Diana Osberg

Sound Healer | Mindfulness + Wellness Coach | Breathwork and Yin Yoga Teacher | Breathing Meditation Guide | EFT and Body Tapping Teacher

"I’ve been through a long self-healing journey and have deep empathy for my clients’ journeys. I use the principles of mindfulness, compassion, and lovingkindness to help my clients recognize and release self-limiting stories and painful experiences so they can live their life with more freedom and joy. I love helping people find true connection with themselves and everything that exists. It’s gratifying to see them discover themselves, come back into wellness, and awaken to their true path."

My Mantra: Until we can all have inner peace, we cannot have world peace.

I am a vaccinated healer!

I’ve been a healer since childhood, but I didn’t take action on it. I refused to listen to the Universe and took a different route. I forged a career in the highly competitive and stressful entertainment business and became frustrated, angry, depressed, and utterly burned out. Finally, after the Universe kept dragging me toward my true path, I listened.

When I began studying yoga more than a decade ago, things shifted. I started to feel better and became curious about other holistic wellness practices that could help me. I studied sound healing, shamanic practices, mindful breathing, energy healing, qigong, and meditation which opened up a whole new perspective on life. I brought my body, heart, mind, and spirit back into balance. My life became more meaningful, and I was better able to roll with the punches, to get out of my own way and allow the good things in life to come to me.

My Services:

SOUND HEALING (60 minutes, 90 minutes – in-person):
Experience the ultimate tune-up! Release blocked negative energy, promote deep healing, and come back into balance with the sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and other sacred instruments.

MINDFULNESS + WELLNESS COACHING (60 minutes – virtual):
I'm here to provide the support you need to get you out of survival mode, release negative energies, and learn how to deal with whatever life throws at you. I’ll teach you mindful practices you can use at home to build new neural pathways and re-pattern the way you think about yourself and your life. With consistent, return visits, I can design a self-care practice and action plan to help you move forward with more confidence to live your best life ever.

RESTORATIVE BREATHWORK (30 minutes/60 minutes – virtual):
Increase your vitality through the power of your breath. Strengthen your respiratory and immune systems and teach your body and mind how to release old stagnant energy that manifests as lines of tension and emotional blockages.

YIN YOGA (60 minutes, 90 minutes – virtual):
Long-held floor poses help you release blocked negative energy, find stillness in the present moment, and come back into wellness. This practice changes our relationship to discomfort, teaching us to accept and rest with what is.

Long held, supported floor poses allow you to relax your mind and body completely so you can heal and restore your life force energy. Rest with the healing sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.

GUIDED BREATHING MEDITATION (30 minutes – virtual):
Using gentle breathing techniques, I’ll guide you inward in a healing meditation to connect to your true self. You don’t have to stay locked in the prison of your mind. Let go of your critical voice and connect with the voice of your soul.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) AND BODY TAPPING (30 minutes, 60 minutes – virtual):
You’ll tap on energy meridian points to get you out of fight or flight mode and build new neural pathways to change the way you view yourself and your life. This practice releases blocked energy and promotes the circulation of fresh life force energy through the body.

Ideal for the lunch hour. Sit with eyes closed and enjoy a refreshing meditative sound bath with crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and other sacred instruments.

Using the breath and non-judgmental awareness, participants learn to release negative thoughts and make room for healing. This practice brings us into the present moment and strengthens the respiratory and immune systems.

Targeted exercises counteract the effects of sitting and working on a computer with a focus on the neck, shoulders, eyes, wrists, hips, and lower back. We’ll use mindful breathing to bring the body and mind back into balance. The session ends with a long Savasana supported by the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls.


“It feels so good to release unwanted traumas … During the sounds, it’s interesting how we don’t choose what to release. It just pops up & get[s] released. I really like this bc it made me remember what needs to let go.”
- Esmeralda, in-person sound bath 2018

“I wanted to let you know this has been so helpful for me… You’re a great teacher.”
- Phyllis G., breathing meditation online class 2020

“The retreat was fabulous, and right away I felt the positive changes in my whole being. Thanks so much … for all of your quality work, and energy.”
- Ivonne Q., Japanese Garden Healing Retreat 2019