Dara Sloan

Life Coach

“My coaching techniques are customized to the individual and how they will best receive their session in order to feel safe and be honest.”

My Mantra: Everything is always working out for me.

Life Coach Session: One-on-one coaching with a customized plan to achieve your goal whether it is in your personal or professional life. This can range from, but not limited to, connecting to your purpose, reducing stress, changing behavioral patterns and beliefs, increasing self-confidence, and managing conflicts.

After working in the corporate environment for many years, I felt the desire to contribute in a different manner. I went back to school and received my Holistic Coach certificate and began coaching, motivating, and inspiring others who were looking to transform their lives, break unproductive habits, and rid themselves of limiting beliefs that were hindering their progress in their personal and professional lives.
Bringing over 24 years of diverse professional experience, I am able to relate to others and the challenges they may be facing in their personal and professional lives. What I love most about coaching is witnessing another person’s transformation and contributing to it. I believe in educating clients as part of the coaching process to help provide them with the tools to succeed. I also enjoy partnering with them and keeping them accountable to personal and professional goals. My coaching style contains various positive techniques along with creating a safe environment for others to communicate, be honest and be themselves.

On personal note, I believe in finding passions and hobbies outside of work life that help make me a well-rounded person (I surf and sail regularly). I do apply all of my coaching techniques and philosophies to my own life to ensure that I am "walking the talk" so to speak.

My Services:

My coaching techniques are customized to the individual and how they will best receive their session in order to feel safe and be honest. Environment is also important, so I leave it up to the client on where they feel most comfortable. This could be a walk on the beach, over the phone, etc.

Nutrition Coaching: One-on-one coaching with customized plan for those looking to increase energy and brain function, experience more clarity, and improve sleep to perform better at their workplace.


"Dara has helped me make some significant changes in my life. She's positive, direct, helpful, and kind. I can always count on her honesty; she really tells it like it is. Her mindset work is really inspiring, it can be really tough to change the way you think. I've worked with her for about 6 months now, I'm so thankful for all the positivity that has been brought into my life because of her!"
- Darian D., August 2019

"Dara was an excellent Health and Life Coach to me. She made me aware on how to take care of myself by proper ways on eating healthy and staying fit."
- Dave S., September 2019

"Dara is very attentive and dedicated to her clients. She adapts the pace according to each client's needs and situation. I felt extremely comfortable under her guidance."
- Tereza T., February 2020