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True Healers Astrology: February 2023

We are floating in winter’s dream. Resting, healing, as our imagination nestles in its peak hibernation. A time for reflecting, feeling, processing, and contemplating. Allowing the body to lay still, letting muscles reflex and allowing the mind to open up. The subconscious begins to release information to the conscious.

We have a heightened vulnerability to new information which aids us in observing the inner truth as it rises to the forefront. Warm dark silent caves are both homes to the sparks of dreams and the foundations of hope. It is the moment before the bloom. To bloom without fear is to meet those fears in the dark. To surrender to fears is the first step to conquering them. A time for nightmares to flourish and evolve so we may move forward when spring arrives.

This month will ignite with erratic unexpected behavior, encouraging a catalyst of action, and some may experience profound creative breakthroughs. There may be a healthy friction between each other. A dance between forces that push and pull. Perhaps the act of kneading dream bread. An important process to form structure and stability in the dough. The slow sturdy process of energetic manipulation by stretching and agitating our desired manifestations.

We may start to settle down mid month to check into our value center. Where does your heart feel safe? What are your current values? How do you love? How do you receive love? What lies at the center of you? What anchors you to love? Love is a frequency that is endless. It is the essence of source. It is our connection to life. There is no greater act than love.

Serious energies shift us forward towards the end of month. Jolting some of us back to reality. This change fosters a much needed accountability of actions. Now is the time to prepare for the emergence. Taking mindful action towards a goal during the end of this month will be powerful.

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Check out what Capricorn Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - This month will kick off with a satisfying energy. It's like feeling full on all levels. A time to charge straight towards any creative endeavors. Themes aligning with children, projects, travel and expression during the full moon may arise. Things are finally moving and changing for the better. Time to launch in every way. Perhaps to start a new romance, release a project, new business or announcement. Then there will be a shift mid month towards all social experiences. Revisit the community connections, and networks. This is the time to take calculated risks. It would be a wise stretch as far this month. Be mindful about the self imposing limits that might hinder your expansion.

Taurus - There is a bright spotlight shining onto home life. Ripples of relocation perhaps, or a renovation of the environment. There are certainly positive changes afoot. The changes may bring disorder before harmony. The lunar influence has a huge potential for meeting new communities, spiritual experiences, studying esoteric subjects and peak spiritual experiences. The most of the month may become wrapped up in work, finances and earning more income. There could be a need for a job, or replacing a current one. Looking for a second or third avenue of revenue. Perhaps investigating residual income, and potential investments. Utilize the power of perseverance to lock onto a financial goal.

Gemini - Big shifts are on the horizon. Enjoy this calm peaceful time. Learning, studying, skill expansion and sharing knowledge. This lunation expands networks in large ways. There is an opportunity to cultivate inspiration . What sparks creativity? Mid month will be the time to improve all communication. Dive into higher education, expanding philosophies, maybe even traveling to experience new places. There is a hunger for wisdom, and mind expansion. What feeds the mind? This would be a pivotal moment to put the phone down, and take a long technology break. Create some self discipline around the amount of time spent on social media towards the end of the month. Trading it out with podcasts, audio books, interviews or documentaries will aid in mental stimulation. This will agitate the mind, by conducting neuro pathways to have profound powerful revelations that may alter life for the better.

Cancer - There is something culminating around the corner. Until then there is a major process of growth unfolding. Leading up to this lunar shift there were some major life decisions made. There may be a lack of abundance that can cause financial stress due to these new circumstances. What does security look like? What does stability feel like? These questions echo throughout the month. What does it mean to become interdependent? Be mindful of the codependent habits that may sneak back in. Remember towards the end of the month there could be a focus on deep emotional connections. Be prepared for holding space, and sharing your deepest feelings to those you love.

Leo - The calm before the storm. Take the hint to put some listening ears on. Shift the focus away from others and towards the current timeline. What could be manifested? What will it take to accomplish those manifestations? During the full moon in Leo there may be an extreme surge of energy. It would be wise to utilize it for the better instead of allowing it to awaken the werewolf within. Some self control and breath work should do the trick to tame the beast. This month could be filled with negotiations, business affairs and hashing out finances. Take advantage mid month to clear out your life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Remove the old to make room for the new.

Virgo - There is something big to prepare for in the near future. Some strategic foresight will be needed for the months ahead. Now is a time for inner reflection, recharging the physical body, sleep, rest, and taking it easy during the full moon. While the month processes it may be a time for focusing on the work environment, health, and employment. Slowing down to enjoy the journey will aid in avoiding any unnecessary turbulence. Towards the end of the month uplifting romantic energy may flood in while some unexpected financial opportunities unfold. Enjoy the stable frequencies as next month there will be major changes.

Libra - A time to examine who you surround yourself with, community, networks, friends and social circles. Do they still resonate with the heart? Do you have a healthy social life? Are you a part of a community? It’s time to nurture it, create it, or weed it out. During the middle of the month this clearing energy could flow into the work environment, and overall health journey. What do you need to detox? What do you need to purge? Old habits, junk food, unhealthy patterns, and of course material items. Do you find yourself in stressful debt from the over spending? Stuff doesn't provide happiness, only hits of momentary serotonin just like a drug does. It’s time to be honest with oneself. Self accountability is a form of self love.

Scorpio - During the full moon there will be a fresh focus on the career sector. Discovering a new career, talent, or contribution to the world. What do you want to share with the world? This lunation will squeeze it out. Let it! Take action afterwards and flow into the next phase of the month which will be focused on home communications. Time to lay down some new rules, boundaries and reinforce structure. Towards the end of the month it may feel like a time for a leap of faith into one’s purpose. Ask for the raise, promotion or job you want. Launch your business or projects. This is the moment for financial evolution.

Sagittarius - It feels like fireworks are about to be lit. Before the light show it would be wise to dive into some studies, exploring spiritual paths, traveling, and opening the mind. Once these expansive energies settle down one could start reimagining home life. How can you uplift your home environment? Does it inspire you? How could it be upgraded? Digging into the energy of the home will excavate clarity in your everyday life. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice using the energy to harmonize individuals with their environment. The home is a container for us. When there is an in balance of energy, or even blockaged we can find it within the house. Towards the end of the month there will be a flow in and out of creative bursts. A time to not just work hard but play just as hard.

Capricorn - The start of this month may feel emotionally heavy regarding investments, finances, taxes, trusts, and shared resources. Which is typically an important subject for the Sea-Goat. Even though it will be an important time to reflect on money, allow time to connect to the deeper topics that may be lingering near the surface. Family issues, trauma, and heart matters. Once the energies start to uplift again this could lead to traveling. For business, pleasure and fun. Keep the mind open and may meet new friends or connections. Keep fueling aspirations and occupational goals. There is a huge shift ahead. Opportunities are sprouting at each level. Be a mindful master gardener. This may be a whole new chapter all together.

Aquarius - Happy Solar Return! Romance, love, and the balance within. There is a lot bubbling here. A major decision needs to be made. Chances are there is an awakening happening in all intimate relationships. It’s a wake up call. Let the lunar energy take you on an emotional ride. The more you might hit the bumper it will be. After some choices settle in there is a huge focus on money. There may be opportunities for financial advancement. A lucrative time to take advantage of while the waters are hot. Don’t sit on the side line and let these bypass you. Keep the momentum going and you’ll reach the stars.

Pisces - Get ready for a quantum leap. It's an exciting time ahead so let’s focus on this month first. Start by shifting, changing, and adjusting all aspects of routines. Do you need to make any health changes? Is it time to upgrade your physical vessel? To nurture it in ways that it has been lacking. Exercise, diet, and overall well being will be on the radar. Self improvement is a theme at the start of the month. Let this energy empower the spirit rather than weigh it down. There may be an electric energy during the middle of the month that will catapult peace, harmony, love and expression throughout your life. It is time to ride these enjoyable waves. Harmony, luck and abundance are a mind set away. It will be a time to share your kindness, gentleness, love, and creativity.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2022

Want a full birth chart reading by one of our brilliant astrologists?

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