Paul Wellin

Integrative Healer | Health Coach | Emotions Coach | Mindfulness | Relationship Coach | Energy Balancing | Massage Therapist

I developed a mind-body-soul integration treatment that guides people through their pain and stress. My clients transform their pain to love, success, and creativity.

My Mantra: True Mindfulness needs mind, heart, and body awareness.

My first career goal many years ago was to get my psychotherapy license. However, as I studied counseling I felt something was missing. I scheduled a healing session called "rebirthing" and I had a transformative experience. I felt the aliveness in my session that was missing in my counseling training. I discovered the power of our breath. I then shifted my career to holistic health.

The second wake-up call was a wildfire in Santa Barbara. I heard an announcement that they were looking for volunteers to massage the firefighters. I actually worked on the victims of the fire, people who lost their homes. The hands-on work helped the homeowners relax their body...and my counseling skills helped their emotional stress too.

The third integration in my treatment was blending yoga stretching and yoga postures in my healing sessions. The fourth integration in my healing sessions is discovering the power of each person's vital life force—our Qi energy determines health or sickness, pain or pleasure, karma or empowerment.

My Services:

Health Coach:
Coaching can determine the causes or your stress or pain. I also guide you through career or relationship issues, plus time or energy stresses. I do an assessment of your current issues and then follow the emotions and energies of your issues to new solutions.

Emotions Coach:
Clients often feel stuck or blocked; This condition may trigger emotional overwhelm, or, blocks can make it hard to release stress or pain. I help clients become more comfortable with emotions, working with their mental thoughts, body sensations, and emotional triggers.

Relationship Coach/Couples Counseling:
I work with marital/relationship partners, individually and in couples sessions. I listen to each partner's experience and invite their spouse or relationship partner to validate their experience. I then work with the family system that keeps the marriage/relationship stuck or blocks healing communications from taking place.

Mindfulness Meditation:
I guide meditation sessions and mindfulness trainings. I help clients quiet their mind, tune into their breath, and find a pathway to higher consciousness. I personalize each session by matching the client with the best types of meditation. There are many meditation styles, and they can help with daily life as well as higher consciousness. We can choose the style that helps you the most, during the session and that you can practice at home.

Energy Balancing/Chakra & Spiritual Healing:
When we start an energy healing session, I do an energy assessment of your body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes our energy is strong, sometimes it is depleted; we can have energy blockages, and sometimes our energy is flowing but doesn't know where to go. I help you listen to your energy and become empowered to unblock it and guide it forward with an intention. Energy healing can involve our chakras or energy centers; Energy healing may help some people improve their psychic abilities. Energy healing sessions can also help some clients access higher consciousness and visionary states.

Integrative Bodywork + Yoga Therapy Treatments (San Diego only):
I blend relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques with yoga stretching, and alignment. This combination of techniques is very effective for pain relief, body balancing, body rehabilitation, and energy balancing. My integrative treatments also include emotional and chakra healing.


"Just wanted to send a note of gratitude for the time and energy and care you spent with me yesterday. You made me feel welcome to express myself and feel comfortable letting old things go. Your consistent expression of appreciation and recognition made me feel seen and allowed me to drop into parts of myself that are usually not comfortable to express with others."
- DR, San Diego

"Greetings Paul! I experienced many benefits from that incredible session with you last Saturday! Most noticeable is my reduced stress level and it's unfavorable signs (irritability, negativity, fatigue, lack of focus.). There is continued greater ease in general. Thanks for helping me 'get back on track'!! It is such a treasure to have met you!"
- BC, San Diego

"Paul has been my yoga teacher and my massage therapist. I have been healthy since our work, and I continue to do much better in my life because he has shown me the key to be able to open the door for myself in order to achieve anything I believe in."
- Rachel, San Diego