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True Healers Astrology: July 2023

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Scroll down to find your sun sign + July 2023 Astrology!

This is a prominent month for the entire year. It is a midway point between the past eclipse season of April to May, and the upcoming eclipses beginning in October of this year. We have reached the catalyst moment where the new chapter, journey, or story finally starts to physically emerge within our lives. What has culminated for the last 4-12 weeks has settled and anchored in clarity. It is the moment when the ‘shift’ hits the fan. Face to face with our delusions. We have somewhat of a grasp of what we are experiencing. This is a huge release on all levels, especially core wounds and karmic patterns that we’ve been carrying for many lifetimes. We may have one hand holding onto what was, the other into what will be, caught between appeasing the shadows of obedience, force, fear, desperation and victimhood.

A major manifestation to actualization is appearing in front of our eyes. New frequencies, and energies that will shift our entire perspective for the future. The veil has been lifted and old constructs dissolve. The magick may feel gone within all intimate relationships. This would also disband all of its illusions as well. What are you hanging onto? What fears are coming up? It is time to face all fears regarding relationship programs, patterns, and structures. It is time to lift up the rose tinted glasses. We can no longer allow dysfunction and dental to be in charge of our lives. Acceptance, and integration will allow the currents to propel the moment forward. Any, and all resistance will create a static, heavy and chaotic journey.

Mid month there is a huge transition point with a major turning point in life. Disruption strongly anchors in. It is important to give these unexpected energies full attention. There may be emerging tests around social contracts and all types of relationships. The galactic soulmate, and twinflame contracts may experience severe intensity. Our relationships will be going through extreme transmutation, momentous restructuring as our values, wants and needs alter.

Full Moon in Capricorn

On Monday July 3rd 11:38 AM (PST) there will be a full moon in Capricorn. An immensely stabilizing, grounding, practicable lunation. This is just what we need. A reliable, unwavering supportive frequency will allow deep authentic transmutation. It is a big life jacket this month. It would be wise to utilize this time for setting intentions, and scheduling what the road looks like to the heart’s aligned highest goals. Some profound tools during this time would be journaling in a practical way, asking questions like” what does my healing journey look like?” “What is my daily routine to accomplish this?”. Another tool is to calendar and organize this plan. It may feel good to be in movement with nature walks, water play and gathering around a summer night fire.

New Moon in Cancer

On Monday July 17th at 6:31 PM (PST) there will be a new moon in Cancer. Unfinished business is the key phrase for this lunation. These energies will be highlighting what needs to be finished. It is time to examine the recycling currents that are brewing. There may be some power struggles and tension. Thinking outside of the box will be helpful during these struggling forces. A focus on home life may be at the forefront. Some helpful actions would be cleaning, and deep decluttering unused items. Perhaps even working on improvement projects or fixing things around the house. It is important to take care of and tend to the home’s spirit. Cleansing the space with herbs, incense, essential oil spray with deep intentions of gratitude. Once this feels accomplished the new projects, and opportunities will start to bloom fully.

Astro Education

Venus signifies love, relationships, the concept of unions, unifying, reconciling, art, harmony, beauty, social contracts, unwritten rules, things that are tasteful and distasteful. Venus is how we love, give and receive affection.

Venus's orbital cycle is about 12 months, one sign about every 3-4 weeks forward in direct motion, every periodically it will go retrograde for about 40 days in a slow backwards movement.

This month Venus will go retrograde in the fixed fierce sign of Leo on July 22, 2023 and go direct on September 3rd, 2023. This is a time that people from our past relationships could resurface. Depending on where the retrograde will transit through your personal natal chart that could indicate what type of relationships will come knocking. This retrograde slows down to reflect on the past so you may pivot in a more strategic way for the future. Revising all social contracts in life. The energy can be progressive by reexamining relationships and exploring love in a healthy way or degressive with unhealthy excessive experiences.

Be mindful of the shadow side of desire in challenging ways. Temptations, infidelity, divorce, breakups, breaks, space, and uncoupling. This is a delicate time so move through these energies in a graceful respectful way or they may be a negative push back on personal choices. Beware of the shadow side of the Ego taking the steering wheel and overriding empathy, compassion and loving intentions. It is a very sensitive, triggering time and unconditional communication is key to survival.

Sun Sign Forecasts

Aries - A big powerful build up of emotional energy regarding your professional sector kicks off the month. A highlight on your career, jobs, opportunities, and work environment. Within your business networks and sectors it would be wise to uphold reciprocity. While opportunities arise, remember who has been there to support these goals and foster these connections. It would be wise to square off any debts towards the end of the month. Free some energy and rework some streams of abundance.

Taurus - This month will provide many lessons within relationships, the domestic sector, and the stability or instability there. After the full moon there is a big purge and transition regarding values and belief systems. Be mindful of mental stubborn habits and foster an open mind as it will serve the highest potential. Mid month there may be a solid level of satisfaction within the home, family and romantic affairs. Enjoy this energy and remember to allow yourself to have fun.

Gemini - It is the month to practice taking full control of what is unfolding within the mind. Resisting temptations, and falling into old patterns. The important message here is to stay grounded daily in order to feel stability during the roller coaster of chaos. Towards the middle of the month focus may be shifted onto finances, fixed assets, property and the home sector. New opportunities, contracts, negotiations and investments may arise. This will be a good time to see what is logical, resonates and take action.

Cancer - Happy Solar Return! This is a very passionate month. There is a fortunate frequency towards finances that may unfold some promising opportunities. Time to take risks and capitalize on these new doors. Utilize the full moon energy to talk out the plans, schedule, calendars, needs and wants. Towards the middle of the month the focus is shifted from negotiations to taking actions. Embrace this momentum as these actions may surprise those around you thus manifesting a new version of yourself. This journey is a powerful healing and death of the ego. Let go of what no longer serves you and keep arms open for what does.

Leo - There are multiple layers at work this month. The career sector, work, service, energy, drive, perfection, finances, success, fulfillment, and standing out from the crowd. A flood of studious energy may be felt during the second half of the month. A real learning cycle may ignite. Learn to cultivate healthy self encouragement to nourish what the mind may need right now. Instead of binging a reality t.v show, listen to a podcast about rebranding or working through trigger responses. Self care is not just about the physical body but the mind, heart and spirit. This is a reminder this month to nourish those parts of yourself that are not seen by the eyes.

Virgo - The themes are suppression, taboos and all that is hidden. What has been swept under the rug can no longer be buried and is finally emerging to the surface. Anger, drive and desire to speak up, or forever hold your peace. There is a deep opposing energy that pushes against this dynamic though. It may feel like one foot in the past living this unhealthy version and another foot rooting into a healthier truth. Phasing in and out between future timelines. It may be an act of true conscious alchemy to transmute one’s destiny by nourishing it to materialize. The new moon during the middle of the month may inspire to shift any negative inner voice. Make sure your mind is a safe loving space to be vulnerable and full of support. The end of the month will anchor in networking, socializing, and intimate relationships.

Libra - There is a focal point on friendships, social connections, karma, cherished desires, and soulmates. Desire is the fuel for all karmic trajectories. During the full moon family matters are at the forefront and may need some tending too. There will be an expansion of social networks during the middle of the month. A boost of clear communication leads to some much needed transparency. A striking current of luck and fortune may loudly announce itself. Be prepared to notice, hear and receive it. By the end of the month romantic excitement fills the air. Whether it is about a crush, partner(s) you have or that you may desire to be in a relationship. It is a time to check in with your act of receiving and giving intimate love.

Scorpio - There is a culmination of kundalini energy and power opening the month. A deep brewing within the root and sacral chakras. This prana may shoot up through the entire body opening up the throat chakra in a way that the body may not be used too. The movement will make the act of communication feel more effortless, comfortable and endearing. Utilize the full moon spirit to excel all goals, plans, schedules and planning you need to accomplish all goals. This bodily activation is a catalyst for a re-emergence in all social spheres toward the middle of the month. It is time to ride this stamina into evaluating all the shifting patterns surrounding philosophical views. Be mindful you will have a very magnetic vitality about you during all these lunations and may attract an abundance of admirers.

Sagittarius - During the powerful, steady and anchoring full moon you’ll want to reflect on all finances. What are the ways you may be or may not be saving money? What are your shared resources? There is a revolutionary approach to the way you deal with money. Mid month you’ll want to tie up all loose ends, end unused subscriptions, shift the output of your funds in general. Reflect on your goals regarding wealth, investments and expansion. Reconcile all accounts to vitalize all future business plans. A huge dynamic push in the career sector, and systems attached to it. Don’t let your enthusiasm get ahead of you though. Stay grounded and humble through all ups or downs.

Capricorn - Relationships, and all social contracts may be revised and or revised this month. Sexuality is the main character so allow it to have some screen time. It will be a prime time to deepen all intimacy, and explore the sexual nature of one’s self. Crack wide open, and surrender to this. Mid month will expand on structuring these desires in your life or current partnership(s). By embracing the wild primal sensual vitality a rebirth may be on the horizon. Tantric healing and divine kundalini experiences.

Aquarius - Love and conflict are in the air this month. A powerful conjunction is brewing beneath the surface. What brings you pleasure and joy? What brings you pain and fear? There may be a dance between these realms. As above, so below. Mid month there will be a magnetic pull towards cultivating sexuality and intimacy. Find a creative outlet to give these forces proper direction or chaos may unfold. By the end of the month there may be opportunities for collaboration on projects. Enjoy the exploration and journey of these new frequencies. The month may end with a focal point on the health sector. This will be grounding the body back into reality. It would be wise to check in with your physical health, and be mindful of any physical signs of underlying conditions or concerns.

Pisces - During this stabilizing full moon there may be a theme of karmic collections. Whether it's good deeds, thoughts and or intentions. Be ready for the energetic rewards. After this steady lunation the friendship and social sector is magnified heavily. It is time to deepen those relationships and let go of those ones that are tied to outdated timelines. By the middle of the month the romantic realm is highlighted and there may be some double dipped feelings. Desire and anger may brew attraction and loneliness. It may be time to find new partners or open the horizon to allow yourself the idea of it. A release of new energy is unfolding. This is a spark for rediscovery, and fuel for cultivating all passion projects.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2023

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