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Healing Therapy


 As much as we created True Healers for the individual seeking wellness, we want it to serve our Healers just as much by giving them access to tools and technology to reach more clients, market themselves and meeting them at the highest of standards to help them turn their healing into a career. ​


We refer to our practitioners as Healers with a capital 'H' because True Healers is committed to creating a new standard for holistic health practitioners by offering fair wages, fair treatment and career growth opportunities—we believe their gifts can create a sustainable living—not just a side hustle. So we see Healers as a title, and honor it in hopes of setting an example for the entire wellness community.

Paid Background Checks 

We cover the cost of all your background checks.




Our app gives you exposure to a whole new range of potential clients and has all the built-in user-friendly tech that lets you create a customized profile  and communicate with your clients.


As a certified True Healer, you've proven that you're an expert in your craft and are backed by an organization that supports and believes in you.

Free to Be on Platform 

While our competitors charge you a membership fee to host your services on their platform or website, we're not about that.




Good people know good people, that's just a fact! As a True Healer, you are invited into an intricate network of Healers through an exclusive, private Facebook Group that you can connect to, learn from and even collaborate with!

Fair Pay

We offer competitive pay rates to all of our Healers to honor the high standard of care they offer clients.

Career Development

Taxes and healthcare and customer relations, oh my! We give you access to resources to not just be a Healer, but a successful business owner.


Marketing Support

Marketing your gifts can be overwhelming. We leverage your services on multiple channels to give you maximum exposure, plus tools and assets to teach you how to effectively market yourself to your own audience.


General Support

We handle all of the customer care, booking issues, and more, plus we are always here for advice and any general questions you may have.. We always have your back. ​


Looking to become a True Healer or be a part of our ever-expanding team?

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