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True Healers Astrology: June 2023

Scroll down to find your sun sign + June 2023 Astrology!

Time to catch our breath. Slow, steady and intentional deep belly breaths. This month we will have to make room for some big puzzle pieces to land. The dust settles, and it will take some time to evaluate what has unexpectedly entered life during the past eight to ten weeks. Beginnings, endings, obstacles, challenges, being uncomfortable, trauma resurfacing, and complexities now steadily rest into their new space.

‘The Uninvited Guest’ is the archetype I would call this phase. This will be the adjustment period. The most helpful tool this month will be equanimity. It is the practice of non-resistance, non-reactivity and focusing within the present moment, calm while completely optimistic in the path of suffering, and challenging situations. It embodies the understanding that each day is a new canvas, and is an ever evolving shifting experience. The slate is clean if you allow it to be. The key vibrations for these energies are acceptance and total surrender, “this, too, will pass.” Once we’ve gone down there is only one way to go, which is back up.

Life is full of waves, some larger than others. Sitting in uncomfortably takes total mind, body, and spirit discipline. Focus on the breath. It can be anchoring and grounding during the moments we want to control, but cannot. Some of these new frequencies are allowing perspectives to shift and minds to expand. There is no going back to the before. The new timelines are manifested. With each ripple of awakening, and surrendering we get closer to letting go. Let go of the past. Let go of expectations. Let go of fear. Let go, because you cannot carry it anymore. Let go, because the weight no longer serves the higher timelines.

Let go, to become light as a feather.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

On Sunday June 4th 03:41 PM (PST) there will be a full moon in Sagittarius. We’ve been building up this energy and this fiery mutable moon encourages us to push forward loudly. It will be tough to settle down during this lunation. Energies are high and mighty. There may be a blind optimism that enters the energetic field which could be a blessing if you’ve been drawing with all these major changes. This is a great time for campfire rituals, dancing, adventures, night hikes, gathering with friends, and harnessing the powers within the magick of the night. Fire spells, breath work, divination, plant medicines, healing ceremonies, Yoni steams, cord cutting and tantric healing will all be elevated this evening. This will be a very prominent day and night to focus divine intention on.

New Moon in Gemini

On Sunday June 18th at 4:36 PM (PST) there will be an airy mutable Gemini new moon. Free flowing, humorous and light hearted frequencies fill the cosmos. This is the time to work on your life story. What's your role? The narrative? Which character do you want to be in your story? This lunation will be a prime time for creative writing, communication, expression, and all self reflection. Do you feel you're living an outdated archetype? Or stuck in a dogma? This will be the time to shatter all limitations. During this part of the month it would be an excellent time to launch new projects, start new journeys, meet people, socialize, explore talk therapy, try or purchase new technology.

Astro Education

In astrology we have the inner and the outer planets that affect our birth charts. The inner planets are The Sun, The Moon (though it’s not technically a planet), Mercury, Venus and Mars. The inner planets live in close proximity to the sun which allows them to travel across the astrological wheel very quickly. These planets affect us on an individual level aiding in creating our personalities, communication styles, how we react, take action and express our emotions.

The Sun is our personality, character and ego.

The Moon is our emotional self, inner world and subconscious self.

Mercury is how we communicate, solve problems and use our minds.

Venus is how we love, give and receive affection.

Mars is how we take action, express anger and our sexual energy.

On the other hand the outer planets are positioned a great distance away from the Sun. Moving very slowly, these planets can take many years for them to complete a full orbit around the sun. They affect us on a collective level aiding in creating our generational characteristics, and shaping trends that define our overall growth. They can even show us who we are becoming and where we are going in life. The outer planets are Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Jupiter is The Guru who represents wisdom, luck, adventure, expansion and higher knowledge.

Saturn is The Mentor who represents harsh obstacles, life’s challenges, divine discipline and our ultimate lessons.

Uranus is The Rebel who encourages us to question the status quo, and shows us where we experience instability and unpredictability in our life.

Neptune is The Magician who reveals inner truths, hidden things in the subconscious and is responsible for how we spiritually develop.

Pluto is The Shaman showing us our shadow self, traumas, the deepest wounds that have not been healed, while shaping the gradual evolution of each generation.

Sun Sign Forecasts:

Aries - This is a month where traumas, triggers and past karma have finally resurfaced. There may have been some push back, as it has been uncomfortable the last couple of months. Things are at the forefront. There is no escape. It is time to face them. During the full moon you may want to release emotions and begin surrendering. Towards the end of the month after the new moon you may find some resolve and profound healing happening.

Taurus - Past childhood or young adult memories trickle in on a melancholy frequency. Perhaps replying in the subconscious or dream states. Don’t let the aging process dim the spirit or become a negative concept. Which part of the persona do you identify with? The theme before the full moon will be holding on to an old persona. Which means one cannot fully immerse themselves into the present if the past is what is being held onto. Letting go will start a deep process of healing. By the new moon there will be some expansion of who you might think you are. There will be some progressive ideas ringing in new chapters regarding creativity, talents and all artistic expressions. Embrace these energies and let the inspiration encourage all new ventures.

Gemini - Happy Solar Return! This is a time of soul searching. There is a testament that you have been transmuting some past karma thus triggering a catalyst for a spiritual transformation. A profound gift to yourself. Take time this month to utilize all spiritual tools and explore some new ones. Visit churches, monasteries, temples, ancient places and sacred lands. Create altars, walk with shoes off in nature, meditate, breathe, use plant medicines and practice dream journaling. Let your wizardry self be free.

Cancer - This full moon lunation will be a prime time to release all limitations attached to money. There has been some dismantling of belief systems and financial trauma. What is your relationship with money like? This is a month to let go of all preconceptions of how to obtain it. During the second half of the month after the new moon it will be a prime time to start invoking the new belief around streams of abundance. Investing in businesses, communities, and higher education experiences will be key to unlocking new levels. Anchor into the frequency of wealth and enjoy the ride doing so.

Leo - There have been a lot of family, domestic and inter relationship issues surfacing in the last few months. Fortunately, this month those energies will calm down and you will be able to start processing everything. Once the full moon passes you’ll have some positive dynamic energy towards the acquisition of your career goals. This expansive process will uplift all goals and desires. Now is the time to take action on the right opportunities. If it resonates with your heart then it is for your path.

Virgo - Destiny is knocking. This is a month of awakening. This has shaken loose in life. Friendships, families, and relationships will aid you in this transformation that is undertaking. This full moon will spotlight on releasing pain around relationships and home life. There is a crossroads that if you decide to overcome will be a one to two year journey, but it will bring you much fulfillment, freedom and spiritual enlightenment at the end of the tunnel. That is if you choose to enter the tunnel. Reshaping all types of relationships will be the theme starting with the full moon. Shifting towards the end of the new moon you’ll have opportunities knocking at your door. Be open minded and discerning about who or what you let it.

Libra - The more you resist, the greater the suffering. This is a month to let go. Time to dismantle any fixed mindsets especially regarding career, work, and shared resources. It would be wise to embrace a flexible way of thinking, acting and communicating. Thinking outside the box will be key during the new moon. Enjoy the energies towards the end of the month as there may be potential to tap into some creative inspiration. Use the fueling frequencies of the lunation to express artistic talents. Craft, create, dance, write, sing, do some stand up or even karaoke. Relish in this uplifting joyful energy.

Scorpio - A huge transit and transformation regarding your past traumas is still center stage. A Lot of lessons have been resurfacing. There is a time this month of breaking out of the inner prison of the mind. We are not the mind, we are not the body. There is questioning and deep reflection on all relationships. Developments with children, spouses, home life, and expressing your talents. Cultivate the inner resilience that naturally resides within. During the full moon release all fear of loneliness, or isolation. It’s the time to embrace being able to be alone with yourself. Surrender to letting go of another layer of your shadow self. Use the moon magick for profound insight, ritual and sacred ceremony. After the new moon you’ll feel a relaxing frequency sink in. Get out and be social with close friends during the end of the month.

Sagittarius - Past karmas may linger around the psyche. There may be a desire to learn something new, get a certificate, higher education or special training that will strengthen skillset or spiritual mindset. By the full moon it may be wise to focus on letting go, and shedding some emotional weight that has been dimming the normal optimistic energy. There could be emotional freedom on the horizon. This will take deep courage to express truthful feelings and not avoid opening pandora's box. It could very well bring relationships closer and fortify them. Towards the middle of the month before the new moon be mindful of any litigation, disputes, or formal disagreements. Be communicative and aware of how you approach these circumstances.

Capricorn - This month is all about rekindling love and intimacy. Whether it’s with a partner, partner’s or the self. Time to dismantle the old paradigms around this sector. During the full moon start removing any bias and truly listen to your significant other or inner subconscious. Be vulnerable and open up dusty subjects. Let go and surrender so there may be new timelines to anchor into. By the middle of the month before the new moon there will be a boost in creativity. Kundalini awakening is the theme. Love, intimacy, and sexual energy are all connected to one’s creativity center. Boldly move forward while sharing authentic feelings to eliminate what no longer serves this chapter of life.

Aquarius - There is a combative transformation regarding marital affairs, family affairs, children, career and home life. Situations from the past regarding these areas of life have been surfacing and it has brought up uncomfortable feelings. Nothing changes if we’re comfortable. It is time to get uncomfortable. By the full moon these shifts must be embraced. Let go of the fear and embrace this opportunity for deep healing. Towards the new moon things will get lighter and more shocking. It will feel like a roller coaster at times. The only person that you are in charge of is yourself. Free will is the ultimate universal law. And the universe is in divine control.

Pisces - There is deep karma around professional activities, and even trauma being triggered around female figures. Try to recognize when it comes up rather than pushing it aside. It’s easy to tell ourselves we are overreacting or to force ourselves to feel something we don’t. Listen to the intuition move through the body for it will show where the wounds are. This full moon is bold. Time to let go of old paradigms linked to the career path. Between lunations there may be hidden enemies and adversaries that become revealed unexpectedly. Be mindful as these lessons will show that the gate to your garden is easily accessed to those who do not wish to nurture or tend to it. At the end of the month there may be some much needed clarity regarding emotions and exciting moments with authentic friends.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2023

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