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Find Your Deeper Purpose: The North and South Nodes

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The North & South Nodes are always an area of great interest in my readings, as they reveal messages of our greater purpose, alignment and keys to incurring good karma. If the concept of past lives and the path to your destiny intrigues you, learning about your North and South Nodes will help deepen this understanding. In Astrology, these are distinctive points in your overall chart, and the answer to almost everything in your chart is its opposite, so naturally, the lunar nodes of the moon oppose one another.

What Is the South Node?

Our South Node represents what and who we were in past lifetimes and the roles we mastered so well that we are born effortlessly doing them. These are often gifts that come easily, things that people immediately see and seek out in us. Our South Node is meant to inform, not lead.

What Is The North Node?

Our North Node is our leader, our guide. Our North Node shows us where we are called to go. Often the areas represented in our North Node can make us feel as if we are being called to walk blind into the dark. What is meant for us is often clarity, our light.

How the North and South Nodes Reveal our Purpose

Our North Node tends to scare us. Why? We haven't practiced it. It is foreign to us. We often don't feel that we are good at the themes of our North Node. And of course, our North Node represents our highest calling of spiritual and personal alignment and karma building.

If our South Node is our comfort zone, our North Node is where our scariest but most rewarding growing pains live. My favorite example is Beyonce's chart. Her North Node is conjunct (directly connected to) her natal Mars in the 10th house of fame, legacy, highest aspirations, and public career. Her South Node is in the 4th house of home, domestic affairs, family relationships and building. Her comfort zone is that of homebody moon mama and nurturer. And that she is!

And yet, she began pursuing her North Node, fears abound, as a small child. Karma has rewarded her and much of her life has fallen together in response. This is the key to our spiritual path's chocolate factory! Where we honor our North Node is where we honor our potential, future, capable selves. When we honor our North Node we are brave, trusting, and wise.

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You can learn more about your North and South Nodes through researching the signs and the houses they're found in. If you're an intermediate student, studying the aspects made to your nodes will be even more in-depth and beneficial. For anyone learning Astrology, Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology is a wonderful helper tool and true, trustworthy classic in getting more familiar with all of your chart including the nodes! And as always, I'm always here for a reading.

Astrology is always asking us to hold each end of a binary full of discernment, yet free of judgement to see both sides of every coin. When we seek to know both sides is when we are seeking truth. When pushing our agenda forward the universe's answer almost always ends up being the opposite of what we are pushing. We are not meant for push, but for flow. May we follow our own north star through its North Node always remembering the South Node behind us.

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