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Meet Our Featured Healer for June 2021:Thabile Makue (They/Them)

Thabile is an African Traditional Healer and Teacher from South Africa. They work with energy, touch, water, crystals, earth medicines, guide counseling, ukuHlola, and card readings. Their journey began at birth as they believe they were born to heal, like others in their lineage. Thabile has been healing and teaching for nearly a decade and believes in radical, transformational healing. We asked Thabile about what it’s like to navigate the wellness world as a queer person and the challenges they face. “Queerness is part of my identity, but it’s not all of me,” Thabile says.

“I am also kind, empathetic, funny, powerful, brilliant, Black, grew up poor, and I am an immigrant. I know what it means to be other, and I know what it means to stand in pride. I know the beauty, power, resilience, and joy of being.” They explained that all their experiences and the intersections of their many identities have helped them build empathy to further facilitate in the healing of others. Thabile stressed the importance of healing justice and believes everyone should have access to healing work. As a part of their work as a healer, they strived to serve a diverse group of clients and believe that all healers should too. Thablie added that it is important to inquire into ourselves so that we can engage others from a place of radical love and understanding. "It’s essential to do the work to heal our own biases in order to create a safe space for everyone."

You can learn more about African Traditional Healing and book a session with Thabile here!

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