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Recognizing Community in the Tapestry of True Healers

At the center of True Healers are our four core values from which everything operates; one of which is community. Learn about the other three HERE.


We acknowledge that giving, receiving, and holding space for one another will raise the frequency of the collective consciousness. Let's level up together!

I’ve learned that one consistent trait in life is change. Ironic, huh? Whether it be in our career, location, relationships (business or personal), or in our mind, body, and spirit.

Things change, people change…and it’s beautiful.

I posted an IG story a few days ago sharing a quote:

“Sometimes the most unhelpful people to you in transition are the people who’ve known you the longest. People who’ve ever known one version of you - when you decide to change to the next you - will try to convince you that you shouldn’t….because they're not sure that they’ll have the same place in your life.” - Paul Scanlon

It hit me not because I think you should walk away from those people, but it reminded me how we should all become more aware of & nurture the relationships that accept and encourage us while we change. It’s how we grow, and we ALL change - some of us just navigate it differently.

Let’s recognize the history and explore the profound importance of community.

Throughout the ages, communities have been the nurturing soil for the seeds of well-being to change and grow. From ancient tribes gathering around a sacred fire to modern-day gatherings in virtual chat rooms, the power of togetherness has always been a catalyst for transformation. In the realm of wellness, this truth resonates even more profoundly.

True Healers encourages self-discovery. Yet, it is the collective energy of our community that propels us forward, igniting the flames of inspiration and connection. Together, we share a purpose: to uplift and empower one another and ultimately increase healing and harmony around the world.

Communities have acted as beacons of support, offering comfort and guidance to those in need. True Healers, grounded in both ancient wisdom and modern innovation, stands as a testament to this tradition. Through our diverse range of modalities as well as practitioners, we strive to create a sanctuary where individuals -from all walks of life- can find solace, healing, and growth; in the comfort of your own home!

But what truly sets our community apart is the alchemy of connection that takes place. It is in the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and stories, (+ a bit of divinity✨) that are the threads of inspiration and encouragement in self-discovery.

Each Healer becomes a catalyst for transformation, a guardian of well-being, and a source of boundless love and compassion. Book a session, you’ll see what I mean. Your heart will feel full, cushioned in a cloud of support.

Sometimes the change is actually just discovering and allowing ourselves to be who we are meant to be in the first place.

Let us always remember the profound impact we have on one another. Community is not merely a support system; it is a sacred bond that nourishes our souls and fuels our collective growth. Let’s honor this bond, cherish the diversity of our experiences, and celebrate the unity that lies at the heart of True Healers. Join us!

Written by Alison Wroe for True Healers


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