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True Healers Astrology Forecast: November 2021

Leaves are falling and the tree colors are changing to autumn tones. The nights grow longer and the temperature drop. We find ourselves slowing down, reflecting, and recharging more often.

It is the season of death, transformation, surrendering, letting go, remembering, and honoring. Time to power up to accomplish all you set your mind to. Listen to your intuition and take action, it will be a great season for investments now that a lot of planets have gone out of retrograde.

Learn to let go of control and remember you are only in charge of your life. Let divine timing take the reins and flow with the universal river called life. Enjoy yourself, laugh more and loosen up those pinchers.

Life is too short to hold onto the past, it will only block your ability to love and see clearly. Show the world that the most powerful mysterious allusive sign can also have fun and express divine freedom.

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Check out what this Scorpio Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - Slow and steady wins the race. Keep your pace consistent before the sun enters Sagittarius season next month as you’ll need the energy for all the social invites. Don’t be afraid of commitment and discipline. Lock in your schedule and routine so you can stay balanced this fall season.

Taurus - The spotlight is on Taurus energy this month with two full moons back to back in your sign. Stay in alignment with your heart and when anxiety creeps in do your best to feel your emotions rather than dissociate with life’s pleasures. A spotlight on romance and intimacy will unlock towards the end of the month.

Gemini - Now that Mercury is out of retrograde as the shadow dissolves you’ll feel more in charge of your life as the chaos fades away. Stay on top of communication and business emails. There is a lurking investment for you to succeed in but it needs your undivided attention. Charming flirty energy enters in the middle of the month for you so embrace all your lovey-dovey feelings you, social butterfly.

Cancer - Time to shift gears and focus on your intimate relationships by spending quality time with them. Hold space for deep conversations and be honest with yourself. Are you doing things that align with your heart? Scorpio season will cause you to reexamine the weight you carry that doesn’t bring happiness. Be aware of paranoia slipping in and worrying too much about things you cannot control. Surrender to your emotions while staying true to yourself.

Leo - How are you feeling this season? As we shift gears into a deep sensitive watery season you’ll find yourself resisting a bit. Health will be your focus as you’ve been putting it off and it is time to check in with your physical vessel. It’s okay for you to not always light up the room as you’ll find it most exhausting this fall. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself past any limits. Time for recharging, resting, healing, and relaxing.

Virgo - Open up your heart now is the time to be vulnerable. Focus on love and nurturing your relationships. Be open and honest with your partner or self about what you want in an intimate relationship. Make sure you are being appreciated and showered with supportive positive words of affirmation. Set time aside for yourself to take moments to breathe and not overwork yourself.

Libra - Abundance and divine blessings are and have come you’re way. The most strategic thing to do is invest it. You’ve acquired a lot of momentum now it’s time to propel and focus it so you can make big moves towards your future. This may mean holding back on large purchases and money management.

Scorpio - Loosen up Scorp! Enjoy your birth season and cherish the ones you love. Focus on creating fun and enjoyable experiences to let your inner child feel free to express. Invoke laugher, dance, movement, joy, and surrender to emotions with this heavy lunar cycle of shadow reflecting. Death is a card always up to your sleeve and it may be an important time to use that card this season. Let go of the old and make space for the new.

Sagittarius - Things have been pretty mellow for you. Lining all your ducks in order while you rethink and strategically plan for your future. Life is starting to pick up and you find yourself making a lot of mental choices on what to focus your energy on. Balance and moderation will be key to keeping a clear mind to make healthy and positive life decisions. The spotlight will move you closer to your birthday season. For now, hang back on the bleacher and meditate on your goals.

Capricorn - Hopefully the bumpy stressful roads of work-life start to even out. This fall you’ll want to carve more time out for your intimate relationships and family. Work has been extra heavy and consuming for you. Something you are used to, but you may be blinded within the hurricane as life passes you buy. As the holidays creep up focus on what you are grateful for and who you want to spend time with. Nurture yourself with good company, and divine love.

Aquarius - Don’t get caught up in gossip and drama this season. Stay focused mentally on your projects or a lot of them will live and die inside your head. It’s time for you to believe in yourself and remove the invisible bar you’ve made. Make sure the people you surround yourself with align with your higher good and bring harmony into your life. It will be a season to weed your garden of the unworthy to plant seeds of the future.

Pisces - Stand firm in your boundaries regarding love and what you really need out of a relationship. Hold space for empathy and feelings but advocate for what you really want. Learn that compromising looks and feels different each time. Don’t let yourself get into a stagnant wave or slow-moving energy. Keep the momentum of accomplishment and endurance fueling your rocketship. Don’t fall asleep while the refueling happens or else you’ll miss take off.

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