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True Healers Astrology: May 2023

May 2023 Astrology

Scroll down to find your sun sign + May 2023 Astrology!

Beltane is an ancient Gaelic Celtic fire festival falling on the first of May. This time is just as magickal and powerful as the counterpart festival Samhain on October 31st to November 1st.

The veil is very thin during this time, and is accelerated especially in between this powerful eclipse phase. Celebrating the union of the Feminine and Masculine energies. Creating earthly altars of spring time, dancing around maypoles and honoring fertility. It’s a time of celebration, birth, expression and living joyfully.

It may feel like there is a tumultuous energy of uncertainty this month which may start to clear towards the bitter end. It will feel heavy, and tough to navigate. It may almost feel like there is some uncertainty to take the next steps. Faith will be an important tool this month. Faith and hope are very different. Hope is when you approach a fire and “hope” you jump over it you don’t get burnt. Faith is when you approach a fire and “know” you won’t get burnt.

There will be an important turning point towards the end of the month. It may not have been apparent in the beginning of the journey as it was hidden or obscured. Now that the eclipses are here to reveal and clarify all shall be revealed in due time. The perspective will shift. Stay open to not just your viewpoint, but the 360 degree view point of the path you’ve been on. It’s like you’ve been collecting different puzzle pieces and eventually there will be some major revelation that it is all the same puzzle in the end. Perhaps even an endless photo within a photo. Dimensions connecting through the layers within each timeline. Choose the timeline anchored into love. For when that happens the timelines of love will shift together towards each other, as the vibrations of fear will push away from each other.

Our thoughts become reality. What we are we attract. It’s a powerful choice to be in love with life, to give love, to receive love, to express love, to have love, to just love.

Full Moon in Scorpio/Lunar Eclipse

On Friday May 5th at 5:24 PM (PST) there is a full moon in the fixed water sign Scorpio. The door to eclipse season opened last month and now we have the continuation with this lunar eclipse. The upheaval will continue and stay steady. Destabilization is the theme and it may start to feel like a runaway train. Jumping in front of it will only add to the destruction and chaos. It would be wise to step out of the way, and to become the observer. Some things are meant to crash. Let the natural energies work themselves out.

It would be recommended to stay home bound, and express your emotions through healthy expressive ways. These outlets could be dance, art, music, breathing , journaling, cooking, baking, and all things creative. This lunation will bring up a lot of feelings. It would be important to have your “bucket” to collect all that the body vomits up. Deep wounds will come out and it will be a sensitive time. It may not be wise to be out socializing or overworking yourself. Big transitions that were already under the surface bubbling.

Stay hydrated, express emotions and rest well.

New Moon in Taurus

On Friday May 19th at 3:53 PM (PST) there is a new moon in the fixed earthy Taurus sign.

This may be the first breath of the month. A very grounding and stabilizing frequency flows in. A perfect time to get out into nature to reconnect with mother earth. A time to enjoy the finer things in life. Indulge in the sensual things in life. Be mindful of clashing with others as it may be a very stubborn lunation. Prone to a fixed mindset type of thinking. Stay open to outside ideas and solutions so the opportunities of aid from the universe aren’t rejected. There are still a lot of conflicting energies still, and perhaps a lot of flip flopping before the clarity finally anchors at the end of the month.

Astro Education

Pluto is one of the outer planets and in astrology it’s the planet that symbolizes destruction, death, rebirth, sex, taxes, and other people's resources. It’s the dark Knight of the soul. This planet has shifted from the earthly cardinal feminine Capricorn and entered into the fixed airy mask and sign of Aquarius this past March 23.

This completes a 225 year cycle for Pluto, the last time it was in Aquarius was from 1778 to 1798. This is a once in a lifetime transit. Major shifts in technology, medical, innovation, revolution, the Internet and the collective as a whole. Even major scientific, medical, and technological discoveries, as well as space exploration and life beyond our planet will be at the forefront of discussion.

It will be a huge breakdown of all outdated systems, structures and any misuse of power will become exposed in upheaval. reactivating lots of themes of freedom, social fairness, activism and advanced technology.

Pluto is essentially the cosmos compost bin. Destroying all that no longer serves us. For the next 20 years, Pluto will expose the shadow line of Aquarius.

Pluto will be in Aquarius from March 23, 2023 to June 11, 2023, January 22, 2024 to September 2, 2024, and lastly November 20, 2024 to March 9, 2043.

Look at your birth chart to see which house Aquarius falls in your wheel and where Pluto might be. These can give you indicators where transformation might happen for you on a personal level.

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Sun Sign Forecasts:

Aries - This will be a month to rethink all of your values, ethics and beliefs. A Lot from the past will resurface during this time. It will also bring in a new perspective of success. It may become a revelation about the journey versus the outcome. Shifting focuses less on achieving goals and more on anchoring into true happiness.

Taurus - Happy Solar Return! It is a powerful month to cultivate a true sense of identity. It may be a deep desire to find meaning within yourself. A time of rediscovery. This may unearth some authentic personal power. It will ripple throughout relationships and have an impact on every sector of your life.

Gemini - There is a significant transit happening regarding transmuting the past. This may be a time of sleep, dreams, and gaining insights from those realms. All the initiative, and spiritual messages may flood through while you slumber. It would be wise to keep a dream journal in aid of making sense of it all.

Cancer - There is a journey of the soul unfolding. The purpose of friendships, relationships and social circles will come to surface this month. It would be wise to reevaluate any and all relationships. Do they align with current beliefs, values, and ethics? Or are they still anchored in out-dated vibrations? Time to let go to make room for new connections.

Leo - A spotlight on your reputation will be an internal focus this month. Authenticity and how you present yourself may be skewed. It’s important to let down your walls and uncover layers to get to the matter of the heart. Does the world really see what you want them to see? Or do they see an outdated mask? Or perhaps even a shield. Unearth the truth inside to rediscover who you want to present to this world.

Virgo - It’s difficult to connect to happiness when vision is limited. It would be important to let go of all limitations around joy and how to experience it. The core of your beliefs will crack this month. A journey of deep inner understanding is under way. It's imperative you stop with distractions and turn off the white noise to truly be in the present moment. Only then will revelations surface around the new inner philosophical discoveries.

Libra - Themes around sexuality, shadow self, trauma, and imbalance echo throughout this month. How much do you share on all tangled and intangible realms? It would be prudent to examine the habits of overflowing loaded energy. This can create a weaponized reaction of expectations powered by resentment. Time to deprogram people pleasing habits, restructuring boundaries and relearning your truth tolerance levels.

Scorpio - There is a vibrational dilemma right now. The close relationships you have are transmuting some heavy karmic energy. Reflecting the definition of close relationships, love, and self-respect. Confronting fears and past conditioning. If we can purge what hinders us it will springboard us into a more sustainable achievement towards our relationship goals. Heed all intuitive feelings and inner voices this month as they may be powerful premonitions.

Sagittarius - Troublesome energetic transformations this month lay ahead. These shifts may need you to eliminate how you project onto others instead of regarding yourself as the key to all problems thus all solutions. Take a big step back this month. There has been a state of resistance in work space scenarios. Be mindful how you are working and communicating with others regarding work. Does this work empower your life's purpose or hinder this journey? Does it truly resonate with your heart or is it focused on a physical outcome? Sometimes even when we go nowhere we get there.

Capricorn - There is a challenge this month of dealing with past issues regarding children, romance, creativity, and travels. It may seem like mysterious waters with no real structure. Some deep blocks will cause sudden disconnections in these areas of life. Be mindful of not reacting suddenly to these detachments. Observe these shifts and focus on your breath. Stabilize into the present moment for that is when conscious truth can rise into the mind. The solutions will come when they aren’t forced too.

Aquarius - Peace of mind is a big focus this month. The home life, the inner mind and your harmony. The space you live in may need some spring cleaning, shifting and joy. What makes you feel complete within yourself? It will not be achieved through external pathways such as cars, houses, travel, or relationships. Finding the way to your heart center. Relearn how to fulfill your own cup. Self love is a super weapon. Be mindful of dropping into draining anxious emotions for too long. What is wrong with right now if you don’t think about it.

Pisces - The theme of this month is be skeptical but always listen. Keep your listening ears on and the critical thinking hat on tighter. How do you conduct your conversations? Is there an undermining that unfolds unintentionally? Progressive visionary thinking is best in solitude. It would be wise to solely bring concrete ideas to the table, for anything else will become misunderstood. Stay close to your truth and avoid jumping on momentary bandwagons.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2023

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