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True Healers Astrology Forecast: March 2022

Dust off your explorer boots and recalibrate that telescope. This month is a time of self- discovery, healing, and optimism. Massive sparks of creativity, higher love and spiritual growth. Dive into daydreams, fantasy, art, music, dance and the realm of imagination. It is the moment to plant your seeds and prepare the soil with nutrients, intention, and focused thought. To be a true adventurer you must believe there is more, seek the unknown, embrace changes, and fuel with curiosity. Let go of control as you will not find the answers you’re looking for, but the ones in which you will need.

Check out what Pisces Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - This is a month to practice fine tuning your intuitive abilities. Whether it's through meditation, breathwork, divination or third eye exercises. You may want to put more focus and intention on your friendships and give situations the benefit of the doubt. Near the end of the month you may be faced with a big decision relating to your career and or purpose. Could be a turning point for you as change is on the horizon.

Taurus - This is going to be a dreamy month for you. Ambition and drive fuel your career sector to charge your focus on some serious financial goals. Energies of surprise sprinkle around, while enjoyment fills the air, let yourself embrace these blessings and start to unfold. Remember that blessings can be disguised as lessons, you just can’t recognize it until the knowledge is learned.

Gemini - Purpose and career aspirations mark this month as a significant one. Lots of grand ideas, luck and abundance on your career path. Surrender and let go of control so new doors and opportunities may open themselves to you. Towards the end of the month you may want to shift your focus towards home life, family and community. Spending quality time and taking care of household duties.

Cancer - Scholastic academic power! Time to hunker down, set your study goals, travel plans and all your educational goals you want to pursue. There may be even opportunities to invest or uncover a new revenue stream, and even a passive income may present itself to you. Towards the end of the month be prepaid for contracts, or agreements to come to an end.

Leo - What has fallen into your lap by magick? Expect the unexpected showers of blessings this month. Financial abundance may be coming your way as this is also a prosperous month for your romance and intimate relationships. Feel the boosts of passion and divine love that could put you in an uplifting mood. Don’t forget to manage your budgets towards the end of the month and prepare for tax season.

Virgo - Romantic candle lit dinners, rose petal baths and iced chardonnay. This month sparks a flowing divine energy of love. Whether you plan to have passionate experiences with your partner(s), or find yourself on exciting sensual dates or experiences. Embrace the soft, sparkle, and gentle moments of intimacy. This energy is balanced by a strong career opportunity that could be a lucrative way of working for yourself, doing remote work, or a freelance position. This can anchor a new sense of freedom and financial interdependence.

Libra - Knock knock! It’s a new career opportunity that could be at your door. Open your mind to new positions, ways of working and paths you never thought of. Don’t forget to check in with your health this month. Get a check up or that teeth cleaning you’ve been putting off. While your love sector may be off the charts this month with sparking striking energy. Towards the end of the month it may be wise to do some inward work and put energy into your home life. Take it down a notch and embrace reclusive feelings.

Scorpio - Many blessings and divine luck shower your love sector this month. It’s also a time to purge, reorganize, redecorate and beautify your home space. Take a trip to the hardware store, a thrift store and do some garage sale hoping or use a used furniture app. Time to take the vision you’ve of home improving into reality. Shifts in your friendship sector will highlight parts of the relationship you weren’t aware of before. For better and for worse. It may be a sign to hold onto a relationship or let go of one. In the end it is all a part of divine timing and letting go.

Sagittarius - A month to focus on family matters and the home. You may feel like reaching out to family members, strengthening bonds and rekindling connections. Take a look at your home. Grab that list of home improvements and projects you want to get done. This is the month to grab the tool box and start shifting home energies for the better. Spring is a time to shake things up and awaken new energies.

Capricorn - This month you may notice your not seeing the glass half empty, or even half full, but the awareness of what you are pouring into the glass that is significant. A major energy of mindset shift this month. A surge of confidence, motivation aids you in pursuing new avenues or incomes or career opportunities. Higher learning may be on your mind. Is there something you want to pursue? Or are you about to complete a license or certification? Either way educational goals sprinkle the end of the month with big dreams.

Aquarius - Influx of abundance here we come! Open your arms to so much luck and opportunities this month. Watch out, this energy leaks into your confidence and you are magnetic this month. New potential partners may come into your life or it would hyper fuel passionate feelings in current relationships. At the end of the month you may want to give yourself a wake up call from this romantic dreamy energy as it would be a key time to focus on debt or paying off a loan you have. Financial goals will put a crescendo at the end of the month waking you back to reality.

Pisces - Happy Solar Return Magical Pisces! Anything can and will happen this month. Faith can shatter any obstacle. It's time to believe in yourself completely, and unapologetically do so. Dream BIG or go home. Work on visualizing your goals and manifesting them into reality by working really hard this month. There will be a curveball at the end of the month with a love interest, partner, or romantic relationship. A challenging situation may arise and lead you to rethink everything. Is this relationship what you signed up for? Does it still resonate with you? Does it bring you freedom, happiness and fulfillment? You may have to make a tough decision this month. This could be a major turning point for you in relationships. Take your time, hold empathy while standing firm with boundaries, and communicate your feelings

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2022 Book an astrology session with her today!

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