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How to Lose Weight the Most Effective and Healthy Way (PLR)
  • How to Lose Weight the Most Effective and Healthy Way (PLR)

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    Overweight and obesity has been the problem of plenty of people all over the world and especially in the United States. These people have a critical risk for developing serious chronic diseases which includes heart disease, coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancers (prostate, gallbladder, colorectal, breast, endometrial and kidney) high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heartburn, migraines, sleep apnea, arthritis, joint pains, and many other related deceases. Aside from developing these serious diseases, they are also facing early disability and even death as a result of being overweight.

    Aside from the physical ailments, being overweight can affect the person psychologically. A person who is over weight may experience psychological problems which include lowered self-esteem and anxiety, depression and eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia and anorexia.

    It is important to have a healthy body to enjoy the pleasures of life. This eBook will help you in your goal to trim down and live a longer life.

    Table of Contents:

    I. Introduction

    II. Getting Started

    How to Structure Your Weight Loss Program

    Trimming Your Waste Line

    Handle Fast Weight Loss with Care

    III. Weight Loss Diet

    The Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

    The Benefits of Eating Raw Food (not meat)

    The Importance of Water

    Why Herbal Teas are Good for You

    The Dangers of Fast Food

    IV. Exercise

    Strength Training for a Healthy Body

    Cross-training for optimum Weight Loss

    V. Quick Weight Loss Tips

    VI. Others Alternatives When Everything Failed

    Weight Loss Diet Pill

    What Can a Weight Loss Diet Pill Do For You?

    Weight Loss Hypnosis

    Weight Loss Surgery

    Annex 1: What are the Most Popular Celebrity Diet Choices?


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