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I Don't Remember ... Powerful Ways to Improve Your Memory (PLR)
  • I Don't Remember ... Powerful Ways to Improve Your Memory (PLR)

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    PLR RIGHTS: This eBook comes with Private Label Rights, which means you can edit the contents, insert pictures, etc.

    A good memory is truly important for anyone to possess. Your memory of faces, names, facts, information, dates, events, circumstances and other things concerning your everyday life is the measure of your ability to prevail in today’s fast-paced, information dependent society. With a good memory, you don’t have to fear forgetting / misplacing important stuffs and you can overcome mental
    barriers that hinder you from achieving success in your career, love life,
    and personal life.

    Your memory is composed of complicated neural connections in
    your brain which are believed to be capable of holding millions of data.
    The ability of your mind to retain past experiences in a highly organized
    manner gives you the potential to learn and create different ideas. Your
    experiences are the stepping stones to greater accomplishments and at
    the same time your guides and protectors from danger. If your memory
    serves you well in this respect, you are saved the agony of repeating
    the mistakes of the past. By remembering crucial lessons and
    circumstances, you avoid the mistakes and failures made by other

    Unless you have an illness or handicap, a poor memory is often
    attributed to lack of attention or concentration, insufficient listening skills,
    and other inherent bad habits; however, it can be honed and developed
    using the right methods. This ebook will show you how.

    Table of Contents:


    Chapter 1: Sharp Memory Factors

    Chapter 2: Attention

    Chapter 3: Basic Memory Tools

    Chapter 4: Overcoming Forgetfulness

    Chapter 5: Memory and Your Senses

    Chapter 6: How to Remember Names and Faces

    Chapter 7: How to Remember Numbers

    Chapter 8: How to Remember Places

    Chapter 9: How to Remember Events

    Chapter 10: Other Memory Tools



    eBook Format: Adobe PDF

    Platform: Windows and Macintosh

    Download Format: Compressed .ZIP

    File Size: 1.93 MB

    Master Resell Rights: Yes!

    Private Label Rights: Yes!

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