Dara Kaplan

Life Coach

With my own unique combination of problem solving skills, curiosity, humor, and non-judgmental support, I will help you set yourself up for success. We will do that by first defining what success means to you and then developing the tools necessary to attain it.

My Mantra: My personal mantra is “We are where we are! Now where do we go from here?” Whenever I am heading down the could’a, should’a, would’a path, I recite this mantra to myself. We have no control over our past and regrets rarely, if ever, help us move forward. Focusing on the present and future and the things we can control, like our own behaviors and beliefs is far more useful!

After over 15 years pursuing careers in Teaching, Administrative Roles and Customer Service left me un-fulfilled and feeling perpetually lost, I realized it was time to do the work to discover my true calling. After extensive research and a LOT of soul searching, I felt the pull towards a career as a Life Coach. During Coaching School, I had a moment of clarity. I had never before in my life felt that I was doing exactly what I was put on this Earth to do! Helping people learn how to become their best, truest, and most happy selves all while making them feel validated and safe, is the most rewarding job and absolutely my life’s purpose!

My Services:

Life Coaching:
With a specific focus on self-care practices, we will examine what blocks are getting in your way. We will then find tools to move past those blocks in order to achieve your goals and live a happier, less stressed life, filled with success and fulfillment.


"Dara is an insightful, caring, and professional coach. Throughout our sessions, Dara encouraged me with her sense of humor and genuine interest in my personal fulfillment. Furthermore, she helped me unpack my brain and formulate small, achievable action steps. I highly recommend her!"
- Anita, 2017

“My coaching experience with Dara had a profound impact on my life. She is an encouraging, compassionate, and supportive coach who helped me recover from burnout, find purpose, and accomplish my goals.“
- Amy Oakley, 2019

“Since working with Dara every area of my life is better. I am a more productive person, a less stressed person, a more organized person. What’s been most helpful is how Dara has challenged me to reframe how I think about things, and how I process and evaluate things. Although Dara and I work on my goals and habits, I don’t feel boxed in by the anxiety producing, rigid paradigms of the goal setting and habit forming, that in the past, have led me to procrastination and eventually desertion. Dara’s coaching style has allowed me to find the processes and tools that work for me, so that I can meet my goals and establish the habits I need to get me there.”
- Cherie Collazo, 2020