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Herbs 101
  • Herbs 101

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    Natural herbs have been in use since the dawn of time. The Chinese have been using these flavorful weeds for everything from spicing up a favorite dish to curing allergies. Common herbs are most known for their culinary uses. There are medicinal applications for herbs as well.

    The Native Americans knew the value of an herb. Whether it was to cure a toothache or cure an upset stomach, there was an herb for everything. The early uses of herbs were mainly dedicated to medicine. People discovered certain plants made the body feel better, more relaxed, or in less pain.

    People are realizing that many illnesses are better treated with herbs than any other medicines. In fact, when it was discovered that many prescribed medications were based on a natural herb remedy, some people swore off medicines and started using only natural herbs.


    Chapter 1 – Introduction To Herbs

    Chapter 2 – Herbs in the Kitchen

    Chapter 3 – Growing an Herb Garden

    Chapter 4 – Collecting Herbs

    Chapter 6 – Storing Herbs

    Chapter 7 – Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot

    Chapter 8 – Homemade Herbal Mixtures

    Chapter 9 – Great Sources for Seeds and Plants

    Chapter 10 – Resources For Dried Herbs

    Chapter 11 – The Herbal Medicine Cabinet

    Chapter 12 – Summary

    Chapter 13 – Resources

    Chapter 14 – Sample Recipes


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