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True Healers Astrology: April 2023

Like a battery ram knocking through doors, the fiery energy of spring has arrived in full force. It is the season of blooming, of birds, of bees, and all of nature's colors. The completion of transmutation from icy frost ridden earth to fresh rushing energies of Springtime. We have arrived starting another year again. Unexpected energies have arrived and uncomfortable decisions will have to be made. This is the catalyst for a whole year of rippling change. From new beginnings to old paradigms coming to a close. We are starting to enter uncharted territory. It may become chaotic, and feel overwhelming. This is just the start to a drawn out journey. There may be a transformational event that can bring people closer. Our communication can be probing and reveal underlying themes. The relationship architecture may be revised. Romantic partnerships will be deepening in intimacy while having fears around it. Friendships and families will break through old wounds, tightening bonds. Those that are not willing to surrender, take accountability and heal will be left on dusty timelines. It is a time of radical acceptance. Love is a multidimensional boundless frequency rippling through quantum space. The tests have just begun, so prepare for the challenges ahead and remember that love is the strongest weapon of all.

Full Moon in Libra

On Thursday April 6th at 4:34 AM (PST) there is a full moon in the cardinal air sign Libra. This lunation may cause tension and various conflicts. The collective will be shifting through financial collapse on large and small scales. These energies would encourage optimizing revenue streams and minimizing big purchases. There may feel like an explosiveness of emotional outbursts during this time. It could seem like racing towards one direction, yet trying to balance everything out at the same time. We're moving swiftly, but we need to stabilize at the same time. Abundances may appear to be static, which anchors in a lack of confidence or even hope. There is a combustion happening that will echo throughout the month regarding monetary themes. Be mindful about dropping into pessimistic frequencies. Breath work will be a strong tool this month.

Solar Eclipse in Aries

On Thursday April 20th at 4:17 AM (PST) there is a solar eclipse in the fiery cardinal Aries sign. Solar eclipses always chime in great instability and sudden life changes. Signs of these shifts have been creeping in since the beginning of the month. This is the start of the eclipse season, so it is the first domino to fall. This lunation has the energy of a new moon with the fiery amplification of the sun. There may be a shocking event that paralyzes the collective consciousness. Perhaps the road being traveled becomes revealed there may be a better path to take or the destination may change altogether. There may be a drama unfolding like waves throughout the weeks. Humble origins is a key theme. Something new that may not seem important now, but may become something significant in the future, may start to play out. The month will end with positive steps slowly moving towards something new on the horizon.

Astro Education

In Astrology we have twelve astrological signs. Within those signs we have three inner categories that aid us in discerning the differences between the signs. Our third group is the modalities. We have twelve months, twelve astrological signs, three modalities and four seasons. That’s four signs for each modality. Each modality has one astrological sign representing each one of the four elements. Our seasons are spring, summer, fall and winter. Every astrological sign is either starting a season, anchoring a season, or transitioning between seasons. We use three modalities; Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

Cardinal signs are the initiators, the igniters, the starters, the leaders, the negotiator‘s, and the diplomats. Cardinal signs include Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These are the signs that start each season every year.

Fixed signs are the sustainers, the anchors, the reliables, unwavering tethers, the Warriors, and the emperor. Fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These are the signs that station in the middle of each season every year.

Mutable signs are the transitions, The flowers, the dancers, the alchemists, the ripples of waves and clouds. Mutable signs include Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. These are the signs that transition between each of the seasons every year.

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Check out what Aries Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - Happy Solar Return! What an aspirational month this shall be. There will be a big theme of living one’s dreams. Is the day full of joy ahead? If not, there may be some major aspects to rearrange or shift. This would be affecting the overall health on all levels if our body isn't living in alignment with joy. Big decisions will be made throughout this month. The spotlight will focus on friendships and social connections. Perhaps hanging onto people or circumstances for too long. It may be time to reevaluate the people who are a part of everyday life. Once the weed’s are plucked from the garden there will be plenty of room for new connections to grow for the rest of the year.

Taurus - This month is not a bed of roses. There will be a total cellular shake up. It’s a time to reflect on the persona and who you are as a being. What holds you back? The character we decide to embody our passions and upholds our life purpose. When one needs to become dismantled, so does the other. It is all connected. Who we are to what we offer to this earth. This will trigger a huge developmental cycle that will cement the next decade. We can become our biggest obstacle when we are resistant to change. Instead of stubbornly rooting into the ground, it would be wise to surrender to these shifting waters and embrace this alternate journey.

Gemini - There is an elimination and transformational theme regarding all Philosophical ideals. Life’s standards may be wiped and re-imaged. A big spotlight on morals and ethics. Perhaps the window of tolerance will change in size. Boundaries become boundless as they'll be rebuilt in new ways. If there is a strong religious background this could go through a major shake up. The overall spiritual health will go through a shift. What has been outgrown? Limiting beliefs and opinions may need to be given up in order to anchor in a higher truth. This will be a process that may call in some fresh guru’s, mentors and teachers. Be open minded to the divine wisdom the cosmos have to offer you.

Cancer - The psyche will go through a massive unearthing this month. All of life’s lessons thus far will come to the surface. The past may come knocking, so please open the door with welcoming intentions. It would be wise to examine these old experiences, cycles and patterns in order to shine light on the current path. What weighs the heart down? For it may be time to cut the ties to these sandbags in order to truly move forward. Be mindful not to resist these shifts, as it will be tremendously more difficult. There will be a total psychological evolution that may ripple the next decade's journey ahead. It would be a prime time to use any mental health tools you have access to.

Leo - This month will be a major examination towards intimate relationships. The partners that we find attraction to gives us deep reflections about ourselves. We attract what we are and our body’s frequencies will attract similar one’s. Be honest with accountability on all levels. It is important to truly learn from past experiences so that we may not repeat history. What are the cycles and patterns that our mind’s slip into? What kind of person do we want to be in a relationship? A radical shift is on the horizon. Only through openness and honesty will anchor in the love that is waiting for union. Harmony is on the other side of this chaotic month.

Virgo - An intense theme this month of decay, death and rebirth. The health and vitality of life will be in the forefront. Overall health is being impacted by daily work. The work environment will be shaken up and evaluated. Does this work bring in harmony, passion and truthful expression? It would be prudent to beware of holding the tongue. When we don’t speak up this can hinder us from aligning with the truth. Major financial themes will arise this month including examining debts. It will be a difficult time to navigate and may feel overwhelming at times. Being of service to others may become an anchored theme towards the end of the month. How do you show up for those that count on support? This time will be a large catapult for the next years ahead.

Libra - This month will be unearthing everything from the past. This moment now is connected to every past moment. This rebirth cannot take place without the release of all past baggage. To release it must come to the surface. This will be a month of sifting through emotions around hobbies, creativity, romance, children, and adventure. Is there a spark for life? What are those sparks? There is a major spotlight on these themes this month. The full moon will launch an internal investigation to find some inner answers regarding passions and desires. A transformational time that may cause a ripple for the next few years to come.

Scorpio - This month will mark a peak for your spiritual development thus far. What a journey it has been. A search for a deep connection with soul and blood family has been a part of the last decades journey. The uncomfortable aspects of these relationships will surface. A focus on the current family will be at the forefront during the full moon. This will be a time to eliminate what you no longer align with or need. A rather ruthless energy will anchor in to cut ties. The spring cleaning done around these themes will benefit the next decade ahead. It is time to honor truthful harmonious relationships. As future vibrations will no longer be able to support anything less than. Nothing new to a rebirthing master. Time to activate the Phoenix abilities.

Sagittarius - The mental realm will become shaken up this month. Communication, mental health, thinking, ideas, opinions, and patterns of thought may be undermining happiness. Outer world reflects the inner world. A lot of elimination regarding these themes will happen this month. A major shift after the full moon will ignite the way you think all together. It is a time to vastly shift the world within. This is a turning point to truly observe what is going on inside the mind. A time full of questions and instability. Things will level out towards the end of the month. Enjoy the adventure that will be considered a turning point for the next decade of life.

Capricorn - It’s a month of destroying and rebuilding regarding values. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual values. Finances will be a theme echoing in after the full moon. What is important? Which investments are key? What values need to be reevaluated? Things have shifted the last decade regarding all personal values. Now is the time for reflection and dismantling to aid the future decade to come. What truly is important will ripple throughout each sector of life. Values within the career, within the family and home life. A monumental new moon towards the end of the month will show some calm during the chaos.

Aquarius - The archetype of the personality and essence of how the world sees you will be a major theme this month. A massive shake up across the ripples of the self. Who am I? This question launches after the full moon ripples throughout this lunation. A much needed intuitive insight into thy self. An explosive energy knocks around all the walls built around any ego. Set outside one’s self to see how the world may perceive the person projected outwards. Getting to the authentic self is a long journey. Major changes ahead in order to get closer to the truth. Let go of any masks, or layers that may have been used for protection. Identity is the key theme and will be tested greatly this year.

Pisces - The habits of the past are playing out in the present. A major shift within the spiritual realm is occurring. It is time to break circuits like loops. The unwanted karma that feels like heavy baggage will be brought to the surface this month. A key time to examine all these old paradigms in order to prepare for this quantum leap ahead. Flinging open the basement door in order to air it out. Time to turn the light on and prepare for a massive deep spring cleaning for these oil wounds. It’s a degree of risk, as this is an opening to a vulnerable uncomfortable experience. Time to work immensely on the subconscious mind. Be mindful of the frequency of selfishness. This energy no longer serves the current purpose. Don’t fear the self analysis. An important tool this month will be counseling. Towards the new moon there will be a gust of fresh air to breathe through this unstable time.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2023

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