Kimberly Castro

Mind Management Coach | Confidence Coach

“In my program you will learn how to retrain your brain by using thought replacement techniques. You’ll learn the types of thinking that cause anxiety and stress and learn how to change those thinking patterns.”

My Mantra: Every morning, I look in the mirror and repeat a few positive phrases to myself and make some silly faces as well just to wake myself up a little. Then I check in with how I am feeling that day and write in my journal any thoughts or feelings that I need to be released. After journaling I say prayers and gratitude then get ready for the rest of the day!

In my program you will learn how to retrain your brain by using thought-replacement techniques. You'll learn the types of habits of thinking that are unique to you called distorted thinking styles which cause anxiety and stress, and learn how to change those thinking patterns. I'll teach you emotional intelligence, how to identify, connect, and communicate those feelings. I'll show you the importance of words and how they impact your perspective on situations. We'll go over techniques on how to deescalate and prevent panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. And then, I'll start to introduce you into confidence-building skills. I chose to put mind-management and confidence-building as one whole program because it is difficult to exude confidence when you can’t control your thoughts and feelings. That is the purpose of introducing mind management first then introducing confidence building second so you have those thinking techniques already in place. In learning these two topics, you will see a change in different parts of your life such as your health, your relationships, your goals, how you view situations, etc. To help you decide if my program will help you, I provide you with a criteria that will allow you to determine if this program is right for you!

My journey to becoming a coach specializing in Mind Management and Confidence Coaching may sound like a struggle to most people that hear my story, and at the time being it was. However, now looking back I see that my down points were actually a blessing in disguise. Coming from a Latin family I never learned how to express my emotions so I would stuff them down and say “I’m fine” with a smile on my face. Little did I know, the act of simply not expressing my true feelings was actually taking an emotional toll on my well-being. I became depressed, I slept all day and was up all night, and most importantly, I was mean to the people that I loved the most that pushed them away. Being in college at the time, I wanted the easiest class with the most laid-back professor so that I wouldn’t have to do so much work to pass the class. Little did I know, this class would forever change my life. The class was stress management. Once I started putting the Stress management techniques into practice, I began to see everything changing in my life right before my eyes. My thoughts, my health, my skin, and the people I attracted into my life all started to positively change. At this point I knew with all my heart that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life for other people. For the next six years I began studying day in and day out learning everything I could about retraining the programs in your brain, the link between our thoughts and our emotional well-being, the connection between stress and relationship problems, and lastly the correlation between what we think and say to ourselves and its impact on our confidence levels. Once I felt in my heart that I was ready to start working with people, I successfully obtained my coaching certification and my degree in human expression. This is just the short version of my story, between those years of studying I was in 3 car accidents as a passenger and I had to have brain surgery as well, which again was just a blessing in disguise because I was able to test everything I was already learning. I hope my story speaks to you. I truly believe my program will positively impact your life, just as it did with mine.
I believe what makes me unique is my ability to provide a safe space for my clients to open up without feelings pressured or judged. I have been told numerous times from different clients that I have a warm feeling to my presence that makes them feel comfortable with sharing stories or feelings that they had never been comfortable sharing with anyone else. I believe that this is my gift that allows me to connect with my clients on a deeper level.

My Services:

During your sessions with me you can expect to feel a sense of peace with yourself as I help you come into awareness of what is exactly needed for you so that you can be your best self. I help you open up and release any feelings or stories about yourself that are holding you back that you didn’t even realize were impacting your life. With each and every session you can expect to learn new information, techniques, and skills. Last and most importantly, you can expect to become more connected with yourself and what you really want in life.
These are the exact topics in the program that I cover in my program. Remember that it is both mind management and confidence building together as one program.
Mind Management:
- General Adaptation Syndrome (what the stress response looks like)
- Automatic Thoughts
-Distorted Thinking Styles
- Cognitive Techniques (Questioning and Explanatory Style)
- Rational Emotive Therapy (Faulty Belief Systems)
- Relaxation Techniques
- Mindfulness
- Word Acknowledgement. Making it How It Is Not Worse Than It Is
-Learning to Connect and Identify Your Emotions
-Perspective Taking
-Using Your Body For Energy
Confidence Building:
- Eliminating Negative Self Talk
-Positive Reinforcement
-Affirmations & Journaling
-Identifying Standards
- Setting Boundaries
-Prioritizing Yourself


“I am not even finished with the program and I am already experiencing a greater connection with my partner. I want you to know that you’re really making a difference with your work”

“I was always so scared of trying something new. Completing this program has given me the confidence to quit my job of 20 years and apply for my dream job and guess what?! I got in!! I can’t explain the difference this program has made in my life”

“I have never been one to talk about my emotions nor share them however Kim has a different presence that makes me feel safe and unjudged. I found myself being surprised with the information I shared with her however never once did I get a negative feeling about it. Not only did this program boost my confidence but it helped me attract a type of love that I had never encountered before. I know that if I didn’t take this program, I would attract the same people that would just use me. I am so grateful to have worked with Kim."