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True Healers Astrology Forecast: January 2022

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Home is where the heart is. Where does your heart feel safe?

Under the layers of emotional turmoil, financial stress, mental strain and physical exhaustion. This is a crescendo to the end of a shambled year. To the end of how things used to be. Saying goodbye to 2021, to the jobs we lost, the small businesses that had to close down, to the people we no longer have relationships with, to hometowns we had to move from, to our animal friends who are on the rainbow bridge, and to all that is to heavy to carry into the new year.

Be where you feel safe for the end of 2021. Be where you feel like home. It may be more appropriate to welcome this year with the tears of last year, with open arms, with empathy, with compassion and divine love.

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Check out what this Capricorn Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - As we peace out of 2021 never wanting to look back and boarding our first-class plane to 2022. It would be very wise not to be carrying heavy luggage full of resentment, regret, and judgment with you. Forgiveness is a powerful tool, and if you choose to give it to yourself it becomes a gift. A gift that can set you free. Feel true emotional freedom flying into the new year by letting go of all that baggage.

Taurus - Have you told the ones you love how much they mean to you? It would be in your highest interest to express your love for family, friends, community and the earth when entering this new year. It will be a time of deep reflection of how you’re spending your time and money. A time to reevaluate how you spend your finances, and relationships. This year’s eclipse season will be in Taurus/Scorpio, so you will be experiencing some quantum leaps, as long as you are motivated and take action.

Gemini - Rewrite your destiny sweet butterfly. What is important to you financially? How do you anchor in abundance? Ringing in this new year will fill your head with wonderful questions. Take time to journal and reflect on all that you have and all that you wish to manifest. You’ve done quantum leaps in the past year and now it’s time to slow down and restore your energy.

Cancer - This will be a year to make new dreams and create new connections and new directions. What do you want to learn and apply your leadership skills to the world? This is not a year to play it safe, not a year to depend on anyone to take care of you, for if you hold onto old habits you may find yourself regressing and others may have to give you a harsh awakening. Wake up and take charge of your life.

Leo - Look around your home, do you see things that you're holding onto? Close your eyes, can you visualize all that no longer serves you? What do you need to let go of to make way for something better to anchor in. Acts of service will highly benefit you this year Leo. How can you give back or continue to give back to your community and the world? You have the power to inspire so many people this year, it’s up to you how you'll do it.

Virgo - It’s time to recreate a new frequency as we enter this new year. A new opening for your spiritual path emerges and can aid you to find a new meaning in life. This will be a time to remember the lessons you’ve learned and accept the outcome of them. There is a big chance for new financial luck and abundance this year. Finding romance or even taking your relationship to the next level.

Libra - Oh our charming socialite, it would be wise to enter the new year in calm and silence. Surrounded by quality energy and in a safe space. Protect your heart and let it take charge. Slow down, count your blessings, and give gratitude to all that you have. Go for it this year! Do what makes you happy and remember to give back to the community. Acts of service can help us on our spiritual path to see that those who have less than us can still find happiness. Be inspired by life and explore around with a fresh perspective.

Scorpio - This is your year! With the eclipse season being in Scorpio and Taurus we will experience quantum leaps. Jupiter enters our sign highlighting new work opportunities, focusing on health and blessing our relationships. It is a year of growth, development and major transformation. Release that in which you no longer need to make space for a strong energy of abundance.

Sagittarius - What do you want? It’s time to re-evaluate what you think that is. What would you like to self-develop this year? Be honest with yourself on how you can change and grow to be the best version of yourself. It’s time to change how you see money and value. There are some limiting beliefs and ideas that are blocking you from gaining abundance. It’s time to work on your self-limiting beliefs and how you may be holding yourself back. Clear all these blockages this month so the new year can flow to anchor in new opportunities.

Capricorn - Happy Solar Return Capricorns! Time to step up and step into an entire new realm of operating. This year will highlight that the more you surrender to the higher powers the more you’ll be catapulted into a higher frequency. Remember Capricorn we are not in control we are in charge. You’ve got to let go of control if you want to advance. Let go of 2021 and all that came with it. 2022 is a whole different realm you may not be prepared for and that's okay.

Aquarius - It is time to reevaluate what is important to you. Family, friends, community, love life, career, finances, health and wellness ? Which areas are your priorities now? A lot has shifted since last new years. Make sure you know going into this new year what your current priorities are. It may be a time to shift your mindset, and be more open-minded this year. The manifesting energies will anchor in a new family for you. Whether it's welcoming a new starseed into the family, finding a new community, joining a divine union or finding your soul family.

Pisces - What are your values? What do you believe in? Ringing in the new year bell these will be important questions to ask yourself. This year may place you in connecting with others who align with your values. It’s a year for networking, sparks flying, lighting up your career sector. From publishing, traveling, expansion, investing and new business opportunities. Be open to new friendships, love interests, work associates and putting energy towards those who already are in your life. It could be a year where you cultivate a community or anchor yourself to one. Embrace the change and you’ll level up ten fold.

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