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True Healers Astrology: January 2023

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Imagine an olympic runner trying to race through hip deep sluggy mud. This frustrating yet silly energy veers us into this Gregorian New year. Instead of continuing in this mucky ridiculous race it would be wiser to pull yourself out, and wait until things dry out a bit towards the end of the month. Observance of the pathways to your grand journey towards those goals will be key. Take the time to hammer out any imperfections while you can.

We must push through this thickly icky energy, as things will be ever stagnant, and ever reluctant. This is a very late “start” to a new year which carries an energy of ‘wait and re-think it over’.

It may not be a wise time to plan events, make large purchases, go on a spontaneous vacation, communicate with someone from your past, make business shifts, make any kind of announcements, and be mindful of accepting new job opportunities.

It may be a wise time to reassess your strategies, goals and figure out what is practical yet attainable.

Separate the long term goals from the short term goals. Do this by making four groups; The first group is three month goals, second group is a six month goals, third group is nine month goals, and the last group is 12 month goals.

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Check out what Capricorn Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - This is a month that will start to shed light on the deep transformation that you may be experiencing. With deep changes may bring great suffering. During the journey of transformation there is always potential for sacrifices, as room is made for growth. The spotlight on personal finances will shift your surface focus mid month and you’ll feel a better momentum on gradually moving towards your overall goals.

Taurus - What is your destiny? What brings you joy that can anchor in abundance. It’s not simply about money, but true overall wealth. How does your job affect your health, mind, and spirit? It’s time to journal and re-evaluate this career sector down to its core. This theme will echo throughout the year. It would be wise to put full focused intention into examining this sector of your life starting this month.

Gemini - Responsibility is your great lesson ringing into this new year. Be mindful of how you react, judge, and communicate this month. It would be wise to listen more than you speak. Who are you responsible for, what are you responsible for? Are you taking accountability and showing up? Can these responsibilities count on you? This month is about reflecting on life’s responsibilities. This word is repeated several times so it may remind you of the theme. Write it down and meditate on its meaning to you.

Cancer - This may be a limbo month or season for you. Big changes are on the horizon and you’re waiting as the cards fall. Whether it's a big move, career shift, spiritual shift, and life goals. Expansion is happening on a large scale for this new year. It would be wise to make sure you have a strong foundation or the under current will catch you off guard. Taking uncalculated risks will have dire consequences affecting your finances and close relationships. Focus on reflecting your emotional state this month by journaling your feelings.

Leo - This is a perfect time to plan your career expansion for this coming year. This will only flourish if you work on how you communicate and nurture your networks authentically. It would be wise to gather greater insight into yourself. Tools for bettering yourself will be highly recommended for you to “unravel” yourself to do such deep transformation and reflection. Doing these powerful dives while having tools such as mediation, yoga, breathwork, therapy, journaling will certainly aid you in obtaining your achievements later in the year. It’s time to crack open that shiny shell and remember what’s inside.

Virgo - This is a month to re-establish a clear directive with each of your current relationships. There will be a vast expansion of social circles this year and new challenges affecting your intimate relationships. It will all boil down to how you react, how you show up for those around you. Reflect on how to adequately support yourself or your spouse, your business partner, team mate, roommate or children. Once the end of the month is on the horizon the energy will shift towards having active and open communications on responsibilities pertaining to these partnerships.

Libra - Like an unexpected thunderous ocean wave you may want to prepare for the rocky tides ahead while the waters run still. Challenges surrounding business, work, co-workers, shared resources, health, children, love affairs will become chaotic and painful further into the year. It’s a perfect month to do some preparation by investing in mental tools as life vests for unforeseen circumstances. Start tapping into resources like yoga or breathework for outlets now so when things get tough you have a safety cushion instead of old habits and vices. Use your energy to dive into wholesome moments to revel in joyful memories to anchor in the blissful frequencies of this month.

Scorpio - Stay home and recharge. It’s essential to reflect on inner childhood trauma or family challenges shifting into the new year. Whether it’s continuing therapy, starting it or signing up for more. Let somebody in, melt your icy walls down and surrender so your emotions can take some surface breathes. This is a perfect month for material purging. There is an itching feeling of ‘let it go’, and ‘too much stuff’. Plastic and knick knacks may be giving you a headache while fueling a shift in your environment while practicing some much needed feng shui. It’s time to minimize everything while you gear up for transmuting some deep karmic wounds surrounding what has and does block you from sharing feelings. Prepare to slowly face these shadows and get ready for a deep phoenix transformation this year.

Sagittarius - There is a huge change in your domestic sphere on the horizon. This may only happen with great transformation leading up to it. The way you approach talking nd how you communicate to others will be highly important for you to start reflecting on. Nurturing your confidence in yourself will aid in changing the approach on how you view yourself. Self worth and vitality are major themes. What undermines your health? Thought processes are high on that list. Sarcasm is a poison, it is hidden anger and anger is masked sadness. There is a deep wound that is continually avoided. Will you continue to be a surface dweller this year? Or will you take the powerful plunge as a deep sea diver instead. Emerging the salt icy waters feeling free.

Capricorn - Happy Solar Return! The jolly energy of the holidays are shining brightly around you. Showering your loved ones with tremendous acts of love, receiving it and spending quality time leaves you feeling extra special this month. “Check!” That's you checking off 2022 off your life list. The year could feel like it ended amazingly in your books. Be mindful that this energy may start to wear off towards the end of this month. So before that happens take time to journal some reflections on what truly satisfied you. Joy is your fireplace and this year will be all about how you stock it with high quality firewood.

Aquarius - This is a year to remember for you. So before things start to snowball it would be wise to reflect on this past year, and prepare to surrender to this new phase. Big shifts on the horizon, and you may need to leave your cocoon to take flight into this new journey. Things may need to be eliminated to make room in the home, real estate, family, finances and your communication between these themes. There will be a lot of strings weaving these spheres together slowly. The way in which you negotiate will be key while being mindful about impulsiveness, especially on property transactions. This month is all about your near future and far future goals. Make a vision board and get some clarity on what you need to focus your intention on.

Pisces - Look at everything you’ve built. Such achievements come with great responsibilities. It is a month all about planning, strategizing, and examining some future plans you’ve started to make. The greatest life experience is to give love and receive love. This year you’ll be walking your path towards destiny, but remember it will feel more joyful surrounded with those who deserve to walk with you. Serving others and sharing wealth will aid you in having deep spiritual transformations during this year. It will be a prime year to elimite unresolved issues and trauma in relationships. To elimite it must be brought up to the surface, accepted, felt, moved through up and out of the body. Let it go. Work through it so your past doesn’t creep in to work against you. Remember you are the only person in the way of achieving your dreams.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2022

Want a full birth chart reading by one of our brilliant astrologists?

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