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Dealing With Flying Naturally
  • Dealing With Flying Naturally

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     Natural Treatments for In-Flight Problems ... If you have motion sickness, popping ears or simply a disabling terror of getting on a plane then the advice in this new guide can help you get over it.

    Learn short term remedies as well as long term strategies for getting past your difficulties with flying without having to take brain fogging drugs. If you do fear flying, you are certainly not alone in this world. There are millions of people who just can't handle the thought of being encased in a capsule of metal that rockets hundreds of miles up in the air through the sky.

    Anxiety is a huge problem for many people who fly despite the fact that statistics compiled by the US Department of Transport suggest that flying is 29 times safer than traveling in an automobile.

    Then there are people who just can't handle flying physically. Their balance is thrown off and they become dizzy and nauseous. These individuals are prone to similar problems on the ground but their focus on the plane trip does not have them realize that their anxiety is generalized in nature.

    In this ebook you will learn about:

  • The vitamins you should never be low on if you do not want to suffer from air sickness.

  • The name of the homeopathic remedy that commonly used to air travelers who feel weak and have a hollow sensation in their stomach as the result of flying.

  • The name of the homeopathic remedy that can help remedy the nausea and vomiting caused by air travel.

  • How a homeopathic remedy based on tobacco can be used to relieve faintness and paleness in terrified travelers.

  • The names of three important herbs that can be swallowed in capsule form to help combat the nausea associated with air sickness.

  • How to use acupressure to help relieve some of your physical and psychological symptoms while flying.

  • How to use an acupressure band to conquer your fear of flying.

  • The symptoms of deep vein thrombosis which can lead to a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke while in mid-air.

  • What foods you should avoid before you get on the plane to avoid the symptoms of air sickness.

  • Drinking enough water before you get on the plane so you don't get dehydrated in the cabin and risk becoming dizzy or nauseated.

  • What types of foods you can eat before you get on the plane to avoid developing a dry mouth.

  • A discussion of the role that excess salt might play in making airsickness worse.

  • Why you should always avoid dairy products (milk, eggs, cheese) before you get on a plane and fly.

  • A discussion of the relationship between iron poor blood and becoming air sick.

  • How the scent of strong colognes or perfumes can make air sickness worse.

  • Why having a window seat might help alleviate your air motion sickness rather than aggravate it (as one might suspect!).

  • Why flying during daylight hours might be a good idea to avoid getting air sick.

  • Why reading on a plane can make air sickness worse.

  • Why airsickness might be "psychologically contagious" if you sit too close to others who are talking about being on a plane in a negative way.

  • And much, much more!


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