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New Moon In Scorpio: Creating a Cozy Ritual

Fall has officially arrived here in Southern California and the moon is caught between Earth and the Sun. With temperatures now requiring cozy sweaters and blankets we find ourselves in a season of life where we seek comfort in the cozy spaces of our lives. We also find ourselves embracing the peace and quiet of a darkened, seemingly moonless sky as the New Moon in Scorpio has arrived.

Why celebrate the new moon?

The new moon is a great time to check in with yourself and take stock of what changes you’d like to make. We can be so caught up in the motion of life, the New Moon opens us up to reflect inward, set new intentions, and look back on the past month. By creating a New Moon ritual that is authentic to you and your routine you are more likely to return to it each month. This consistency can attract new perspectives, progress, and manifestations into your life.

What do I need to create my new moon ritual?

First off, all you really need is yourself and dedicated time to look inward. Sometimes that is all we have access to. The following ritual is one we have found to engage our tranquility and free flowing energy, we encourage you to adapt as desired until the ritual feels most authentic to you.

Create balance in honoring the four elements:


This can be a crystal, stone, flower, plant, herb, etc. It doesn’t have to be the same each month either, feel free to choose what you feel most drawn towards in that moment.


Music, incense, diffused oils, cooking aromatherapy, freshly brewed tea, etc. Honoring the air element can be as simple as popping in your headphones and playing your favorite music.


Your favorite seasonal candle.


Seawater, fresh water, a cup of tea, or even a seashell.

Meditation + Reflection

Once your space is set, we also encourage brewing a calming cup of tea, full glass of water, or hot cocoa to nourish yourself during or after you complete your ritual. You'll also want to have a notebook and pen handy for post meditation reflection.

Now that you have created balance and intention in your space, make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. Recognize you have plenty of time (time is up to you, but we recommend at least 20 minutes) to breathe, meditate, and reflect.

The New Moon ritual is your time to check-in. Start by closing your eyes and letting thoughts come and go. Sit with yourself for a few minutes taking time to check-in and release thoughts like a leaf floating down a river as they enter. Allow your mind to shift focus on areas of potential growth in the next month. What would you like to see enter into your life? What would you like to feel when you check-in during the next New Moon?

Once you feel clarity and calm in your reflection we then invite you to write those intentions down. Here are a few of our favorite New Moon Journal prompts:

How am I feeling right now?

How does the world feel around me?

What has changed for me in the last month?

What am I grateful for that happened last month?

What about last month should I leave in the past?

What am I excited about right now/in the next month?

Where do I feel abundance?

Where do I feel stuck?

Where do I feel I lack abundance?

What is something that I would like to manifest?

As you close your session, welcome this affirmation: Tonight, my soul will make room for all that is to come. Happy New Moon!

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