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True Healers Astrology Forecast: June 2022

Have you pieced yourself together after this past energetic hurtle? This is a glorious month for new beginnings while everything divinely drops into place. It’s a perfect month to surrender and allow all of your hard work to pay off. It may take some patience and slow movements in the beginning of the month as Mercury shifts out of retrograde and Saturn shifts into retrograde.

Both shifting into fixed signs meaning things may not make sense or become truly clarified enough for your liking just yet. It will feel as though you haven’t ridden a bicycle in a while as the physical energy will feel exciting yet anxious. Start your pedaling very slowly until half way through the month, and relish in this magnificent journey into the summer solstice towards the end of the month. A time to celebrate life, love and truly living.

Check out what Gemini Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - Expanded thinking and a go get can-do attitude kick starts this month’s energy. This is a star shining month for you! Keep your eye on the prize and keep full steam ahead. It will be a good month to do some solid budgeting and looking at your fiancies. Gather all the information you need prior to signing anything or making any large decisions this month. Impulsiveness needs to be watched and used with extreme mental discipline. We are rooting for you!

Taurus - Powerful transits for as you begin this month. A practical productive period for you as you reassess financial and career choices. How you see yourself affects the success you wish to achieve. It will be a month for immense self love and confidence to truly believe you deserve what your heart wants from life. Beware towards the middle of the month you may feel you’re burning the candle at both ends when it regards to your sensual and sexual life the way you indulge. Stay home and get some rest to reflect your past lessons at the end of the month to revise your current ones.

Gemini - Happy Solar Return! How can you turn the bull dung of the past into fertilizer for the future? That's the theme of this month for you. A time to manifest into your dreams as partnerships will play a key role toward the middle of the month in aiding you in achieving goals, visions and aspirations. Communicate your way intelligently through any road block during this month. Watch out for the old habit of your ego becoming your own obstacle. Take the lessons of retrograde and know it's your time to shine in your community!

Cancer - Remember you don’t have to stick to a course of action if you are having second thoughts. It can be challenging for a crab to change course. It’s alright to pause and rethink the path you are on. Reconsider your goals, your job and pathway towards financial success. This will be a very emotional month for you as things come to surface. True feelings will arise causing you to second guess your current life choices. Listen to your gut, your heart and spirit. Take plenty of time to dive deep into these thoughts by journaling, talking to an emotional support friend or therapist. Get these feelings out and understand them. It may not necessarily mean you need to change course but fears may be surfacing instead.

Leo - Things have really been accelerating for you in all aspects of your life. Quick isn’t always fun or comfortable but it is surely exciting. Like the first time you’ve been on a roller coaster, you won’t be able to anticipate the twist and turns. This may be a month to rethink the type of people you surround yourself with and who you let into your circle of friends. Do they align with your true values or do you keep them around for status and networks? Highlights on career, social connections, and friendships will be illuminated this month. Towards the end of the month make time to go inward, mediaite, journal and be alone with yourself. All the feels will surface as the roller coaster slows down to let you off.

Virgo - Research, discovery and invention will anchor in the themes for this month. Seeking out the hidden parts of your nature. Whether it's researching one’s own self with blocks connecting to sexuality and intimate relationships. There has been a subtle link between the manner of your working, thinking, approach to day to day life, routine and your overall health. Sometimes you’ve got to push and shove to get what you want. As the worker bee it’s okay to put that mask down and step up as the Queen bee to demand what you shall have.Towards the end of the month you’ll be reflecting on your employment, employers, and business relationships deciding it may be time to let go as new networks will start to anchor in.

Libra - It’s been a time of ultra reflection on what you share with your partners; whether that's intimate or business partner. What resources do you share and are you truly interdependent? A much needed illumination will shed a whole new light on shared money and resources around this month's full moon. Do things look and feel balanced? How could they be? There will be a more harmonious energy towards the end of the month with brand new opportunities on the horizon. There will be a way to improve your job, work, career and or business. Brand new things will start to unfold for you!

Scorpio - Intense energies put a magnifying glass on your immediate relationships and how you react, communicate, share information and who is most important to you. Getting underneath the surface gives you an edge to reflect looking back in time to see where you may have relieved too much of yourself and how others truly treated you. It may be an important month for you to truly understand what your current cards that you're dealt mean. Home is where the heart is. What you are valuing within yourself that gives you a sense of harmony. Yurining to have a peaceful domestic environment or a good solid creative line of work will give you tranquil purpose. Near the end of the month you may have a philosophical ego death letting go of ethical, moral, social and political views that no longer serve you. Surrender to these emotions and thoughts so you can rise out of ashes again.

Sagittarius - What an electric month this will be. Alot of stagnant and conflicting energies around your marriage sector, and deep intimate relationships. How well your relationship functions all depends on how selfless you are for each other. A powerful service oriented attitude will truly anchor in gratitude and propel you to your career goals. This month will be riddled with blocks regarding your creative and business projects. This may trigger your relationships as your financial income can directly put stress on these relations. Towards the end of the month the energies will shift and good fortune will dissolve some legal blockages of income you’ve been waiting for. So sit tight and make sure you have some proper tools to ease the stresses of this month so you can properly enjoy yourself.

Capricorn - A powerful time of communication, service, education, and a new creative approach to it all. Important developments have been brewing. Lots of shifts and making big decisions regarding your ethics and line of work. Does it feed your soul or just your bank account? What is the direction of your life and how are you giving back? This may be a month for extra solitude time to reflect on all these revelations. Towards the middle of the month you may feel some financial stress as you may feed more than one mouth than yours. There can be a large gray area between helping and enabling. Sometimes it may be important for others to know what reality is really like without you holding them up. Be with your people towards the end of the month and enjoy the bountiful fruits of life by just having fun.

Aquarius - A giant spotlight will be shining on your domestic life, family, and your home life. How does your home feel? Our home is a reflection of our minds and can easily affect our mental health. How are your relationships going with your immediate family members? Romance, love affairs, and connecting with friends will be highlighted towards the middle of the month. It’s time to reach out! Reconnect with loved ones and utilize the emotional support they have for you. Let yourself relish in the moment. Worrying does not change the outcome and you could miss beautiful memories when you become distracted by this frequency of fear called worry. At the end of the month you’ll see an incline in your health and professional business enterprises/career. Bathe in this much deserved energy as summer will anchor in abundance.

Pisces - Critical thinking will be your mighty tool this month. Do not split yourself into too many directions this month as there could be losses regarding time, energy and fiances. Focus is key, ask for help or hire it. If you cut corners you won’t see the results you are banking on. Tons of energy will funnel towards your working life as you really break through in your professional activities towards the middle of the month. There will be a more harmonious energy within your family dynamics especially with children or younger siblings. The end of the month will crescendo with fresh immense creative energy channeling through art, music, dance or any form of expression.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2022 Book an astrology session with her today!

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