Jocelyn Mason


As a ThetaHealing practitioner, I bring my innate skills of mediumship and clairvoyance to assist in the highest and best healing protocol for the client. I am able to sense the love and help of my clients' spirit guides and angels and occasionally communicate any necessary information.

Through my own life's work, I have practiced spiritual coaching for over 20 years which informs my ability to have a comprehensive sense of people and bring a unique skillset to the session.

My Mantra: To thine own self be true.

I am a vaccinated healer!

I had my first ThetaHealing session over 13 years ago and experienced profound changes after just one treatment. Inside the one-hour session, the practitioner was able to see the years of struggle in my relationships and helped me let go of some very challenging blocks on my road to happiness. I also had a powerful shamanic awakening during that first session and was told I had the ability to do this work for others. I have continued to grow, expand, and heal into living a life I had only dreamed of as a result of continuing my own journey with ThetaHealing, and as a ThetaHealing practitioner, my mission is to pass this healing on to my clients. I provide a unique experience of holistic energy healing backed by natural intuitive ability and decades of meditation, visioning, and manifestation techniques.

My Social Impact:

I'm manifesting to be the change that I seek in the world through daily meditation, connection to source and self examination and accountability.

My Services:

An energy healing modality (virtual or in-person) in which the practitioner is able to connect with the client's energy to see what is blocking well-being on the subconscious level. The session will begin with a short conversation followed by a deep mediation where the healing takes place. Through intuitive discovery we will uncover the buried beliefs and patterns adopted and accumulated, not only in this life but across other lifetimes, which may be blocking you from spiritual and financial abundance as well as physical health, well-being and happiness.


“The ThetaHealing experience was incredible. I felt relief right away and a new strength since. I am eager to go back for a follow up session.”
2019 ThetaHealing- 1st time client

“Jocelyn has an inner resource and intuition that is powerful, compassionate and healing. Working with her through the ThetaHealing practice has opened me up to find connections to my own inner resources. Spending an hour with her, working through this process, is one of the best gifts I can give myself!”
2018 - ThetaHealing repeat client

"Jocelyn's manifesting vision work has helped remove obstacles I didn't know were there and guided me towards believing my visions for myself and my life could become reality. Her work unlocked my creativity and imagination for attracting what I want most. I saw the affirmations I wrote daily coming true in real time and it blew my mind! The ThetaHealing helped me shift decades of programming that held me back from living the life I longed for. It works!!"
2021 ThetaHealing and Vision Coaching

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