelled. Don’t worry! We’ve outlined what to do and what to expect if you receive a request for a cancellation, as well as what to do if you need to cancel on a client.

    Client Cancellations

    If a client reaches out to you to cancel, it is important to always respond with respect and compassion. Let them know that you received their request and ask if they’d like to make a new appointment.

    Within 24 Hours

    If a client cancels within the 24 hour window before your appointment, you will still receive payment for your service. We do this to create an environment of accountability between clients to respect your time and energy as a Healer. Exceptions may apply, but we’ll handle those on a case-by-case basis.

    Outside 24 Hours

    If a client needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment more than 24 hours in advance, we will honor their request and they will not be required to pay. Follow up right away to get them rescheduled, and be sure to adjust the time on your schedule accordingly.

    Healer Cancellations

    If something comes up and you must cancel your appointment, please do the following immediately:

    1. Reach out to your client immediately, let them know you are unable to make the appointment and politely ask if they would like to reschedule.

    2. Send a message to admin via the TH app letting them know that you cancelled.

    Please note, you will not be paid if you do not complete your appointment. Always take time to consider traffic, distance and space between appointments so you don’t have any conflicts. Please avoid making a habit of canceling appointments, as doing so may result in a professional re-evaluation as a True Healers Healer. 

    Harassment Policy 

    True Healers (hereinafter referred to as Company is committed to providing an environment for our members, directors, officers, employees, volunteers and persons served by the Company ("Covered Persons") that is comfortable, safe and free from harassment of any kind. Any type of harassment is a violation of this policy and may be illegal. We have zero tolerance for harassment of any kind. 
    Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, the following: words, signs, jokes, pranks, intimidation, physical contact, or violence. Harassment does not have to be sexual in nature. Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature when such conduct creates an intimidating environment or prevents an individual from effectively performing the duties of his or her position, or when such conduct is made a condition of employment or compensation, either implicitly or explicitly. It is not the intent of the behavior by the offender that determines if harassment has occurred but whether the behavior is welcome by the receiver. 
    All employees & contractors are responsible for helping keep our work environment free of harassment, including the work environment of Company's Clients with whom you have contact. If you become aware of an incident of harassment, whether by witnessing the incident or being told of it, you must report it to OR within the True Healers App immediately. When the Company becomes aware of harassment, it is obligated by law to take prompt and appropriate action, regardless of whether the victim wants the company to do so. 
    Complaint Procedure 
    Any Person, who believes that he or she has suffered harassment in violation of the Harassment Policy, should take the following action: 
    a. If you are able to do so without conflict or danger, tell the harasser as clearly as possible that the behavior is unwelcome; 
    b. Please report any harassment immediately to your direct supervisor or any member of the executive team, we promise to take you seriously and address your complaint promptly. Upon receiving such Complaint, Person or Department will investigate the complaint and take the appropriate steps, including corrective disciplinary action, that should be taken to secure and maintain an environment free of any form of harassment. Such person will report to the Company's Board of Directors and the person filing the complaint, the action that has been taken, and if no action has been taken, the reason for no action 
    The Company, including all persons to whom a violation of this Harassment Policy has been reported and persons who have become aware of a complaint, must maintain confidentiality, to the extent possible given the need to investigate. All complaints shall be considered confidential to the maximum extent possible. 
    The Company, or any director, officer, or employee may not retaliate against any victim, or witness, who reports a violation of this Harassment Policy. Any person who believes that he or she has been retaliated against should consult the Organization's Whistle-Blowing Policy or a Company official. 
    I have read, understand, and acknowledge receipt of the Harassment policy. I will comply with the guidelines set out in this policy and understand that failure to do so might result in disciplinary action including termination of employment and potential legal action.

    COVID-19 Safety Protocols


    We take your health and safety very seriously, and COVID-19 has radically shifted how we connect in daily life and through our practices. We have created a few precautions to follow to help support a healthy environment and your wellbeing for both you and your guest.

    COVID Intake form

    For every appointment, your guest will be required to fill out a COVID-19 liability form, to test to them being healthy and covid free. 

    If You’re Feeling Unwell

    Always, always, always put your health and wellbeing first. Feeling under the weather? If you have any symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose, chills, a fever, headache, nausea or any other ailments, please contact your guest immediately to reschedule.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    When interacting with your guests, please keep your mask on for the entire appointment. 

    Social Distancing 

    We encourage all True Healers team members to operate all healing sessions in a safe outdoor ventilated space if they can, while also following all CDC guidelines and maintain social distance when accessible during the unique healing sessions. When possible, we ask our clients to book modalities virtually to ensure the safety of all involved when possible

    No Contact

    Please avoid all physical contact with your guest unless directly related to your modality. This includes hand shakes, hugs, and high fives.

    Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Wash your hand before and after interacting with a guests if your modality includes a hands-on service like massage

    Sanitize ALL your equipment  that you and/or your guest touches before and after each appointment. This includes massage tables, yoga mats and blocks, stones and crystals, tarot cards, fitness gear.

    Personal Items

    Be sure to bring your own water bottles and other personal items and please avoid sharing items with your guest

    Event Procedures


    We are delighted to offer events, and invite you to apply to host either in-person or virtual events! Events are a great way to create a presence in the community and serve as an introduction to prospective clients. 


    At a glance:

    • In-person events can be group classes or workshops. You can host these at a location of your choosing or we can find a location for you near your zip code.

    • Virtual events can include courses, webinars, workshops and group classes. They will be conducted over google meets video conferencing.

    • We will be advertising events through EventBrite and helping you market the event by promoting it on social media and our website.

    • You will be paid the standard hourly rate ($100) for the duration of the event, as well as the mileage to travel to and from the event. Mileage must be reported in expensify.

    • To earn extra commission, feel free to offer your unique affiliate code to all invite attendees. They can use this code to get 10% off shop to purchase items that you recommend, OR any booking (both yourself AND other Healers!). To register for your affiliate account and receive your code, register here.


    Interested in hosting an event? Applying is easy!


    For Virtual Events

    Step 1: Create a Syllabus here.

    Step 2: Submit your application to host an event here.


    For In-Person Events

    Step 1: Submit your application to host an event here.


    Once your event has been approved, the process is as follows:


    1. A member of the True Healers team will set up your event on EventBrite and invite you as a collaborator. As a collaborator, you will be able to view the event details and check guests in.

    2. Events will be booked out two weeks in advance to allow for time for promotion. True Healers will promote the event on social media and the website, and you will be encouraged the promote the event on your social channels as well.

    3. If no one has registered for your event within the 24-hour window leading up to your event, the event will be cancelled.



    If you host an event, you will be given access to Eventbrite, allowing you to see your attendance and will enable you to cancel your class if necessary. 


    If you host an online event through EventBrite, you'll need to create a Google Meet OR Zoom Link.


    IMPORTANT: paste that link onto the 'online event page' on the EB class page.



    Please email for any assistance. 


    Ways Attendees can Pay for the Class

    When an attendee registers for a class/event through Eventbrite, they will pay through EB. If they are a drop in, they can either pay via PayPal or Venmo using the following True Healers account information:


    Venmo: @thetruehealers

    General Conduct

    Our goal as a platform is to support you as a Healer by coordinating these events to boost your credibility as well as promote you as a True Healer. We will make every effort to help make all events as fun and safe as possible, for both you and your client. Our expectations are simple when keeping True Healers reputation in mind -- always do your very best to be kind! Please always conduct yourself in a professional manner and create a space of trust, compassion and empathy. Exceptions do occur in the event of unruly client behavior, but we’ll cover that in a later section.

    1. Hair/Nails/Clothing: We support personal style choices that allow you to express your identity, such as tattoos, piercings and colored hair, however all True Healers partners must also maintain a neat, groomed appearance when conducting their events. Please refrain from wearing any strong perfumes or oils that may disrupt your clients’ experience.
    2. When interacting with clients, please always remain polite and respectful. You may know some of your clients, however others may be complete strangers. We might not always know what one is going through and experiencing, and the brave choice for them to attend this event. Our goal is to make clients feel as comfortable and welcome as possible, so please be mindful and sensitive of their needs. Feel free to engage in small talk, but please use your best judgement and refrain from dialogue that could be received as offensive. 

    Preparing for the Event

    1. Please check the Event Brite listing to see how many people have reserved for your event. If you are bringing materials to the event, always plan for an additional 5-10 clients just in case.
    2. Please arrive at the event location no later than 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin. This will allow time for setup and an opportunity to connect with clients if they arrive early.

    3. Be sure to start no later than five minutes after the event was advertised. If individuals arrive late (and this can and will happen, don’t worry!) quietly help them find their place and proceed with your event.

    After the Event

    1. Once the event concludes, be sure to thank your clients and be available for the next 15 minutes to answer any questions or connect further.
    2. Remember to ask your clients to leave a review and encourage them to follow True Healers on social media.


    Event Cancellation Policy

    If you have an event that does not have any signs up 24 hours before the event, you have the option to cancel your event at that time. If you’d like to keep your class posted, you are welcome to wait until 1 hour before your event for last minute sign-ups. If nobody signs up for your event 1 hour before, your class will be canceled. 


    Please note: You will not be compensated for classes with zero attendance. This policy allows the Healers to decide if they want to “be on call” or not. We value your time and understand you all have a different approach to how you balance your work schedules which is why we gave you the agency to decide. Please note that you cannot cancel sooner than 24 hours before the event or if students have already signed up without permission from Melody. 

    Email Templates


    You'll message your clients before and after your appointments. If you'd like some messaging/email templates to use,


    Click here to access.

    Ambassador Program


    In the True Healers Ambassador Program was created to support you as a Healer to earn extra income and continue to position yourself as an authority in your modality in the digital space. Some of you have developed online presences, while others may not, this program is inclusive for everyone (and a great way to get started!). 


    How The Ambassador Program Works

    All you have to do is create an affiliate account, where you’ll have a unique link as well as a coupon code for 10% off that you can personally create on your dashboard. You can share this link along with the coupon code to your audience, and for everyone that books using your link, you’ll receive a 10% commission. It’s that simple!

    How to Sign Up


    1. You can sign up here

    2. Once your account has been approved, you’ll have access to your dashboard (see below) where you’ll have your unique link and coupon code. One may already be created for you, but you can change it to say whatever you want.


    Why Do The Ambassador Program?

    This is a great way to earn extra income while supporting your clients, AND yourself! This means, yes, you can earn commission on anything your clients (or anyone) purchase from our Metaphysical Shop on


    How to promote?

    • On Instagram, add your unique link into your bio (or linktree) and everytime you post a photo/video of you performing or talking about your modality, OR you using a product from the shop in your healing practice, tell your audience to follow the link in your bio to book you or another incredible Healer

    • Sample Post: “Did you know [YOUR MODALITY or PRODUCT] can help reduce [ANXIETY/BACK PAIN/STRESS, etc] and support [A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE/IMPROVED MOBILITY/OVERALL COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE, etc]? Book a session with me and we’ll work together to reach all these goals and more. Follow the link in my bio and use my discount code [YOUR CODE] for 10% off the metaphysical shop, to support you on your Healing Journey!

    • On Facebook, include your unique link and discount code right in your post

    • Sample Post: Did you know? Recently, I’ve joined the team of incredible holistic practitioners at True Healers, where we deliver holistic experiences at-home or virtually. We have more than 25 different holistic healing modalities, so be sure to check the other Healers like our massage therapists, hypnotherapists, reiki practitioners and more, and we also have an amazing metaphysical shop to help support you on your Healing Journey. When you’re ready to make a purchase from the shop use my code [YOUR CODE] and get 10% off at


    Do I have to be an ambassador?

    Nope! This is 100% optional and just an additional way to earn passive income. 


    Ways I can Promote Using My Affiliate Link

    • Instagram Post

    • Instagram Story

    • Email

    • Facebook Groups

    • Facebook Post

    • Referring your friends and family via text

    Facebook Exclusive Healer Group 


    We’re excited to have you on board and are looking forward to working with you to revolutionize the holistic healthcare industry! In an effort to keep communication in one place and to build our community of expert practitioners, we’d like to invite you to join our True Healers Expert Practitioners Facebook Group!

    In this group, we’ll share company updates, opportunities for collaborations, and create a community of support. Please join so you don’t miss out on important announcements!

    We look forward to seeing you there and connecting!

    Click here and click 'Join Group' - password is AVOCADO.

    Healer Content Form

    Missed it during onboarding, or want want to update your content?


    Click here to access.

    Healer Marketing Kit


    In an effort to promote True Healers, we will be sending you assets that you can use to promote to your audience on your social media pages. Feel free to promote how you wish, just make sure to tag @thetruehealers on Instagram so we can repost you! This folder will contain assets that you can use to promotion your social year round. We will also be adding fresh content for you periodically.


    Click here to access.

    Healer Benefit Resources


    Stride Health

    Find affordable Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, Expense & Mileage Tracking and More!


    Click here to access


    Indi: Smart Banking for Independent Workers

    Apply for your account in minutes, and use indi to bank on the go, save for taxes, and track expenses.


    Click here to access.

    Self Employed Tips! 

    True Healers wants you to be successful in life, so here are some helpful tips on being self employed.

    Form a Legal Entity

    Unless you’re just moonlighting, it usually makes sense to form a legal entity. If you’re working by yourself, a sole proprietorship makes it easy to separate personal and business funds.

    Alternatively, you might want to go into business with a friend. In that case, forming a partnership gives you both a legal right to the company. You'll also be able to easily separate personal and business income.

    Finally, you may want to form a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. Forming one of these entities will shield you from personal liability due to mistakes in business. However, you’ll also be subject to additional taxes and financial requirements. Sole proprietorships and partnerships are simpler by comparison.

    Keep Work Time Separate From Personal Time

    Separating work time from “me time” can be challenging for any self-employed person. But it’s especially challenging for freelancers who do most of their work from home. It’s easy to take a business call while you’re cooking pasta, or work on a proposal while wearing your underwear. And anyone who’s ever taken a client call at the bar at 11:30 PM knows never to repeat that mistake. Here’s the thing. When your personal life bleeds into the professional, your work suffers. Maybe it doesn’t suffer in obvious ways, but it suffers. So set an alarm, put on your pants in the morning, and don’t take a Zoom call on the toilet. You won’t just look more professional, you’ll feel more confident.

    At the same time, working from home can have the opposite effect. If you don’t set boundaries with clients and business partners, you might find that you’re “on” 24/7. This leads to mental burnout, which is poison to both your personal and professional life.

    Set normal working hours, and stick by them. Yes, you’re the boss. Yes, you may have to work the occasional evening to keep your business running. But unless there’s a proverbial fire, take a few hours for yourself every day. You’ll be more productive, and you’ll be happier.

    Invoice Your Clients (True Healers has your back here!)

    Doing the work is sometimes the easiest part of the job. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting paid for your labor. Here’s the thing. Your clients are as busy with their day to day business as you are with yours. If you haven’t bothered to bill them, they probably won’t remember to pay you.

    So don’t be shy. Keep track of all your business with clients, and send them invoices on a regular basis. Not only are you more likely to get paid, but you’ll have better records come tax time.

    Respect Your Own Time

    Self-employed individuals are usually on the hunt for work. Unfortunately, employers and clients know this. They will often throw out last-minute work with unrealistic deadlines. And when you need the work to pay your bills, it’s hard to say no.

    Sometimes, it’s important to be available for an important client. But if you’re always available all the time, you may actually be lowering the value of your work. By saying “no” now and then, you show clients that your time is valuable. As a result, they’ll be more likely to respect your time in the future.

    Remember Your Taxes - Indi (bank account) & Stride (Benefits) can help you out with taxes, mileage, deductions and more!

    When you finally get paid, it can be tempting to spend your money as you would an ordinary paycheck. However, self-employed workers aren’t subject to tax withholding like ordinary employees. This means that you have to set aside a portion of your income to pay for taxes.

    In most cases, you’ll also need to file quarterly reports. In addition, self-employed individuals need to pay self-employment tax. This is an additional Social Security tax over and above standard income tax. 

    Key Takeaways

    Whether you're dealing with tax payments or calculating business costs, self employment can be a challenge. But when you're successful at running your own business (and True Healers has your back) it's one of the best feelings in the world. So get out there and be your own boss. The sky truly is the limit!

    Expert Voice Sign Up Instructions


    True Healers has joined Expert Voice to provide you with some awesome discounts on over 500 of the world’s leading brands.

    How To Sign Up:

    1. Click here to sign up

    2. Click "Sign in" on the upper right hand corner of the page. When the Sign In page pops up click "Not a member, join now" (you will see this at the top) and the Join Now page will pop up. 

    3. Expert Voice recognizes that you are a part of our team by your Holistic Healer Certification/ License, so please be ready to upload a copy of your True Healers Certified Healer Certificate, found here. Make sure that you have written your name and date in on the certificate before sending to them.

    4. Fill out the registration form and click Join Now!

    5. After you have completed this process you will receive a confirmation email from Expert Voice confirming your affiliation with True Healers and you'll have access to the Expert Voice Platform.

    6. Enjoy 

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