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An Introduction to Yoga
  • An Introduction to Yoga

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    In this 113-page ebook, you will gain a general idea of the subject of Yoga, seeking its place in nature, its own character, its object in human

    We must connect our Yoga with the evolution of consciousness
    everywhere, else we shall not understand it at all; for the laws of evolution of consciousness in a universe are exactly the same as the laws of Yoga, and the principles whereby consciousness unfolds itself in the great evolution of humanity are the same principles that we take in Yoga and deliberately apply to the more rapid unfolding of our own consciousness.

    Table of Contents

    Lecture I. The Nature of Yoga

    1. The Meaning of the Universe

    2. The Unfolding of Consciousness

    3. The Oneness of the Self

    4. The Quickening of the Process of Self-Unfoldment

    5. Yoga is a Science

    6. Man a Duality

    7. States of Mind

    8. Samadhi

    9. The Literature of Yoga

    10. Some Definitions

    11. God Without and God Within

    12. Changes of Consciousness and Vibrations of Matter

    13. Mind

    14. Stages of Mind

    15. Inward and Outward-turned Consciousness

    16. The Cloud

    Lecture II. Schools of Thought

    1. Its Relation to Indian Philosophies

    2. Mind

    3. The Mental Body

    4. Mind and Self

    Lecture III. Yoga as Science

    1. Methods of Yoga

    2. To the Self by the Self

    3. To the Self through the Not-Self

    4. Yoga and Morality

    5. Composition of States of the Mind

    6. Pleasure and Pain

    Lecture IV. Yoga as Practice

    1. Inhibition of States of Mind

    2. Meditation with and without Seed

    3. The Use of Mantras

    4. Attention

    5. Obstacles to Yoga

    6. Capacities for Yoga

    7. Forthgoing and Returning

    8. Purification of Bodies

    9. Dwellers on the Threshold

    10. Preparation for Yoga

    11. The End


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