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Self-Care Tips From 5 True Healers

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Self-Care is a core value here at True Healers! We firmly believe that nothing productive happens when our cups are half full. Our Healers recognize that they cannot be of service to their clients and community if they do not first address their own needs. We hear about self-care all of the time, and many of us know that we could benefit from incorporating more of it into our lives. But where to start? We asked 5 of our very own Expert Healers to discuss all things self-care to spark some need inspiration.

Healer #1: Dara Sloan, Mind Healer

Dara is a Life Coach whose intention is to motivate and inspire those seeking to transform their lives. After spending many years in a corporate setting, she felt the need to contribute differently. She got her Holistic Coaching Certification and has been helping people break old habits, release limiting beliefs, and unlock their potential for the last seven years.

Daily Inspiration

We asked Dara her #1 self-care tip, and she said, "My go practice begins at the top of the day. I set the tone by reading something positive or inspiring. Sometimes, I listen to a song that brings me a feeling of joy, or I repeat my positive affirmations—anything I can do to shift from a sleepy state to an awakened state."

Daily Meditation

In addition to a strong morning practice, she uses daily meditation as a tool to connect to her intuition. Dara believes, "The first flash of thought or feeling you have is your intuition. The second that feeling hits your head, your mind has warped it, tears it up, and destroyed it so that you don't follow through with it.

It takes daily practice to connect to your first intuitive thought. Daily mediation is the best way to differentiate between what my heart is saying and what my head is saying."

Nikolay Ayerov, Spirit Healer

Nikolay is a spiritual advisor and expert here at True Healers! He is practiced in past life Regression Reading, Reiki Healing, Chakra Reading, and Quantum Healing. Whoa.. can you say connected?!

Nikolay approaches his practice from a place of empowerment, meaning he provides his clients with the tools they need to do their healing. Many of these tools are ones he uses in his own life, so, in a way, his practice was born out of self-care.

"I wanted to know the best way to heal myself, so I went on a past life regression journey. I began to understand what my Higher Self wished for. I began to understand the good, bad, and the ugly parts of my previous incarnation. I was able to heal an incredible amount of traumas and subconscious programming that was not serving me any longer."

Relationship to Breath

"The most important self-care tool we possess is our relationship with our breath. This relationship can drastically change your life simply by practicing belly breathing. This automatically puts your body into a relaxed mode where healing, resting, digesting, and learning can happen."

"Most people breathe with their chest," Nikolay explained, "which puts the body in a fight or flight mode. Instead of breathing with your chest, try making your belly as big as you can without puffing your chest."

Self Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a unique way to engage with our inner wisdom. It's basically like a telephone wire between your mind and your body. "The practice is simple," Nikolay says. "Sit with your spine erect without a wall or chair behind you. Then, gently begin to sway your body.

Do this for a few seconds, and then ask your body to 'show you yes' and see which way your body sways. Then, ask your body to 'show you no' and note the direction you moved. There is no one' right' direction; everyone is different."

"After you've gotten a feel for what movement signifies what, ask yourself simple yes or no questions like, 'Do I have shoes on?' From there, you have opened up the pandora's box of endless questions you can ask your Higher Self!"

Healer #3 Gabriella Mazza, Body/Spirit Healer

Gabriella is a true body and spirit healer! Along with being a certified yoga teacher, she is certified in crystal healing, prenatal yoga and is a level two Reiki healer. "Mixing my different modalities to create the best session for each person is my absolute goal." Says Gabriella.

Move and Breathe with Intention

When asked, "what is your #1 self-care practice," she replied, "To move and to breathe!" Of course, we do these two things every day, but Gabriella asks, "are you doing it with the intention to serve your body's highest good? Or, are you just on autopilot?"

"Living in the city life can get crazy! Sometimes no matter where you are or what you are doing, we have to take a moment for ourselves to move our bodies and connect with our breath."

Self-Care and Chill

It's important to remember that self-care doesn't mean you have to make a great effort. Relaxing and chillin' on the couch is a highly underrated form of self-care. Gabriella is the first to admit she loves a good Netflix in bed kind of day!

However, when she feels her self-care rituals slipping away, she likes to remember to treat her mind, body, and spirit with the same love and respect that she carries for her student. "So, I stay centered, expand my knowledge, open my mind and continue to grow. That is self-care."

#4 Cherryl Majoros, Spirit Healer

Cherryl is a spiritual life coach, hypnotherapist, and expert tarot/oracle reader. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that Cherryl's #1 self-care practice is a morning meditation followed by card pulling!

Morning Practice

"I start every day with prayer, meditation, and a self Tarot reading for the energies I might encounter that day. After that, journaling. This gives me quiet time with the spirit to be centered and in a positive mindset before I start my day. An attitude of Gratitude truly works! Tarot always brings me clarity."

When asked about her journey to a Spirt centered career, Cherryl said, "I have always seemed to have the ability to help people feel better. I realized I loved to help people in any way I could. Tarot has been my passion for over several decades. So I decided to become a certified life coach and married the two together!"

Healer #5 Lisa Lewis, Mind Healer

Lisa Lewis is a transpersonal energy healer. This technique uses the art of inquiry to bring awareness to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing by enabling you to release emotional blocks and let go of what no longer serves you.

Since Lisa is in the business of 'letting go,' she recognizes the remarkable value of self-care for her clients and herself. She says, "Self-care provides a structure rooted in loving-kindness." She has a unique approach to self-care that doesn't require any fancy bells and whistles; all you need is a quiet place and a little imagination.

Visual Meditations

"I like to use the image of my favorite tree, a Sequoia tree, to ground. I notice how the tree's trunk is firmly planted into the earth with its roots; it has a long trunk with sturdy limbs and branches, and its crown reaches high into the sky. I connect my feet to the earth, lengthen my spine by standing tall, reach my arms out wide and point my head high into the sky!"

The practice is a tool to help you feel grounded even when the world around you might feel chaotic. Even just taking a few moments to feel your body is self-care!

Final Thoughts

If you get anything from this blog, let it be that self-care doesn't have to be fancy, expensive, time-consuming, or burdensome! It's not something you have to do; it's something you want to do!

Sometimes exercise is self-care when you feel like you've got the energy to burn, and sometimes it's counterproductive, especially when you're tired and need to rest. All of these tips are ways to help you connect to your inner guide, which ultimately will lead to your perfect self-care solution.


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