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Ready to Grow Through the Last Mercury Retrograde of 2020?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

This year has been particularly trying as our routines have been upended, uncertainty looms, and major changes have occurred. While we would love to wake up tomorrow to the lovely surprise that this was all just a dream, this is our reality and this reality comes with a lot of feelings.

Right now we know this especially, Mercury is in retrograde for the third (and last) time this year. Whether your understanding of this time is based on astrology or greater forces, we all can relate to the feeling of unexplained chaos, sudden anxiety, or unexpected energies. We are in such fragile times and many of us have been confronted with an energy shift in the last few days.

Mercury rules all forms of communication which can impact logical thinking, relationships, and connections in general. As we encounter these feelings in the next weeks, with retrograde ending November 3rd, we invite you to reference these practices now and beyond Mercury retrograde. Remember to be gentle with yourself and know it’s always okay to feel.

1. Be intentional about listening to others

We are all guilty of passive listening, especially when it’s hour three of zoom meetings for the day. That being said, right now is a time to think intentionally about how to be a more active listener. I like to write down some hand written notes or questions so I can engage at the end of the meeting or when it’s appropriate. I’ve also found letting someone know that you’re unclear and asking if they might be able to restate in another way allows both parties to understand each other more deeply.

2. Take three deep breaths before responding to or writing an email that you have strong feelings about.

Have you ever received an email that made your blood boil so much you nearly forgot to breathe? I imagine most of us have. Our instinct is to react, to let our emotions drive. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being emotional, you might find some clarity (the next time negative feeling bubbles up) closing your eyes and encouraging three deep inhales and exhales. Whether your reaction changes or not, you will have allowed yourself that moment of clarity.

3. Write down your schedule for the day and stick to it as closely as possible

I like to do this with crystals that I find deeply grounding and connecting. My schedule for the day is more than my meetings, I sometimes outline what I’d love to have for lunch or leaving space to do something outdoors. While some might feel most comfortable sticking to the same routine everyday, others might enjoy a new adventure of each day. Writing this down simply provides you clarity, organization, and understanding of your priorities.

4. Focus an idle mind on exercise, creativity, and meditation

As much negativity we associate with Mercury retrograde, it is very much a time to explore and engage your creative energies. If you find your mind spinning try channeling that force into motion, creativity, or deep thinking.

5. Take a break from social media/screens

This will look different for everyone but if you’ve been looking for an excuse to take a day, week, or even just a 2 hours break from your social media now is the time to do this. Part of my regular routine is to remove screens from my evenings at least 2-3 nights per week. Sometimes that means I am a day behind on talking about the latest and greatest TV show but it provides space for me to look inward and understand what my soul needs. Don’t think you can detach yourself? Make a date with nature and spend the afternoon in a forest, on the beach, or wherever your soul desires.

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