Sarah McGovern

Breathwork Teacher | Holistic Health & Life Coach

As a breathwork teacher and holistic health coach, I draw on my intuitive gifts, working with the breath and sound to reconnect you to your most natural state of being and to create harmony within yourself. I lead my clients back to their authentic selves and their intuition, so they can access the healing that comes up for them and that they need; to live as the most complete and healthiest versions of themselves.

My Mantra: "Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough." - Ram Dass

I am a vaccinated healer!

I have a great love for nature and it's powers and ability to create harmony and healing in us by helping us to tap into our own inner resources. My own personal health and weight loss journey opened the door to changing my life and helped me to reconnect to myself, my health and life. This journey inspired me to guide others on theirs and to help them live as their most authentic, healthiest and highest versions of themselves.

My Services:

1:1 or Virtual Breathwork Session:
90 min. Use the power of your breath as a catalyst for transformation and healing. This is a guided two-step process to contemporary, dynamic music to create an amazing physical and spiritual experience. It truly meets us where we are at, providing us with whatever energetic experience we need and are ready to receive. Custom songs or playlist provided if requested.

Group/Corporate In - Person or Virtual Breathwork Session:
1 hour. At your location or as a virtual class, guided breathwork with a custom playlist if requested.

Self Vision Session:
30 min. This is a mind, body, spirit session focused on creating alignment and positive shifts in these areas. Supporting you in self-discovery with guidance in achieving optimal health, lifestyle and mindset goals. Guiding you in intention and goal setting with sustainable action steps.This support may include herbal supplementation, self-care practice recommendations, dietary suggestions and breathwork as needed.

Wellness Session :
1 hour. This is an integrative healing session, using a range of healing modalities. We discuss and define your goals and needs, creating a personalized wellness guide, including specific supplementation, herbal and energy work recommendations. This could include breathwork, meditation and intuitive readings as per my discretion. I offer support with foundational health, lifestyle and mindset guidance and the tools to get started.


"Sarah is the best! She's knowledgeable, professional and intuitive. Working with her is just like working with a good friend."
- Alexis Henry, 10/2020
Alexis came to me to help her naturally handle anxiety and stress levels that she had been struggling with.

"Metamorphosis Holistic gave me the jumpstart I needed to get going on my daily self care practices. I am very grateful for the attention and guidance I received."
-Paul Edward, 01/2020
Paul came to me to help him implement practices to support him in feeling more at ease and grounded.