Inanna Bantu

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“I am passionate and dedicated to making a difference in my student's lives by inspiring and elevating the community, and encouraging everyone to live to their fullest, and most joyful potential.”

My Mantra: Everything is always working out for me.

I believe in, and have experienced first-hand, the power of Kundalini Yoga, and how it can change one's life. My passion is in sharing the practice with anyone interested and willing to learn Kundalini; the beauty of it is that it tunes the student into their intuition, the diving guide within, all the while creating a calm, balanced self, balancing the chakras, and creating an instant feeling of joy, elevation, peace, and a neutral mind.

My journey as a Kundalini Teacher began as an "accident", aka divine blessing; I signed up for a meditation retreat that did not specify it was Kundalini Yoga. After being at the retreat, and diving deep into the practice, I fell in love with Kundalini, and knew that teacher training was for me. I then trained with some of the best, wisest teachers who were trained directly by Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles. My love for the practice has deepened through COVID, wherein I have been able to introduce and guide new, as well as experienced students through these unprecedented times via the tools of Kundalini.

Committed, passionate and spirit-led, I am a Kundalini Student, Teacher, Mother and Stylist.

My love and joy for the practice has taken me on a journey from student to teacher; I am passionate about sharing my love of Kundalini with the community, especially in these challenging times. Yoga has been my way of staying grounded, joyful and centered, and I am dedicated to living an enriched, empowered, enlightened life and sharing the blessings of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

I am passionate and dedicated to making a difference in my student's lives by inspiring and elevating the community, and encouraging everyone to live to their fullest, and most joyful potential.

My Services:

A student can expect to practice different physical poses, mantras, and meditations, depending on the specific Kriya (set of exercises). The beauty of Kundalini is that a student can choose specific areas of their life they would like to focus on per each Kriya (ex; increase abundance, self-love, compassion), and tailor their practice based on this. After a class, a student can expect to feel balanced, calm, energized, elevated, peaceful, and in a natural state of bliss.

Kundalini Yoga per varying times: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes.


“Kundalini is such a beautiful practice, and Inanna is a beautiful spirit who teaches with her whole heart. I’ve taken several of her classes so far and I look forward to many more to come! I always feel better, lighter and more energized after her classes. She has a beautiful singing voice too!"
- Client, Lauren, Services rendered March-July 2020

"I had the distinct pleasure of going through teacher training with Inanna. Her dedication to the practice and her belief in its effects on each of our lives is infectious! She is patient and kind, and at the end of the day, these are the kinds of teachers that we need everywhere in life!"
- Client, Anne, Services rendered September 2016 - Current

"My introduction to Yoga began when I decided to become a mother. This practice allowed me to birth both my children without the use of medication or intervention. Over the years I've learned techniques to heal muscle pain, headaches, and improve my energy. Practicing Kundalini with Inanna allows me to connect with my breath, find my center, and it helps bring balance to my day despite what's going on around me. She is a kind, gentle, loving teacher, who is truly passionate about the practice."
- Student, Ailia, Services Rendered 2017 - Current