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True Healers Astrology: August 2023

Scroll down to find your sun sign + August 2023 Astrology!

Hunker down, and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s time to ascend the mountain. A long rigorous and unpredictable expedition waits ahead. This is the continuation journey pertaining to the major June to July shifts. All that has been revealed, illuminated, and decided on. This is where the real work starts. There may be a handful of actions regarding our desires, passions and purpose. Now is the time to do what you love, and get paid for it. It’s time to align and balance the concept of abundance. The collective communication is very analytical and discerning this month. Others may need some proof and consistent actions before anyone puts full faith in new promises.

Mid month a shining vibration strikes through the tenacious atmosphere with love, compassion, and radiant shining optimism. This will be a nice plateau to take a break on this vigorous path. It would be important to not force things but instead try and allow them to drop into place effortlessly. This will need a combination of divine faith and a graceful surrendering frequency.

Towards the end of the month there may be a time where we must speak our truth. Truth seekers, Wanderers, Starseeds, Galactic warriors, Healers, love warriors and it's time to own your light. Step into your power. Don’t play small and into other peoples boxes. Time to collaborate on higher levels on this new evolutionary trajectory. It is time to integrate our abilities as a collective.

There is a major test coming towards the end of the month. Have you kept your agreements? Are you aligned with the whole truth and highest vibration of love? If you are standing in the light, then things will flow into place just as you may want them too. If not, there will be major challenges, obstacles and lessons. Time to recognize old patterns and mechanisms. The under belly is waiting for indecision, and programmed mechanized compliance to compartmentalize pain. Be mindful as this may feel like walking a very thin fence on the old paradigm and the new one. The highest most loving path may be the one that is initially uncomfortable. Once you digest the new frequencies things will settle and will slowly start to decompress.

Towards the end of the month it will be centered on dreaming big with the second full moon. Start to visualize the new goals and aspirations you have. Then speak and write them into the physical world so they may start to materialize. Harness this magickal lunation for a powerhouse portal of manifestation.

Full Moon in Aquarius

On Tuesday August 1st 18:31 there will be a full moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. This will put a main focus on our community, collective and the ‘soul tribe’ like groups you have. How do we show up in our social groups and how do we invest in them? Our most important capitol is community. There will also be a giant internal and external shift. There will be a call to move on. It’s time to move on in any and all regards. Move on from a job, a home, a relationship, a group or network, a way of thinking, beliefs, and even ideas. Do you want to become cemented in the past repeating outdated cycles? Or moving onto a future of fulfillment and a frequency that aligns with divine love. Lots of conclusions, healing resolutions regarding karmic energies. There is a hesitation on upgrading. The fear and assumption that history may repeat itself. This new energy that is anchored in is not the same vibration as the old, but may share similar qualities which could remind us of past pain. It may be a huge improvement on this path for upgrading to embrace and have full faith. A powerful lunation for spell work, cord cutting, divination, bon fires, and ego death work.

New Moon in Leo

On Wednesday August 16th at 9:37 PM (PST) there will be a new moon in Leo. We’ve been getting to the heart of the matter by letting go of things that will free up a pathway ahead. Leading up to this lunation may be a time when solutions start to surface. There may also be some uneasy and unbalanced energy. This would be a great time to focus all heartfelt intentions on passion projects. A highly creative and expressive frequency flutters around. There could be some chaos and confusion around certain romantic relationships. It would be wise to listen to gut instincts and intuition. Old relationships or connections may become resparked or revised. Be open to many scenarios and the idea of what romance is as it may shift during this time.

Second Full Moon in Pisces

On Thursday August 31st 1:35 AM (PST) there will be a full moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces. Charged by an artistic imaginative energy pulsing through the airways. An electric feeling of expression, creation, and talents shining bright. Utilize this time for art, music, craft, expression, and all things that the hands can create. Spiritual practices are heightened and it may be a wise time to try new wellness or healing modalities out. Be fluid and have a blissful lunation.

Astro Education

Along with five other planets Mercury retrograde in Virgo this month on. It can occur three to four times a year. Even though 'retrograde' means 'to go backward,' in the Latin Language, this does not mean planets in retrograde physically move backwards. Retrograde planets only appear to our eye and perspective to do so. First they appear to stand still, then visually retreat backward, dancing in loops in the sky; as they station direct, they appear to stand still, slowly regaining speed before they shift forward. This astrological energy is disruptive to the planet’s normal (direct) energy. Mercury for instance governs; communication, transportation, and technology. These aspects and experiences of life will feel this heavy resistance when this planet is in retrograde.

Sun Sign Forecasts

Aries - This month may start off with a sense of financial support. Whether it's from family, friends or people you work with. Take this opportunity with gratitude and enjoy this uplifting energy. Mid month you may find yourself focusing on health, employment, school and work. Let go of what doesn’t work in these areas. It would be a wise time to get into a habit forming flow. At the end of the month there may be some heavy tests on relationships. A major theme is resolving personal conflicts and how to improve that ability.

Taurus - The energy for the start of the month is filled with romance, children, projects , and self-expression. It’s time to embrace your authentic self and let your light shine. This feeling will flow around you all month as it will be a very expressive and communicative time. Towards the end of the month there may be some action around work, health, animals and habits. It would be valuable to cleanse and tidy these areas in the home. Reflect on the habits you want to shift and start. This is a prime time to take charge and put in some hard work.

Gemini - In the beginning of the month patience will be a key tool of survival. Remind yourself not to take things personally and everyone is acting out a play around you. Allow them to without getting involved but just observing. Thinking before reacting would be wise. There may be some ups and downs mid month. Perhaps some resistance from others or the world towards you. Shift the energy towards family and home life to focus on things you can be in charge of. At the end of the month there will be a lighter energy illuminated around creative self-expression, children, and romance. Channel energy and actions towards these areas to feel some positive fulfillment.

Cancer - There is a huge sense of confidence and courage towards the start of the month. Keep riding this wave and nurture any positive feelings to propel all work, group, and career related areas. Mid month these will be a shift in focus to home and family life. Examining our roots and upbringings will be a wise reflection to start as it could provide insight on current circumstances. The end of the month is full of romance, creativity, children or projects. These topic will bring up other peoples happiness in regards to your own. Time to evaluate the balance in these relationships.

Leo - Happy Solar Return! There is a sense of fresh energy available to you during the start of this month.There may be deep symbolizing regarding events and insights that could foreshadow the next twelve months. There may be an overflow of financial support, backing, or opportunities. Take advantage of these blessings and give gratitude. There is a real “Go and get it” energy. A time to reflect on your current goals and future goals. Where you see yourself in the near or far future. The mid of the month will shine on values, money, and resources. Time to reflect on these areas and see how they can be structured for the better. End of the month will provide insight on communication, transportation and siblings. Feelings of high mental stimulation and balancing the heart will be in full force. Olive branches and coming to reasonable agreements will be the best tools.

Virgo - Time to push forward. It is time to keep ascending the mountain. Maximum of a powerful energetic spark to launch that project, business, job and goals. Work hard, play hard, and be mindful of how you express your anger. This is a collaborative frequency and being a team player would be wise. A mega dose of busy energy enters mid month. Perhaps new career activities, time to sharpen skills, and expand experience all around. A chime of good news rings in regarding finances and opportunities relating to this area. Blessings in disguise may be more apart while it would be wise to seek advice from any spiritual guides. The end of the month brings in reflection of the best version of you and how to embrace that. During these revelations a heavy focus on values and money may arise. Stay cool as arguments could trigger out dated response mechanisms.

Libra - There is immense financial support and or backing that ignites the month. A tidal wave of creative energy carries you into this season. It will be a flow of expressive, arts, crafts, and feeling a new sense of excitement for the future. During the middle of the month energy shifts onto the theme of endings. It is time to let go in order to start new. Meditate on the unseen world. Faith and honesty will be major tools during this time. By the end of the month there may be some exhaustion in putting energy into others so it would be beneficial to put it towards yourself. Do some major self care, and self love. This will help recharge your body, mind, spirit for the upcoming month.

Scorpio - The start of the month will be intense during the full moon. Brings any emotions to resurface especially regarding friendships and aspiration. Utilize this lunar energy to express any passionate and sensual energy that has been idle. Kundalini energy is an important force regarding creative expression. Nurture it so it may ignite the serpent within. By the middle of the month there is a major creative boost and it will be time to seize the moment. At the end of the month focus will shift to the past, endings, hidden friends and even enemies. Time to clean out the past so the future has room to grow. Look in the mirror to remind yourself of your power. Helping versus enabling others is key. Mediation will be useful to allow answers to reveal themselves. Allow the power of this second full moon to catapult some major healing and transmutation. Let go and move forward.

Sagittarius - There is a sense of relief as we start the month. This could be an opportune time to work on schedules and what this month’s plan entails. There is a confidence igniting within to speak up to a kind of authority in life. During the middle of the month there will be highlights on career, status, reputation, parents and authority. Cultivate a purposeful and authentic demeanor. Ego, arrogance and pride will damage reputation on many levels. By the end of the month a shift onto aspirations and friends nurtures a sense of positive energy meeting all goals. Teamwork will be advised and it would catapult many projects during this time. An important keyword will be ‘no’ and when to say it even to those who are considered friends. For friends can even lead you astray.

Capricorn - A stunning energy of love ignites the month and curiosity of job hunting even if you are already employed. A flood of ideas and getting them across will preoccupy this time. Reflect on how ideas are manifested, recorded and shared. Could any of these ways be improved? If so, How? During the middle of the month there is concern around travel, higher education, outdoor activities, spirituality, justice and philosophy. A quest for new horizons sparks. Time to investigate, observe, experience and learn. At the end of the month a sharp adjustment to career, reputation, and elders lights the scene. Time to take action and be assertive to get closer towards all goals. Ambition can be blinding and true humility is the most truthful way to wield power. Reexamine the relationships with elders in your life. Reclaim some energy around this to dissolve any past karmic ties. This could be a fresh catalyst for new projects surfacing at the end of the month. When we stop the flow of energy towards something we can redirect it to something else.

Aquarius - A big trust fall into the month. Landing in the arms of many financial supporters. Whether it's family, friends, boss, or investments. Go for it! It’s your time to shine and the cosmos are cheering you on. This energy carries the month until about mid way then we find some rocky waters. Some major challenges regarding relationships, home, school and future. How do these areas of life collide into one another? Does one outweigh the other? What are your priorities? It may be time to reevaluate these. The end of this month brings focus on sex, financial exchanges , spiritual regeneration and taboos. There may be some painful memories that resurface and it would be wise to allow yourself to hold space for them. On the last note may be surrounding family and travel. Take a break and enjoy these moments.

Pisces - This is a major month for work. What happens this month will illuminate a path regarding work, purpose and career for the next two years. Time to sharpen skills, and accumulate experience. This could bring an eb and flow of creative bursts and butting heads. Focus on communication and learning how to embrace the healthy ways you do that. Middle of the month will illuminate relationships whether it's romance, friends, or relations in general with partners. Confirmations will mirror wounds and triggers within yourself. Be mindful of projecting onto others, making assumptions and having unrealistic expectations. The end of the month will shine light on sex, spiritual revival, financial exchange and diving into esoteric knowledge. Be aware of destructive desires within yourself that could expose wounds. Is there any denial happening? Resist temptations and walking of your path in order to find a quicker route or quick fix. Detoxing and purging can become a catapult of major transformation during this second full moon at the end of the month.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2023

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