Nicole Cali

Health & Wellness Coach

I work with each client individually to design bio-individual programs that assist in balancing the mind & body by educating on how to improve your daily habits. In optimizing every part of your daily life from your mornings to your night routines & everything in between.

Additionally, I offer private cooking lessons for those who need encouragement in the kitchen (& can even upgrade any meal favorite into a balanced one without ever sacrificing flavor). I help with grocery shopping, label reading, give fridge & pantry makeovers, sweep your home for toxic chemicals, products, and help reduce EMF exposure. I believe that true health is about enjoying a life full of energy, vitality, and peak wellness. I want to help those that are sick and tired of being unwell, overweight, or aging prematurely to take back control of their health. I know what works and I want to share my experience and knowledge with the world.

My Mantra: Self-love will liberate you.

My personal health journey started over six years ago, after embarking on a new business venture that required a move from the East coast to the West coast. I was stressed, overwhelmed, not sleeping, eating what I thought was healthy, and working out like crazy every spare moment. Shortly after my move, I began experiencing a laundry list of symptoms and was even hospitalized for acute attacks.

I was feeling sick and scared, and the more I began speaking up about my body’s sensations, the more I was rejected by doctors. I was dismissed by the medical community whilst experiencing serious symptoms because they were seemingly invisible. I was told I looked healthy, my tests look normal, none of my symptoms were related, and that it was simply anxiety. I knew my body and knew my symptoms were not conjured up in my head.

When health professionals minimize or even disregard disabling or serious symptoms it is called medical gaslighting, and it occurs all too often. It was a struggle living day-to-day when the trauma I experienced within my body was deemed attention seeking or for pity. I just wanted to be heard and believed. I had to become my own health advocate and I was determined to find answers. Shortly after, I found naturopathic medicine which gave me access to functional medicine testing and was given the space to truly be heard.

We started running tests immediately where I discovered nutritional imbalances, food intolerances, high levels of mercury, and dangerous levels of environmental toxins in my body. There were heavy amounts of volatile substances found in and around my lungs which puzzled my doctor and me. I researched extensively and my efforts led to an online breast implant ingredient list, lo and behold they matched the volatile solvents shown on my test results. Rubbers, plastics, solvents, etc. had been leaking into my body and making me chronically sick. There was no denying my breast implants were the cause of my symptoms and had to be removed. I spent years researching, testing, and then removing my implants and detoxing my body. During those years, I tapped into an inner awareness of the day-to-day world of health and wellness, and knew I needed to be a voice for others. I learned that through personal suffering and pain comes important personal transformation. My journey gave me the wisdom and knowledge to discover my purpose as a natural healer meant to transform myself and society around me.

My Services:

A private bio-individualized consultation with me can be done via Facetime/Zoom/or in-person with focus in the following areas:
• Health history intake
• Education on how you got here and how to heal
• Functional Medicine Lab recommendations
• Initial daily habit recommendations
• A selection of the best foods for you
• Grocery food shopping guides
• Personalized detoxification protocols
• Recommended sleep protocols
• Stress reduction techniques & recommendations
• Positive mindset activation
• Movement recommendations
• Individualized nutritional supplement protocol
• Private cooking lessons & recipe development
• Label reading & grocery store trips
• Pantry make-overs
• House-hold toxic product sweep
• EMF reduction analysis

“Really appreciate the attention to detail and turning my life into a healthy one!” -Health & Wellness Coaching-Grocery Shopping Trip-Pantry Make-over-EMF Analysis-Toxic Household product Sweep 12/2019 “Having access to your knowledge, motivation, and support kept me strong through my detox and diet changes. Thank you!” -Health & Wellness Coaching 03/2020 “Thank you for helping guide me through my pre- and post-breast implant removal surgery, you saved me from having to start at square one!”
- Health & Wellness Coaching, 10/2020