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Breathing in Evolution: A New Moon Ritual for Aries New Moon Eclipse

Updated: May 1, 2023

The New Moon is when the sky appears darkest. It is a potent time for calling in ritual and manifestation.

Written By: Shonna Chiles-Heintzelman

Second Aries New Moon Eclipse | 4/19 9:12p PST

Today’s new moon is the second of Aries season, falling in the wake of a full solar eclipse. This eclipse encompasses the energy of both Libra and Aries, inviting us to explore the concepts of new beginnings and evolution. Eclipse energy tends to invite us to look deeper into our subconscious and align to our innate inner wisdom. This is a time to tap into our self trust and what our hearts already know to be best for us.

Below you’ll find a New Moon ritual to help you connect more deeply with yourself in the midst of this potent energetic portal.

1. Close your eyes and place your hands over your navel. Take a few natural, relaxed breaths in this position.

2. Begin observing your breath, breathing in through your nose & exhaling through your mouth. Don’t holding anything in, allow any sounds to release from your body as you breathe. Breathe this way for five intentional breaths.

3. Keeping your eyes closed, visualize one thing that you want to call upon your life with this influx of New Moon Eclipse energy. Focus entirely on channeling your thoughts into asking for what you want and need in your life. Sit with that thought in honesty, abundance, and vulnerability for a few natural breaths. Feel the emotional pull of how living in that reality would drastically change your life for the better. Sit with the energy of that feeling for a few more natural deep breaths.

4. Whenever you feel ready, release that image of yourself with positivity and acknowledge that what you have asked is making its way into your life.

If you do this ritual, we’d love to hear what you’re calling in. Tag us in your IG story @thetruehealers or comment on this post below. We can’t wait to hear how this ritual goes and what manifests from your deepest desires.

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