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True Healers Astrology Forecast: November 2022

The veil is thin, air is crisp, and the eclipse energy is piercing through like the scorpion's stinger. Reactivating tenions, touching triggers, erupting surprises and the disclosure of private information. There is a bit of a shake up happening this month. Be mindful about your foundation and environment. You may be caught off guard and find yourself under the ruble.

Take caution before you make moves and decisions. Foresight will be your key tool this month. A reminder to communicate in a helpful way not a hurtful way. Scorpion energy can turn tongues into knives. Keep your listening ears on and use your sixth sense to tap into spiritual messages.

Make time for the home, hearth and family this month. As the nights start to become longer we shift into an inward frequency. Enjoy while you indulge in the sweets, treats, late night movies and festivities.

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Check out what Libra Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - How do you share your feelings with others? Closeness, nurturing, affecting and how you act in relationships will come to surface. Towards the full moon a spotlight on how you share your financial resources will be reflected on. Who, how, and why. It’s a good time to truly reflect on how you spend your energy and time. It's a good opportunity to open your heart and ask some deep questions.

Taurus - The power of love will aid you shifting this month. It is a time to reflect, observe, and communicate what needs to change with your intimate relationships. This full moon in your sign will ignite your emotional courage and valar. Speak your mind and let deep feelings float to the surface.

Gemini - Be mindful of being busy for the sake of being busy. This month it will be important to make limitations on how many things you are conducting and putting energy into. It will be a month full of valuable lessons of social interactions and working harmoniously with others.

Cancer - Eclipses always have a powerful emphasis on you since the moon is your ruler. This one in particular will highlight the struggles within your romantic relationships, social life, community and friendships. Love will be an important topic for you to drop into and hold space for. The energy mid month will strengthen your power and ability to get things done. Be prepared to receive unexpected information pertaining to your past.

Leo - Have you checked in with your family lately? Sometimes when you’re focused on your own path for so long we become disconnected to our roots. This is a great month for checking in with loved ones or relatives or those who you call family. What were your family's traditions? What are new traditions you wish to manifest? It is a time to honor those who have passed on by telling their stories, sharing memories and remembering them.

Virgo - You are saying yes to too many people. It is time to stand up tall, pull your shoulders back and remember that ‘no’ is your biggest tool this month. He may be exhausting your physical endurance. It’s time to examine and reflect on how “genuine” these people are you are exchanging energy with. How are they really treating you? After this eclipse he may experience some sudden twists and turns. Have your wits about you to ever the unexpected. Staying home and regenerating will be Key this month for your overall well-being.

Libra - There will be plenty of opportunities to make money this month. The financial bell rings and an abundance can anchor if you answer the call. Be mindful of how you are spending money as well. Finances will be your focus mid month and you may want to examine how to cut your overhead.

Scorpio - Happy Solar Return! There’s a deep concern for your relationships surfacing this month. It may be a time where you examine how you show up, and if any old patterns are holding you from growing. It’s a thick heavy energy seeping in from the eclipse. You may find yourself reflecting on your past behaviors, and wanting to shift for the better. Towards the end of the month your career and finances will be in the spotlight. Gather some momentum to take advantage of opportunities to earn money as they’ll be knocking on your door.

Sagittarius - There’s some deliberation happening within you regarding your past. This may feel like a stagnant or stale beginning to the month. But rest assured the eclipse energy mid month will shake things loose and you’ll begin to feel the optimistic and positive energy uplift your daily routine. The insight and reflection you gained will be put to use following a decompression period. There may be a “new” vision of yourself forming and it feels good.

Capricorn - Your social life will be reignited so be open to new connections and friendships. There will be a shift, as you normally are focusing on providing taking care of your family and being head of the household. It will be a time for more simplistic living while you let go of some responsibilities mid month you want to touch back into the activities that give you spiritual enjoyment. Take time to relax and connect with yourself in silence.

Aquarius - Your mind will be flowing this month with ideas and creative projects. It will be a perfect time for networking and socializing as a door may open up for a new job opportunity. You may have a stroke of luck and open the right doors for the right type of people. Go with your gut, and let your intuition guide you, as it seems like a golden month for you.

Pisces - Whatever it is you’ve been learning it will be valuable he applied to the practical affairs of your career and work life. There will be an elevation of your status, opportunities for promotion, salary increase, or growth of net worth. There is an energy accumulating and some unexpected abundance waiting for you in the new year. Presser Vere through this time and hold the patience for what is yet to come.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2022

Want a full birth chart reading by one of our brilliant astrologists?

Get the True Healers app and book an astrologist in as soon as 24 hours for a virtual or in-person (LA only) session!

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